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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Saturday Spotlight w/Giveaway: Author Ben Jackson

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Today we are spotlighting 
Author Ben Jackson!

Ben lives in Tasmania, Australia. While working during the week as a Boiler Maker/Welder, specializing in Aluminium Welding, he also writes of a night as a Freelance Writer and Author. 

Ben is in a Long Distance Relationship with his wife Sam, who lives in Canada, she works as a full-time formatting professional, publisher, and author. 

Be sure to check out all of his books, there is definitely something there for everyone! 

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He has numerous books in progress so stay tuned for information on those by following this page, connecting with him on Facebook or Goodreads.

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The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey from Ben Jackson!

Q & A with Ben Jackson

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, thanks for having me! I’m an Indie Author, currently living in Australia and Canada. I work in partnership with my wife, Sam. We are currently married and living in a long-distance relationship. We both help write the books, with Sam being the genius behind the formatting and publishing, while I focus a lot on social media.

What do you do when you are not writing?

Well, I have a full-time job in Australia as an aluminum welder, working in the boat building industry. I also work of a night as a freelance writer and ghostwriter for other authors and businesses.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

part -time, although sometimes it very much feels like a full-time gig!

When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?

I think I started my first book in 2015, but I didn’t publish that book until almost the end of 2016. I lost a lot of ‘The Before’ because of a laptop issue.

What got you interested in writing?
I have always been an avid reader and writing seemed like a natural extension of that.

How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
The way I write my books would probably horrify other authors, I just start writing them! No plan, no outline, no plot or character development lol! The way the books end up would be similar to any other book.

What is/are your book(s) about?

My favorite books are my children’s books. They are about a little boy called Timmy and his imaginary friend The Little Fart. They go on adventures and we try to include a good message in each book about friendship etc.

What books/authors have influenced your writing?

I love Wilbur Smith, Leon Uris, and Bernard Cornwall.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

I enjoy reading all reviews. If they offer constructive criticism that’s fantastic, but when people slam your book for no particular reason, or because they didn’t read the description it’s hard.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite and why?

Nine and Two coloring books. We are about to release two more in the next month. The Day MY Fart Followed Me To Hockey and How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse are my two favorites.

Is there some place special you like to be when you write?

I just like to watch Netflix or movies why I write. As long as I have the television going, I’m happy!

Other than writing, what do you have a passion for?

I enjoy fishing and spending time with my wife, Sam. When you are apart for long periods of time, it makes the time which you spend together that much more special.

Do you have any projects in the works? If so, can you share a little of your current work with us?

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Soccer, and a book about a caterpillar that can do anything! Both should be released in the next month!

Ben Jackson books

Timmy and his best friend the Fart are back again!

If you and your child love to read together, then you are going to love reading along with Timmy and his Fart as they play hockey together!

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey is a beautifully illustrated journey of Timmy and his best friend the Little Fart as they attend Timmy’s first hockey tryouts. Chaos and laughter ensue as the Fart attempts to help out his best friend the only way he knows how.

If you enjoy reading funny books with beautiful illustrations and love having your child read along with you, then make sure you grab The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey.

Discover and giggle along with Timmy and his best friend on their exciting day at the hockey arena!

Scroll up and get ready to giggle along with your children!

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Blog Tour w/Giveaway: Wolf Sight by Rachel M. Raithby

blog tour

Book Title: Wolf Sight 
Author: Rachel M. Raithby 
Genre: YA Fantasy 
Release Date: April 1, 2017 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


book blurb

The packs have aligned. Peace is here. But it came at a price. Cage’s world shifted when Katalina arrived but not in the way he’d expected. The pain is tearing him apart, and with each day, he loses a piece of himself. Unable to watch Katalina love someone else, Cage sees no other option but to leave the pack. Will he find the answers he seeks? Or has he taken the wrong path, altering the fate of not just himself but the pack he’d once called home? Anna's world is one of confusion and dreams. When a vision of a boy’s death begins to haunt her, she leaves everything behind in hopes of finding him. But Anna finds far more than she expected. She’ll be pushed to the limits, and her faith will waver. In the end she must decide—are her visions a gift or a curse?



With every vision before, a part of her had always resisted. It was terrifying being pulled from reality and sucked into a place she didn’t know. A place no ordinary human could ever see. But as image after image of broken, injured children cascaded through her mind, she’d allowed herself to be completely taken.

Falling into the unknown, she was swallowed by a dark ocean. Screams wrapped around her. The taste of blood filled her mouth while the scent of death lingered in the air. Anna gasped for breath, wading through what felt like mud, trying to find pieces of a puzzle that would end in horror. The group had split into two when the men appeared. The adults had been focused on eliminating the threat that they never noticed. With only two teenage girls with the smallest of the children, they had no hope of survival.

Running from the cabins as fire lit up behind her, Anna barely registered Katalina’s words, her only focus on following the pull in her chest. Branches snatched at her clothes, ripping them and tearing skin. Blood trickled from a gash across her cheek. Her already worn-out body screamed in protest, but none of it outweighed the urgency of finding those children. This was her chance to change the future, to make up for failing her family. She had to believe that she saw what she did so that she could stop it from ever happening. Because if she didn’t, then it wasn’t a gift, but truly a curse. Anna could think of no crueler fate than knowing how someone would die and being powerless to stop it.



meet the author

Rachel M. Raithby started her writing career in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She draws her inspiration from the many places she has lived and traveled, as well as from her love of the paranormal and thriller movies. She can often be found hiding out with a good book or writing more fast-paced and thrilling stories where love always conquers all. She now lives in rural England with her young family.

Her books include, the adult Paranormal Romance novels ‘The Deadwood Hunter Series’ and the Young Adult series The New Dawn Novels, including the YA Best seller ‘Winter Wolf.'

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Book Blitz w/Giveaway: Time of the Draig by Lisa Dawn Wadler

When fate and passion collide,
only love will save the Time of the Draig
Book Cover
Lisa Dawn Wadler
Series: Draig Series # 2
Genre: Romance, Time Travel, Science Fiction Romance, Scottish Romance
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication Date: June 2016
In an attempt to save the world from destruction, physicist Major Samantha Sykes, opens a door in time. Her plan to travel into the past to change the future has unexpected consequences. Trapped in 11th century Scotland, her mission is complicated by the love she never knew she was seeking.
Laird Faolan of the Draig clan has one desire: to claim the woman who fell through time and make her his. He will do everything in his power to convince Samantha that she belongs with him for all time.
Opening the door in time brings Samantha and Faolan together. Fate, destiny, and responsibility are at odds. The forces that brought them together may be their undoing.
Will their love survive Samantha’s journey back to her world to save time, or will the centuries that stretch between them tear them apart?
I have truly loved every moment of this tale and would definitely(sic) recommend this to anyone who loves reading time travel romance!
- Kakina Te Aute, Goodreads Reviewer
The book deserves every star I gave it. It is a fantastic book. I couldn't put the book down.
- Beverly Nasworthy, Goodreads Reviewer
What a great ride. Fast paced and unexpected characters join to take you from a horrible future to a historical past filled with love and hope for a new future. I cried, laughed and marveled at the complexity of this story.
- Deborah Bealer, Goodreads Reviewer

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Other Books by the Author

Don't miss the other books in The Draig Series by Lisa Dawn Wadler.
Book Cover
The Draig's Woman
Series Draig Series # 1 (Note: The series is meant to be read and understood as stand alone novels.)
Ian, Laird of the Draig clan, craves the woman who saved his life and spent one night in his arms. He knows that she fell through time to be his. But fate is against them. Will she accept being his woman while he marries another?
Buy Link: Amazon


Giveaway Graphic
Prizes up for grabs:
$15 Amazon Gift Card
3 Kindle (eBook) copies of Time of the Draig
Contest runs from April 1 - 3, 2017.

About Lisa Dawn Wadler

Author Pic
Lisa began writing after reading yet another romance novel where the heroine needed a man to rescue her from physical harm. While a firm believer in the strong alpha-male hero in any story, she wondered what would happen if that hero met a woman who was able to take care of herself physically. Using her several years of Tae Kwon Do training and mixing in time travel, her multi-award winning debut novel, The Draig’s Woman was born.
Lisa lives in the Chicago suburbs and is married to her high school sweetheart. They have two children and one very spoiled dog.
Connect with Lisa Dawn Wadler on social media:

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Release Blitz: The Shifter's Secret Baby by T.S. Ryder

The Shifter's Secret Baby.jpg

The Shifter's Secret Baby
By T.S. Ryder
Release Date: April 1st
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Hosted By: Chance Promotions


A curvy gal with a secret love child PLUS an impossibly hot werewolf Alpha PLUS a vampire coven getting ready to flash some fangs…

Eric Civery is scorching hot, filthy rich and the powerful Alpha of a werewolf pack. His gobs of money and killer abs can get him anyone he wants. But he isn’t interested. He gave his heart away a long time ago.

Kayla thought that she would never see Eric again. Three years after their passionate affair, all she has from him are memories… and a little daughter he doesn’t know about.

But the past comes rushing back when Eric and Kayla meet again. She knows she has to forget about him—it will only end up being a big mess. But why on Earth does the guy have to be so freaking hot?

And as the same intense passion that was Eric and Kayla’s undoing years earlier reaches a boiling point, a vampire coven threatens to attack Eric’s pack.

Eric has to ask himself one question: Can he keep his mate and child alive? Is he prepared to risk everything for them?



If you’re in for hot-as-hell vampires and shifters, you’re my girl. There’s nothing paranormal that I don’t like or write and I’ll give it all I’ve got to bring beasts and hot men (preferably both :) to life for you.

I love writing stories about sexy and protective alpha males and the strong women they love. My stories are always full of steam and I generally throw in a fair amount of action.

So kick back, get comfortable, grab some chocolate and tea (or coffee if you're a coffee girl) and fasten up your girdles for some extra smoldering hotness. Enjoy!

Release Blitz: Discovered by CA Quigg


The Billionaire and The Virgin
By CA Quigg
Release Date: March 30th
Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance
Hosted By Chance Promotions
Amazon :

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Ten years ago, one of my employees attempted to blackmail me, so I made him pay.
Now his gorgeous daughter is standing right in front of me.
Innocent Aubree Miller thinks she knows the truth. She doesn't.
I want to educate her, f**k her, and introduce her to pleasures she never knew existed.
She's sweet.
She's submissive.
She’s everything I want.
But she hates me. So what? A little thing like hate has never gotten in my way.

Discovered is a standalone, full-length dark BDSM romance. Guaranteed HEA. No cliffhanger and NO cheating.



I don’t know who she is, but I want her. And I always get what I want. She steps away from me, the thunder in her hazel eyes and the tight set of her delicate jaw show her rage.
She bends down to pick up her phone. Her long, caramel hair streams forward and I imagine the strands twisted between my fingers while I pound into her from behind. My pulse kicks up, and my dick twitches thinking about sinking into her softness. The sweet floral scent of her perfume fills my mind with images of her on her knees, of her on her back, and of her on my cock.
It’s been years since I’ve wanted someone the way I want her. Falling in love is something I’ll never allow to happen ever again, Rachel saw to that, but I welcome falling in lust repeatedly.
With her curtain of straight brown hair, hazel eyes and shapeless sweater, this girl isn’t my usual type. But her probing questions and her apparent dislike of me make her the sexiest women I’ve met in a long time. And I didn’t miss the way she stared at my crotch or the way her eyes followed me. And to think I almost cancelled my visit.



CA Quigg is Callie Quigg's steamier pen name. Callie first discovered romance stories in her teens and then proceeded to devour every book she could get her hands on. As a result, she spent many
years dreaming about billionaires, movie stars, and aristocrats whisking her away to exotic lands. Sadly, those dreams didn’t come true. But she’s happy to
say her very own handsome hero showed up nineteen years ago and swept her off her feet.

When not writing steamy stories about sassy heroines finding Mr. Right, she can be found watching trashy TV, drinking cheap bottles of wine, and eating
copious amounts of Cadbury’s chocolate.


Blog Tour w/Giveaway: The Lighthouse Keeper by Cynthia Ellingsen

blog tour

Book Title: The Lighthouse Keeper 
Author: Cynthia Ellingsen 
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction 
Release Date: April 4, 2017 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


book blurb

Dawn Conners’s parents are famous for finding historic treasures, but she has a knack for losing things—her job, her boyfriend, and now, her reputation. Thanks to a mud-slinging exposé, Dawn’s late great-grandfather is assumed guilty of stealing silver from a century-old shipwreck. Hoping to clear his name, Dawn returns to Starlight Cove, her idyllic hometown on Lake Michigan, where the doomed vessel sleeps beneath the beam of a ramshackle lighthouse.

Her plan: remodel and sell the lighthouse while untangling the perplexing family mystery. Neither task is easy, especially once her well-meaning parents and the quirky locals—including nautical researcher and Starlight Cove’s most eligible bachelor, Kip Whittaker—get involved. Despite their attraction, Dawn is reluctant to trust Kip, or any of the close-knit townsfolk. But as she pieces together the truth, Dawn’s once-shuttered heart opens up. And if she’s willing, the lighthouse might guide her to a place she never expected to find, where the past entwines with a bright new beginning.


“Dawn Conners?” a voice called.

I snapped out of my reverie and stared.

A gorgeous guy in his midthirties dragged a rickety rowboat through the water. His dark hair was windblown, cheeks rough with stubble, and his navy T-shirt clung to a strong upper body. He flashed me a smile I felt all the way down to my toes.

“Are you Dawn?” he called.

“Yes,” I said, smoothing my hair.

Who on earth was he?

I watched as he tossed a bowline knot over a metal pole and cinched it with a firm tug. The rope went taut, along with his upper arms. Then he jogged across the sand and came to a halt next to the boardwalk.

Midnight-blue eyes surveyed my fitted linen dress, bare legs, and low pumps. In a voice much too husky for polite conversation, he said, “You always wear high heels to the beach?”

I flushed.

Even though Libby liked to say that my fitted dresses and pinned-up hair made me look like a candidate for public office, I didn’t expect to hear it from a stranger.

“Depends on the day,” I shot back. “Do you always look like you just rolled out of bed?”

He grinned. “You’re already thinking about me in bed?”

“I have an appointment with Kipling Whittaker,” I said. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to—”

“You can call me Kip.”

Arrgh. I couldn’t believe this.

The fact that my mother had led me to believe that this guy was a gentleman of a certain age meant she was up to one thing: matchmaking. In her mind, I came to Starlight Cove for a fun, relaxing summer vacation. That assessment could not be further from the truth. The last thing I wanted to do was waste time flirting with some rumple-haired playboy.

Especially one named Kip.

meet the author

Cynthia Ellingsen lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband and is the author of two previous novels: The Whole Package and Marriage Matters. She loves connecting with readers through her website, Facebook, and Twitter. Visit her at