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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Announcement!

Hey all, 

We are going to let you on some big plans Jara & I are planning for you all come June.

In June our spotlights turn a YEAR old! Well the Saturday spotlight will be turning a year old, but we are going to celebrate it's siblings Midweek & Sunday along with it since they were born only couple months later in August.

It is hard to believe that when we started our Saturday Spotlight back on June 11th with Sharon Hamilton’s Band of Bachelor’s: Alex that we would be so overwhelmed with request for our spotlight; we were so backlogged in request to the beginning of January 2017 we were turning away authors. We hated turning authors away so we started our Sunday and Midweek spotlight to accommodate authors asking for request. As of date we have had over 60 spotlights from children's books, poems, sci fi, fantasy to our genre of interest romance.  In January 2017 we added a new spotlight New Release Spotlight, which has been a hit!

Who here likes to PARTY!

We are planning two big events as of now
a facebook hop & facebook birthday party our way of thanking every one of our followers for supporting us & our spotlights, without you none of this would be possible.

Tentative Dates are Facebook Hop Sunday June 11th - Tuesday June 13th, Facebook Birthday Party Wednesday June 14th - Thursday June 15th.

We will keep you posted if we plan any other events.

Remember our objective here at EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads with our spotlights is to help authors reach out to the reading community, especially the Indie writers, who have a low to no budget for advertising & help promote their books,  ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!

Once again THANK YOU for your loyalty!

Here is to another year of our spotlights!

Blurb Blitz w/Giveaway: Love Runs Deep by Gail Chianese

Love Runs Deep
by Gail Chianese
GENRE: Contemporary Romance


The authors will be awarding digital copies of all books on tour to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.. Please visit to follow the tour, remember the more you comment better your chances on winning.



Active duty is no time for romance, but when two naval officers find themselves in truly close quarters on the USS California, the temptation to fraternize is hard to resist. Can two ambitious sailors follow orders long enough to see if love is on the horizon when they’re finally above water?

Lieutenant Nic Riley is the only girl in a long-time Navy family, and she’s determined to prove she’s just as seaworthy as her brothers. When she aces training for submarine duty, it calls for a celebration—and one incredibly hot guy is happy to party with her all night long. But when Nic boards the sub and finds herself face to face with her hunky fling, the idea of spending six months underwater takes on a whole new meaning . . .

Having a girl in every port was Lieutenant Kyle Hutchinson’s style—until the explosive night he spent with Nic. Dating onboard is firmly off limits, but Kyle can’t get her off his mind much less out of his vicinity—until a junior seaman’s devastating stunt puts Nic’s career in danger. Kyle won’t let her take the heat alone, even when it means risking his own reputation, but fighting for a future together will be a whole new battle . . .

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“We have one last order of business before you can get back to work. As you all know, Lieutenant West was in a serious accident last week. He’s been upgraded to stable and the docs believe he’ll be released in the next couple of days to rehab. The spouses group has pulled together and has been and will continue to be a big help to Cecilia West and the kids while he makes his recovery. With that said, we’re short a supply officer. Or were until this morning.”

The CO paused and set down his mug, but didn’t release it.

Kyle tilted his head toward Mace. “What’s up with the Captain? He doesn’t’ usually stand during these things,” he whispered.

“No clue. He’s been in rare form all day.”

The CO looked up and met Kyle’s gaze. With hands relaxed on his hips, Commander Holloway glanced at all of the men before continuing.

“There weren’t a lot of options on such short notice, but PERS did present me with an interesting option. One that will put the California in the history books. We’re stealing one of the Trident’s female officers.”

The room broke out into cheers. There was nothing a fast-attack crew liked more than to stick it to a Trident sub. The CO broke out into a smile and let his guys get their good-natured comments out before continuing.

He used his hands to quiet the room back down. “Okay, settle down. Obviously, with such short notice, we’ve got some shifting to do to accommodate everyone Gatlin, you’re in with Hutchinson and Havers.”

Bryant groaned. “They snore.”

“That’s what earplugs are for,” one of the junior officers teased.

“Master Chief Ronquillo will work out a schedule for the aft head for showers. I want it stressed to each and every man under you that when the “Women Only” sign is up, they respect it. I will not have this boat be the center of scandal because some young pup got a wild hair. Am I understood?

“Yes, sir,” came from all in the room.

“Some of you may recognize the name, Lieutenant Lily Riley. For those of you who don’t, she’s the daughter of Vice Admiral Riley. The last thing I need is SUBLANT breathing down my neck.”

Instead of more applause or cheering, the CO’s announcement was met with pure silence. They had stolen the Golden Goose, at least according to Kyle’s buddy Tom, the weapons officer on the USS Alaska. As far as Kyle was concerned the Tridents could have her. Having the only daughter on the man who ran the entire Atlantic submarine force on board was asking for a headache. Sure, if the mission went well and baby girl reported back to Daddy good things, then no problem. They might even get an extra medal out of it. If things didn’t go so well?

The Commanding Officer could kiss his career goodbye, and so could every other officer and the Chief of the Boat.

The rest of the wardroom broke into various small conversations while the CO and COB consulted on the schedule.

Bryant leaned over to look at him and Mace. “Either of you met the Rileys?”

Kyle shook his head and looked at Mace.

“Served with Liam, the oldest of the three kids. Decent guy. Big guy. Should have played linebacker. I think he’s out best, Bangor or San Diego. Never met the others, but Liam mentioned her a few times.”

Which told Kyle squat about the woman herself, only that she was protected by her family.

“Lieutenant Hutchinson, I’m assigning you as Riley’s sponsor. Make sure she gets settled in. Between you and the COB, I expect her to feel like one of the crew. Get her through her quals. You know the drill.”

“Yes, sir.” AS her sponsor she’d practically be in his pocket until she got settled in. He really hoped she was a fast learner.

The XO, Christopher Ward, who was the exact opposite of the CO, stepped through the door and every eye turned in his direction. Kyle’s heart slammed against his rib cage twice and then failed to start again as he looked at the woman peeking around than man. A petite woman, with dark, almond-shaped eyes, a scattering of freckles and silky hair that he’d been dreaming of for days.

“Sir, gentlemen. Our new supply officer, Lieutenant Lily Riley.”

Her eyes locked on to Kyle’s. Images of her screaming his name pierced his brain.

It’s going to be a long six months, he thought.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Gail Chianese's love of reading began at the tender age of three, when she'd make her grandpa read Fourteen Country Rabbits over and over and over again (and correct him when he skipped parts). While she's branched out over the years by reading mystery, women’s fiction, and urban fantasy, she always circles back to romance in the end. That's probably because she's married to her real life hero. Her wonderful hubby has served in the US Navy for the past twenty two years and he’s done things he can’t tell her about. But it doesn’t stop her from being extremely proud of him and the sacrifices he makes for her, his family, and his country. He’s also uber-supportive of her dreams and of their three children. Living in Mystic, CT and a member of Connecticut Romance Writers of America, Gail loves to hear from readers.

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Release Day Launch w/Giveaway: Silver Edge by Ciara Knight


Today we have the release day blitz for Silver Edge by Ciara Knight. Enjoy the release day festivities and grab your copy today!


About Silver Edge:

All I’ve ever wanted is to fit in.   But no one can ever see past how weird I am. Bright lights? Can’t stand them. Loud noises? Definitely sends me over the edge. And touching? Forget about it.   At least, until I met Drake.   From the moment I walked into that nightclub, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. And when Drake touched me, it didn’t send me into a tailspin of sensations that I couldn’t stand. It actually felt…nice. Like something I could get used to. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.   But now someone wants to close the club down. And since I promised Drake that I’d help him keep it open, I’m going to have to find a way to tap into whatever that inner strength thing is that everyone always talks about. And fast. But what happens if I can’t?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

He offered his hand. “Name’s Drake Markham.” I nodded but didn’t reciprocate. “So, you work here now?” Drake asked. “Yes.” I spotted the band signaling the sound tech that they’d finished warming up and knew the music would end this conversation soon. Hawaiian tossed an empty bottle over his shoulder into the trash. “She’s awesome. Can make change in her head and shit. Einstein here has crazy math skills. Awesome when the machine don’t work.” “That’s high praise.” Drake pushed from the mahogany bar top, his biceps straining against his thin T-shirt. Ugh, no. I traced the X on the back of my wrist, reminding me of my promise to remain straight. No promiscuous sex. “Well, let’s see what you’ve got.” His gaze penetrated me like he’d just stripped and threw me up on the bar to have his way with me. I swallowed the slut comment that would land me in the back room, strung out, and unemployed. “Okay. Whatcha want?” I asked. Drake rubbed his stubble-coated jaw, the kind that screamed strength, sensuality, and sex. “Surprise me.” That all too familiar Dr. Hyde part of me took hold. “Sure.” I began mixing every fruity concoction together while remembering what flavors mixed well and which tasted like shit. I dropped a few cherries and orange slices into the drink and handed it to him. He eyed the concoction in the clear plastic cup. “And what’s this?” “BBBW.” Resting his elbows on the bar, he tapped his class ring against the surface three times. I strummed my fingers against my jeans. “Stands for Big-Boobed Bitch Whipped.” Drake roared with laughter, cut short by the hard banging drum sounding off the start of the band’s first song. “Not whipped anymore. I’m done with Margo and any woman who only cares about money.” I scanned the bar for the next customer, but they’d all turned to watch the show. “I like you,” Drake shouted over the bass guitarist. I couldn’t think of a snarky comeback with the thu-thump, thu-thump pounding in my ears. A thought formed. I opened my mouth, but he slid from the stool and walked away. Not just any kind of walk—a hip-swaying, firm-ass, I-know-how-to-move-more-places-than-the-dance-floor kind of walk. I closed my eyes to calm my overactive hormones and shut my mouth that was still hanging open, trying to form words. After being celibate for a year and running into such eye candy, this was going to be tough. Hopefully, he wouldn’t be around much. Otherwise, my promise to my Straight Edge family would come to a quick demise. I knew where the slope of promiscuity led from experience. A quick one-night stand worked better for me than love and relationships. But I wouldn’t survive that path again. This time I’d be lost forever.  

About Ciara Knight:

Ciara Knight Ciara Knight is a USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author who writes 'A Little Edge and A Lot of Heart' that spans the heat scales. With almost twenty-five full-length stories, she has crossed mountains, blown up spaceships, vacationed in exotic islands, and snuggled up in a mountain cabin with that special someone. For more on Ciara Knight, please visit her website at

Connect with Ciara:

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Release Day Launch w/Giveaway: Entwined by Lacey Black


Today we have the release day blitz for Entwined by Lacey Black! Check out this sexy new contemporary romance and grab your copy today!

Entwined cover

About Entwined:

Sidney 10 years. 3,650 days. 87,600 hours. That’s how long it has been since I saw my best friend. But who’s counting? Walking away from Luke Thomas was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the choice was out of my hands. I left Las Vegas a seventeen-year-old girl, afraid and alone, and returned about the same. I was forced into a situation I didn’t want to be in. Until that day. I haven’t seen him in ten long years, but one look at the man he became and that killer smile, and I knew I would never be the same. Luke Life goes on. I learned that valuable piece of information at a young age, but sometimes a memory creeps up and smacks me square in the face. Or more accurately, a person. The day my best friend walked away was the day I realized I’d never be the same. My life became work, family, and women, and I was doing great. Then she walked back into my life. One look at the grown-version of Sidney Rogen leaves me breathless and yearning for more. But love is never easy. And our love story isn’t perfect. In a heartbeat, one person can wrap around you so tightly, you’re entwined forever. That’s our love. Entwined_Teaser_CravesMore_NowLIVE

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Luke   10 years ago   “So, I’m sure you see why I think we should break up, right? I mean, we’re both heading off to college soon, and I want to experience everything that college life has to offer.” I gape at Jessica, my girlfriend for the past five months. Wants to experience everything? That’s code for ‘wants to sleep around.’ I’m a dude. I know. “And you just had to do this tonight?” I ask, looking back at the doorway that leads inside my house. The same house where my entire family and a good amount of my friends are gathered to celebrate my high school graduation. “Well, I just thought it was best to cut the cord now, you know? Like…just do it.” “Whatever, Jess. If you want to break up now, that’s fine.” “Really?” she asks, twirling her long brown hair around her pointer finger. “You’re gonna be okay?” She gives me those big brown, puppy dog eyes that won over my heart–and my dick–during Christmas break. I’ve known this moment was coming since I started dating Jessica. I didn’t see anything long-term developing with her. Call me an asshole, but I knew she was just someone to help me pass the time during my final year of high school. But I also knew going into this that she felt the same way. I guess, in a way, we both used each other to keep ourselves company until we moved on to the next stage in our lives. “I’m going to be fine, Jess. We both knew it was coming to this eventually, right?” She continues to twirl her hair around her fingers. Why had I never noticed how fucking annoying that was? “Listen, we had a great time. If you’re ever in the Seattle area, look me up, ‘kay? We can maybe spend some time together for ol’ times’ sake.” Her smile tells me exactly what her comment means. She’s looking to hook up again if I’m ever close to where she’s attending college. “Maybe,” I reply with a shrug. As much fun as I’ve had with Jess in the last few months, I don’t see myself reaching out to her anytime in the future. The sex has always been all right, but nothing I see myself driving upwards of eighteen hours to get. There’s plenty of mediocre ass left in Vegas if I’m that desperate for a hook up. And, honestly, as an eighteen-year-old red-blooded male on the verge of experiencing college life, I’m pretty sure I’ll have no problem moving forward from here. “Bye, Luke. It’s been fun,” she says before placing her full lips against mine. The kiss is brief, closed mouth, and lacks the usual tongue and groping we generally partake in. This kiss is goodbye. I watch as she walks away, heading around the side of the house so she doesn’t have to go back the way she came; where my entire family celebrates. Gazing out over the darkened backyard, it’s not lost on me that there’s no going back from here. That I’m finally leaving the only home I’ve ever known. I’ve graduated high school, will start UNLV in a couple of months, and will finally be out from under the controlling thumb of my mother. Ever since I was younger, Blake and I chalked it up to me being the baby of the family for her ever-present hovering and involvement in my life. It’s time for me to grow up and experience life. And I’m starting it without a girlfriend. The slightest sound of something thumping against wood pulls my attention away from the emptiness of night and towards the small fort in the back corner of the yard. Built ten years ago out of pieces of scrap wood we’d find around the neighborhood, the fort was my brother’s and my escape from the house. We’d spend hours upon hours in that thing, playing with GI Joes, having Nerf gun wars, and when we were older, sneaking off to steal our first kisses. But I know the noise coming from inside isn’t from my brother. There’s only one person who still uses that fort: our neighbor, Sidney.

About Lacey Black:

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading, writing, and shopping. She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves watching NASCAR races, shooting guns, and should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.   Lacey’s debut novel, Trust Me, was released in August 2014 and has been a Bestseller twice for Free e-books, including #3 on Amazon and #2 on iBooks, as well as #1 for Contemporary Romance. Submerged also made her an International Bestseller in the summer of 2016.

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Blog Tour w/Giveaway: Because of You by Silvy Wells

  Title: Because of You By: Silvy Wells
Publication Date: February 17, 2017
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Nicole Wellston realized that falling in love would bring her just pain. She was working in the biggest publishing company in New York and didn’t want anything but her job. With head into the books, she enjoyed in fictional characters more than the real ones. Nicole had nothing to lose she already lost everything except her job.She worked hard and did her best to hide her loneliness, assuring her four supportive friends even herself that everything was perfect in her life. They knew that she needed love in her life or she would "kill" herself working, and they arranged her blind dates. According to Nicole, men who were chosen by her friends were a complete disaster. Nicole wanted to enjoy in the perfection of fictional characters instead of going on dates with those men. One night Nicole went out with her friends and met Sebastian, a good looking psychoanalyst. His athletic body and dark green eyes would make her believe that everything was possible. No matter how hard Nicole tried to find him a flaw, she could not, he was perfect. After one beautiful and romantic weekend in Aspen Nicole and Sebastian were back in New York, happier and engaged, but Nicole read the article that one magazine published about her exposing her previous life with a shameful secret which wasn't true and ran. Did Sebastian love her enough to find her and bring her back?
I forgot that Sebastian was there, and I was wearing just a bathrobe. He came close to me and took me in a hug to warm me than he said: “You are shaking go and wear something before you get cold. I am in the shower if you need me just whistle.”
“Oh, you are too funny” when he went I slapped him on his butt and then I realized that he wasn’t Jess or one of my girlfriends and I got red as a lobster.
“I will forgive you for this because you are shaking, but tomorrow is a pay day, watch yourself. “ He kissed me on my lips and went to the bathroom.
Oh, my Goodness! He was too sweet. I couldn’t think of anything else except him. I was rushing to put on my clothes before Sebastian came out of the bathroom. I was freezing, wearing my pajamas and one warm sweater then I took one more blanket, and I covered myself with it and covered with the under blanket. That was it; I felt warmer at that moment. I got my phone and texted Jess, she replied very quickly, but she said that she wouldn’t interrupt something. Then I called Robert my big brother to tell him that I arrived in Aspen, I saw them on Viber and saw my sweet little niece, Bisera.
My new winter book caught my eye, and I took it. When Sebastian went out of the bathroom wearing just boxer shorts, I was pretending that I didn’t see him, but I was blushing, and he knew it because he looked me with a smirk.
“Alice in the Winterland what are you doing?”
“Reading. Please, just a little bit.”
“I understand you, but you will read to me because you didn’t buy a book for me.”
“I will” and I started reading aloud.
Sebastian was wearing his pajamas and threw himself on the bed next to me, lying in my lap and hugged me with his hands. Having him too close was like heaven to me. After two chapters he was asleep, I turned off the lamp and tried to sleep, turned my back to him. He turned back at me and wrapped his arms around me.
Silvy Wells has always wanted to write. She discovered her passion for being a writer when she was at the age of fourteen when started to write a novel in her native language, but she has never finished it. After that, Silvy has always written something -a poem or a short story. She has published some of her poems in several editions along with different authors. 
After obtaining a degree in the Department of Classics, Ancient Greek, and Latin, Silvy became a Latin language teacher and still teaches students in one small town in the Republic of Macedonia. But there has always been that big desire for writing which she has minimized with reading books and writing reviews. Because that wasn’t enough, she finally sat down and wrote her first novel Because of You.

Review & Excerpt Tour: Tempt Me by J. Kenner

tempt me tour banner
Tempt Me_J Kenner_300dpi
Sometimes passion has a price … When sexy Stark Security Chief Ryan Hunter whisks his girlfriend Jamie Archer away for a passionate, romance-filled weekend so he can finally pop the question, he’s certain that the answer will be an enthusiastic yes. So when Jamie tries to avoid the conversation, hiding her fears of commitment and change under a blanket of wild sensuality and decadent playtime in bed, Ryan is more determined than ever to convince Jamie that they belong together. Knowing there’s no halfway with this woman, Ryan gives her an ultimatum – marry him or walk away. Now Jamie is forced to face her deepest insecurities or risk destroying the best thing in her life. And it will take all of her strength, and all of Ryan’s love, to keep her right where she belongs…    

Amazon | Amazon UK | Print | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play

Tempt Me tag line teaser

“I adore all of the women in my life,” he says. “I’d do anything for them.” He’s looking at me as he says it, and my heart flutters in my chest. But I’m not sure if he’s including me in that group, or if the hint of meaning I hear in his voice is nothing more than my imagination. I shake my head as I frown, trying to clear my thoughts. “You okay?” “Fine,” I say, though it’s not true. Our rhythm is off, and it’s scaring me. We’ve always been in sync, even before we were dating. And now—well, now it almost feels like he’s deliberately keeping me off balance. I want to get back to normal, and I don’t know the path, and my lack of confidence is frustrating me. “Are you heading home?” Ryan asks. I shake my head. “Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t decided. You?” “Moira and I are taking Mom back to the hotel.” I wait for him to invite me along, and when he doesn’t, I say, “It’ll be nice for you guys to have time to chat in the car. But she usually crashes early, doesn’t she?” “Usually. Why?” “Oh. Um.” I lick my lips. “Because I was wondering if you wanted to meet me somewhere. We could get a drink. We could talk.” “Talk,” he repeats. He meets my eyes, and I see the question in them—have I changed my mind? Am I going to say yes? I glance down at the floor. “Talk,” he repeats. “No, I’m sorry. I can’t do that.” I look up, frustrated. “But, Ryan, I just—” “I have plans. I’m going to Westerfield’s.” “Oh.” Westerfield’s is one of the hottest clubs in town. It’s also a Stark property, which means when Ryan goes he gets the full VIP treatment. Something that never fails to snag the attention of the female patrons. Most of whom are usually drunk. And wearing outfits that are barely big enough to keep a Barbie doll modest. “Oh,” I repeat. I wait for him to suggest I join him there, but all he says is, “It really was great that you came.” Then the bastard leans in and kisses my cheek. He kisses my f*cking cheek.    
Julie - J Kenner Author PhotoJ.Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.
Though known primarily for her award-winning and international bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal mommy lit.
JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations” and by RT Bookclub for having “cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swoon for them.” A five time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy). Her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series (as Julie Kenner) is currently in development with AwesomenessTV/Awestruck.
Her books have sold over three million copies and are published in over twenty languages.
In her previous career as an attorney, JK worked as a clerk on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and practiced primarily civil, entertainment and First Amendment litigation in Los Angeles and Irvine, California, as well as in Austin, Texas. She currently lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and two rather spastic cats.