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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads New Release Spotlight w/Giveaway: Claiming My Valentine Anthology by Various Authors

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New Release Spotlight!

Today we are spotlighting an anthology by 
14 paranormal romance authors including 
C.D. Gorri,  P. T. Macias, Tami Lund, Julia Mills
& 10 more 
Claiming My Valentine!
(All proceeds will be going to St. Jude's Children Hospital)

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14 paranormal romance anthology
Claiming My Valentine!

Enter the sexy paranormal world of New York Time’s Bestelling and Award Winning Authors!

Do you like steamy tales of passion, desire, seduction, and love? Step into romance with Claiming My Valentine, a collection of 14 new and original paranormal stories guaranteed to make your heart pound and your kindle melt.

Explore your deepest desires and hidden fantasies as they come to life in these tempting tales of love! Claiming My Valentine features Shifters, Dragons, Werewolves, Bears, Vampires, Fae, Ghosts, Angels, and more!

By Tami Lund, Julia Mills, C.D. Gorri, P.T. Macias, P. Mattern, Ariel Marie, Crystal Dawn, A.R. Von, Savannah Morgan, Audra Hart, Josette Reuel, Amanda Kimberley, Heather Kirchhoff, and Daniella Whitehorse!

Broken Light, Lightbearer Prequel Part 2 by Tami Lund

Claiming Cupid by Julia Mills

The Dragon’s Valentine by C.D. Gorri

Claiming My Angel by P.T. Macias

Sex Slave to My Vampire Billionaire Stepbrothers: An MC Valentine Romance by P. Mattern

Searching for His Mate by Ariel Marie

Blazing Desire by Crystal Dawn

Heart of Ink by A.R. Von

Hearts, Flowers, & A Dead Husband by Savannah Morgan

Darkheart’s Valentine by Audra Hart

Love Burns by Josette Reuel

Forever Cherished by Amanda Kimberley

Forever Yours by Heather Kirchhoff

A Fae’s Mate by Daniella Whitehorse

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All proceeds go to St. Jude's Hospital!

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All proceeds go to St. Jude's Hospital 


Q & A with C.D. Gorri about the anthology of 
Claiming My Valentine!

Tell us about Claiming My Valentine.

Claiming My Valentine is a Collection of 14 Brand New Paranormal Romances
By Tami Lund, Julia Mills, C.D. Gorri, P.T. Macias, P. Mattern, Ariel Marie, Crystal Dawn, A.R. Von, Savannah Morgan, Audra Hart, Josette Reuel, Amanda Kimberley, Heather Kirchhoff, and Daniella Whitehorse.

What initially inspired you to write Claiming My Valentine?

The first step in organizing this anthology was contacting the authors! My first email went out to the amazing P.T. Macias. She was in charge of a boxed set I participated in just last year and did an outstanding job! Together we came up with the parameters of the stories we were looking for and then we contacted these fabulous authors and asked if they wanted to be a part of this project. It has been one heck of a positive experience for me and I hope for all of us!

Tell us little about the characters? 

Here are taglines for our individual stories that can give you a better idea of what we’ve done here:

Revenge is best served with a dose of magic. Broken Light, Lightbearer Prequel Part 2 by Tami Lund

Arrows are flying, love is in the air, Valentine's Day should come with hazard pay. Claiming Cupid by Julia Mills

She’s given up on love, but he’s just begun… The Dragon’s Valentine by C.D. Gorri

The fact that she's an Angel in waiting holds his claiming, but his mating instinct and love forces his hand? Claiming My Angel by P.T. Macias

Sex Slave to My Vampire Billionaire Stepbrothers: An MC Valentine Romance by P. Mattern

Always follow your bear. Searching for His Mate by Ariel Marie

Will he trick his way into her heart or lose her forever? Blazing Desire by Crystal Dawn

Ink, magic and maelstrom Heart of Ink by A.R. Von

'Til death do we part' was only a suggestion, right? Hearts, Flowers, & A Dead Husband by Savannah Morgan

Can true love make even the darkest, most damaged hearts shine this Valentine’s Day? Darkheart’s Valentine by Audra Hart

Will Hy find love with Brann on Valentine's Day or will she be burned by love, yet again? Love Burns by Josette Reuel

Through physical and emotional struggles Keme and Chepi will unite two opposing tribes with love. Forever Cherished by Amanda Kimberley

Will his secret tear them apart? Forever Yours by Heather Kirchhoff

Can eternal love really conquer all? A Fae’s Mate by Daniella Whitehorse

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

The most difficult part of being in an anthology for me is probably working within the guidelines of the set. It is difficult to curb the creative process to stay inside the lines, if you know what I mean. And of course, getting everything formatted and uploaded on time is always a challenge! Thank goodness for this amazing group of authors! They truly made this an incredible experience.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

The story that I wrote for this anthology is called The Dragon’s Valentine by C.D. Gorri. The part I like the best is that I am able ot stay within the Grazi Kelly Universe that I write in all of my other books and series, but here I get to introduce a new supernatural creature to my world, Dragons!

The Falk brothers are sexy, single dragons looking for their mates! In this story the eldest, Callius Falk finds his true mate in Werewolf, Winifred Castillo. But will she accept him?

What are your future project(s)?

Chasing The Moon: A Grazi Kelly Short #4.5 by C.D. Gorri is available for pre-order right now and will be released 3/17/17.

Here is the Synopsis:
On the mend after the battle of St. Lucy’s Day Grazi is on the run. The Hounds of God have been disbanded, the High Council wants her captured, and the Dark Witches want her dead. Grazi finds herself far away from her family and everything she has ever known. What will she do when a group of Werewolves in Northern Florida need her help? Can she focus on the things she can control or is it too much for her to handle?
#99cents #grazikellyuniverse #cdgorribooks

Now for an exciting excerpt from C.D. Gorri's contribution
to Claiming My Valentine The Dragon's Valentine

“…..Callius’ golden Dragon eyes landed on each of his brothers. He opened his long snout full of rows of razor sharp teeth and loosed a roar of blue and red flame against the whited-out sky.

He would miss them. They were his flesh, his blood, and his constant companions these five-hundred years. But he understood.

Agreed. Take care, my brothers. As head of our family this is my pledge to you, I will find a castle and I will find a mate! Then I will send for you.

Choose wisely, brother. The diamond rose is special.

Farewell and much luck to you on your quest!

Yes! May you be successful!

Callius and his brothers parted ways. It was a bittersweet parting, but the idea that one day they would be a Clan of their own kept Callius on a steady course. His purpose grew stronger with every passing moment.

Soon an idea of Castle Falk began taking shape in his mind’s eye. Not an old stone mausoleum like the one he came from. No, he wanted something new and modern. With a pool! Ha! That would be something!

But first things first, he reminded himself.

Find a mate and claim her.

Author Links

C.D. Gorri

Tami Lund

Julia Mills

P. T. Macias

Ariel Marie

Crystal Dawn 

A.R. Von 

Savannah Morgan 

Audra Hart

P. Mattern

Josette Reuel

Amanda Kimberley

Heather Kirchoff

Daniella Whitehorse

Blurb Blitz w/Giveaway: Gone But Not Missed by A.R. Kennedy

Gone But Not Missed
by A. R. Kennedy
GENRE: Mystery


A. R. Kennedy will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Please visit to follow the tour, remember the more you comment better your chances on winning.



Lillian Brannon wakes up on Valentine's Day in an exact replica of her bedroom but the only item that she believes is authentic is her dog, Laude. She is held captive in her kidnapper's basement apartment, summoned upstairs once a week for a chaste dinner. But will his kindness last, and more importantly, why isn’t anyone looking for her?

Lillian’s story is interwoven with that of Nathan, a NYPD officer, who is intrigued by Lillian’s disappearance- how can a young woman be gone for two weeks before a Missing Person Report is filed? Local police believe Lillian has voluntarily abandoned a life she didn’t like. Lillian’s best friend convinces Nathan the authorities are wrong. With no jurisdiction, no resources, and no witnesses, he is compelled by the pictures of Lillian with her sweet smile and sparkling green eyes to obsessively take up the case. Armed with Lillian’s keys and personal information, he spends hours, then days in her home trying to find clues that will lead him to her.

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As we stepped off the elevator on the fifth floor, he continued. “I already looked around the apartment. Found nothing. Just have to go back in for a second. I left the Missing Persons Report in there.”

“How long she been gone?,” I asked. As he entered the apartment, I stood in the doorway. I looked around the simple apartment. It looked barely lived in. There was nothing hung on the walls; no personal touches anywhere in sight.

“Two weeks,” Steve answered.

I shook my head in disbelief. “That’s a long time.”

“Well, we don’t know if she’s missing, or left, or...”

“What do you mean?” I looked at Steve, not knowing where he was going with this.

“We got a call from a lady last week rambling on and on about a missing dog. She’s a dog walker; dog’s gone. She’s distraught. I give her the number for the shelter. Tell her to call local vets, post signs, whatever. I figure she lost the dog and knows the owner is going to be pissed. But, she says the owner’s gone too. I look up the girl’s name, no missing person report. I tell the woman sorry she’s lost a client but not a police matter. She just wouldn’t stop about the damn dog. Then we get a call from an out of state friend who says she can’t reach the lady either and files the report.” Steve walked around the apartment, continuing to gesture wildly. “She lives close to where we used to. Ardsley, Pennsylvania.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

This A R Kennedy’s debut series.

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Release Day Blitz: Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

mack daddy available      


From New York Times bestselling author, Penelope Ward, comes a sexy, STANDALONE second-chance romance.

They called him Mack Daddy. No, seriously, his name was Mack. Short for Mackenzie. Thus, the nickname. Perfect, right?

So was he: perfect. The perfect physical male specimen.

At the private school where I taught, Mack Morrison was the only man around in a sea of women.

Everyone wanted a piece of the hot single father of the sweet little boy.

I was riddled with jealousy, because they didn’t know that—to me—he was much more.

They didn’t know about our past.

He’d chosen my school for his son on purpose, because Mack and I, we had unfinished business.

As my friend Lorelai so eloquently put it: “Unfinished business between two people who are clearly attracted to each other is like an eternal case of blue balls.” And I was suffering in pain from my case.

I was still intensely attracted to Mack. I tried to resist him, immersing myself further into a relationship with another man just to protect my heart.

Not to mention, getting involved with a parent was strictly against school rules. But seeing Mack day in and day out was breaking me down.

And soon I might be breaking all the rules.

Author's note – Told in alternating points of view, Mack Daddy is a full-length standalone novel.


iBooks | Nook | Kobo | Amazon


    He's Back   Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She’s a fifteen-time New York Times bestseller of twelve novels. Having grown up in Boston with five older brothers, she spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 12-year-old girl with autism and a 10-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.   Connect with Penelope Ward Facebook Fan Group | Facebook | Website |Twitter | Instagram

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