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Anticipating Temptation
by Randi Perrin


When Char endures a nasty break-up, she pulls into her shell and avoids nearly all human contact.

Sick of the moping, her best friend drags her along to the grand opening of a new wine bar. Char's attempts at blending into the woodwork fail when the lone cowboy in the room zeroes in on her—and won't take no for an answer.

Char learns that looks can be deceiving, because Darryl is way more than what he seems, and she can't get enough of him.

Can he save her from herself or is she destined to live in the shadow of her failures for good?

Review:                                    5 stars

Oh my what woman could rest a cowboy especially when he uses the word darlin’? I know I couldn’t and neither could Char. Darryl came into Char’s life when she least expected it & when she needed him the most.  Char’s self-esteem was at the lowest it could after her asshat of a boyfriend broke up with her after fours year relationship over a text, implying she had got fat and he never really did love her. She became a hermit, until her best friend Jenny stepped in a drugged her out of her house to a wine bar opening, where she meets Darryl.

Darryl is a self made man, owning his own vineyard, winemaking company and the wine bar Uncorked. He knows perfection when he sees it and Char was perfection to him, but getting Char to see what he saw in her was going to job a tough job. When he finally gets Char out of her shell something interrupts her progress which makes her take hundred steps back, will the love they share conquer this set back.

Anticipating Temptation was a wonderful evening read, Randi had me turning the page all night long until the final page I just couldn’t put it down. It was so refreshing to read a book actually about old-fashioned romance, a man actually wooing a lady he worships, not just trying to get her in bed after the first date. Yes there is a sex scene but Randi told it a wonderful, amazing way that it wasn’t sex it was Char and Darryl making love.  I truly loved watching Char self-esteem finally build to a high with Darryl’s help, but when it came tumbling back down I just wanted to cry! I don’t want to give anything away but one part of the book I was yelling no Char don’t even think about it!  If you are looking for a old- fashioned romance I recommend you pick up a copy Anticipating Temptation and find out why I feel in love with Darryl.

I won an ARC copy!

Review by Mel

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