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New Release Spotlight

From Willing Sub to Enslaved Captive
by Scarlett Flame

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The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen Book 1), and 
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After discovering her #submissive nature, Suzie Foster finds a #Dom who she believes can give her everything she needs. 
But after a time, his attitude and treatment begin to change. 
Even with her limited experience in the Lifestyle, Suzie knows she has to end their Dom/sub relationship. 
Then, just when things seem to be going right for Suzie, she is taken from her life and held #captive. 
Will Suzie ever get to experience the true Dom/sub relationship she seeks? 
Or is the life of an enslaved captive; at the hands of a cruel Dom, the last thing she will ever know?

**BE WARNED: Some descriptions are vivid and can be a trigger for sensitive readers.

**Sexual Content
**Suitable for ages 18 and over

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Tell us about From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive (Slave's Book 1).

This is the first thriller/suspense erotic romance that I have written, and also the first of a new series called Slave’s.

It shows true aspects of the BDSM Lifestyle and is closer to the actual Dom/sub relationships you may find in the wider world. Yet, there is romance there too. It is a gritty, intense suspense with triggers.

 What initially inspired you to write From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive (Slave's Book 1)?

It is a genre I like to read myself, and just wanted to write something darker than my usual erotica and hot romance.

I also didn’t want to get myself pigeon holed.

Tell us little about the characters in From Willing Sub To Enslaved Captive (Slave's Book 1).

The main character in this story is Suzie. Suzie is a submissive and a bit of a masochist too. The main protagonist is Charles, a Dom whose looks belie his nature. A handsome countenance but with evil sadistic intent.

The two other main characters are also Dom’s and are brothers. Simon and Alistair Traynor. Simon is a consultant at a local hospital and his older brother Alistair is a Solicitor.

The other main character is Suzie’s best friend Claire, who is also a fellow student nurse and submissive.

 What was the hardest part of writing this book?

That would be the torture scenes as I tried to make them as dark as possible. I have myself lived through some dark times, so drew on some of my own experiences to write these scenes.

 What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Now that is a hard question. I believe my favourite chapter would be the one where Simon and Suzie went shopping together in Chapter 9. I can’t give you spoilers, as I hate spoilers myself.

What are your future project(s)?

I am currently two thirds of the way through writing a Vampire/ shifter/ BDSM book set in Whitby. The title of this book is A Gothic Romance The Vampires of Whitby Book 1. This book is due to be published in July 2017.

There will then be three sequels in progress. A follow up to A Valentine’s Bind: Manchester Dominants and submissives, as the title suggests this is about the Lifestyle and is set in my home town of Manchester. Also a sequel to Bound for Passion:Erotic Love Stories, with further adventures for all the characters in the first anthology of steamy, sexy stories. Finally the sequel to The Prophecy Unfolds: Dragon Queen. This is a Steampunk, menage,an adventure with dragons, dragon riders, werewolves and magicians. An ongoing tale of a prophecy set on the dystopian world of Syros.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?

Although part of a series each book is also a stand-alone. There will be a slightly different take on each one.

This is a particularly dark read and not for the faint of heart. But is is also a very sexy little read too.

There are going to be five books in total in the series of Slave’s planned. But who knows? If they prove popular I may do spin off stories too.

Thank you so much for the interesting questions. I have enjoyed my interview with you.

Chapter 1
It was only two weeks until Christmas and I was at a party, at the BDSM club Substation, with my new Dom, Charles. But I was feeling down.
We had been seeing each other for a couple of months, now, and I was uneasy about our relationship. Initially, it had worked well, as he appeared to be very considerate, and we sort of gelled after playing at a local munch.
I was “under consideration”, as it is worded in the world of BDSM and the Lifestyle. This meant that we weren’t committed to each other, yet, and I wasn’t technically collared.  I did wear a collar when we played, or visited a club or munch, but there was no padlock, or key to it.
It was a play collar and others might have worn it before me. I wasn’t sure.
Yet, whilst I was “under consideration”, a verbal agreement had been negotiated, so that neither of us would play with, or have sex with, any others, and limits were assured.
I had been looking for a Dom/sub relationship for some years, and I was no spring chicken. Maybe this would be my last chance to find my one.
Charles’ looks belied his nature, as he was baby-faced; some would say, almost pretty, with dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and clean shaven. Dimples appeared when he smiled. No blemishes, or pock marks marred his smooth complexion, and he sported a natural-looking golden tan, all year around.
In contrast, his true character was dark and troubled. Charles was tall, approximately six feet two inches, lean, and with a naturally-toned look.
 What had happened to make him so sadistic and unfeeling at times? Why were his aggressive tendencies so extreme? Something must have happened in the past to make him derive so much pleasure from inflicting pain and humiliation.
Although I am a masochist, and spanking and flogging get my juices flowing, I wouldn’t describe myself as a pain-slut, by any means.
We were now friends on Fetworld, and I had changed my status to reflect the fact that I was under consideration.
This was a red flag to all the other Doms, switches and kinksters, letting them know that I was considering entering a more committed relationship with Charles.
We had been out for the odd meal initially, but that was more a way to get together to discuss the parameters of our current relationship.
Unlike in 50 Shades, many of these negotiations are verbal. I had only ever had the mention of a written contract on two previous occasions.
I knew of a few wealthy Doms, but very few could be described as playboy billionaires! The vast majority of the Dominant men and women I knew were more likely to be in either the police force, (I kid you not!), the NHS – Yes doctors and nurses are very likely to play kinky doctors and nurses in real life accountants, and all manner of professions. It is true to say that the dominant ones are generally at the top of the chain of command, though, although the opposite is also true.
Oh, I forgot to mention the armed forces, which also provide any number of Doms and subs in the Lifestyle.
But, I digress.
It is also a nonsense that these clubs and munches don’t serve alcohol in the UK. But, if you had any sense, you would avoid getting plastered as your pain receptors and your perception of pain would be skewed.
My Dom was sat in a nice comfy chair, and I, as usual, knelt alongside. I was wearing the black play collar, short, black leather skirt, and an underbust corset. My nipples had clamps with little silver bells on, attached to the tender little peaks. I wore no panties. This is par for the course, as Doms generally like their submissives to be available to them at all times.
My head was bowed, and I was mulling over the events of the weeks since we had met, and agreed to see if we were compatible.
Charles seemed very happy with the arrangement so far, and I could tell he was already anticipating collaring me, but I knew that the chances of that happening were slim and that I was more than likely to refuse his collar.
His previous partners had not been submissives, but slaves.
A slave is a very different kettle of fish to the role of submissive, I might add. I had no intention of becoming anybody’s slave.
I was being treated more and more like a possession, with each subsequent play session. My limits were being pushed hard with each one.
I glanced up, and noticed a dour-faced man, standing near the bar. He was handsome, but in an understated way.
I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help checking him out.
He had dark hair, very neat except for a cowlick that seemed untameable. I couldn’t help but think of Superman.
He looked up and our eyes connected. It was akin to a lightning bolt hitting my body and I caught my breath. My pussy clenched in response.
He had piercing blue eyes, and his right cheek was marred by a thick keloid scar running through it. Instead of making him less attractive, it seemed to throw the rest of his features into sharper contrast. Dark-haired, clean-shaven, with a chiselled chin. He was wearing Dom black. Seems to be a bit of a trend with Doms. Black leather figure-hugging pants, black shirt with what appeared to be black boots. Over this he wore a black leather sleeveless vest.
Some Doms wore this outfit better than others. He wore the look well.
I dipped my gaze, as I was a little unnerved that he continued to stare so blatantly, and I was pretty certain he spotted my reaction.

My name is Scarlett Flame and I am passionate about writing, and write about passion.

I am a qualified Children's Nurse, and have a degree and PgDip (Masters qualification), so probably not someone you would expect to write erotica. Although born in Salford I reside in Manchester, England and proud to be a Lancashire Lass.

Although my debut novel was a collection of short erotic stories, (one does have fantasy, paranormal, sci fi elements) My latest publication is a paranormal erotic romance, set on a Steampunk world. Having dragons, werewolves, magicians, and other amazing creatures to discover.

I am an avid reader and writer, and share my reviews of books, gigs and my adventures (when I have them) on my Blog. So, please visit often. I was also awarded Blogger of the Year 2014 by Skelat. I am very proud of that achievement.


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