EskieMama & Dragon Lady Review: Trusting Justice by J.J. Lore

Trusting Justice
J.J. Lore


It’s been twenty years since the Sion arrived on Earth, changing everything, and Sasha Morency has spent her life avoiding their notice as best she can. She’s grown up with a collapsed population, unstable climate, and the bare minimum of survival necessities, all while the conquerors thrive. When she’s caught up in an investigation of the theft of rare jewels at the Reliquary where she works, she becomes the focus of a cynical Sion who is charged with solving the crime.

Banished from his Sion clan and his squad in the police department for not following orders, Dram Opano is not surprised to be assigned a basic theft case at an obscure Earther museum. A young woman working there knows more than she’s telling, so Dram decides to stay close. Sasha has a talent for climbing walls, confronting authority, and digging for information, much to his surprise and delight.

Sasha and Dram expect to distrust each other, but as they pool their resources to discover exactly what happened, a bond of respect and passion develops between them. When Dram is kidnapped by the people behind the theft, Sasha has to call on all her skills to save him. It’s a question of survival, for both their lives and their love.

Review:                                  4 stars

First let me say that this is not a genre I would normaly ready, no I did not hate it, but still had a hard time reading it, but it was well writen characters were well developed and the story was interesting.
Things did change a lot since the Sion arrived on Earth, Sasha has spent her entire life avoiding their notice, but things are about the change. Now she is caught up in a investigation of a rare jewel that was stolen from the place she works.
And now she has become the focus of a Sion who is charged with solving the crime.
Dram is not at all surprised to be assigned to this basic case, and the young woman that works there seems to know more then she is letting on. So he decides to stick close to her, but as they work together and they pool their resources to find out what, a bond starts developing between then when Dram is kidnapped by those responsible for the theft. Will Sasha be able to save then for its a question of not only their survival but their love.

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Review by Jara

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