EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: Unforgettable by Eva Charles

Meadow Shore #4
Eva Charles


Redemption and Forgiveness

He didn’t want children.
She couldn’t imagine a life without them—
especially now.

I should have stayed away from her. I knew better.
But instead, I treated every single day like it was my birthday,
and she was a luscious devil’s food cake slathered in creamy icing.

I’d spent my entire life being cautious, never took any real risks.
And I did it to shield the people I loved from needless worry.
To protect them.
I’m the sensible sister.

Redemption and Forgiveness

There are few occasions in one’s life where the body warns of impending doom.
This was one of them.


The Claytons and Harringtons are back with a beautiful second chance love story. Helena and Gabe’s story will leave you with the unwavering belief that no matter how dark the day is, the sun will shine again.

Love, laughter and loyalty
Welcome to the family! 

Review                                  5 stars

Let me start by saying I didn’t think Eva Charles could make one of her books any more emotional than Petite Madeleine and was I mistaken, Unforgettable was a tear jerker. When I started reading Unforgettable I had to go back to Eva’s previous books to recheck that they were in third person as I remembered and they were; but she wrote Unforgettable in the first person after a few chapters I understood why. I don’t think as a reader you could feel the emotions and feelings both Helena and Gabe were going through, and boy did they, if it was in third person.

Eva Charles took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. I was giggling through most of the first few chapters of the book, (beware no drinking anything or you will be spewing it everywhere on certain areas), she had me falling in love with Gabe and later on I fell out of love with him (wanted to strangle him) but fell back in love with him all over again. The last half of the book I had a box of kleenexes right by me (I sure went through a lot), that was a very emotional time part of the book, it had some twist in it I didn’t see coming.

Unforgettable is the fourth book in the Meadow Shores series about the Clayton-Harrington cousins, and I have been fortunate enough to read all four books. I have fell in love with all the cousins, the Harrington boys are all protective over their cousins the Clayton girls, but them girls sure know how to put them boys in their place. They have brought me a lot of giggles when they are all together. And we can’t forget Avo Angelina she sure knows how to handle her grandsons.

If you have never read one of Eva Charles’s books I recommend you pick up a copy of Unforgettable and find out why she has become one of this reader’s favorite authors and always waiting patiently to return to Meadow Shores, the Clayton-Harrington cousins & Avo Angelina.

I received a free copy from the author for my honest review!

Review by Mel

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