EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Audiobook Review: Jameson: Nashville SEALs and Nashville SEALs: Jameson by Sharon Hamilton Narrated by J.D Hart

Jameson: Nashville SEALs and 
Nashville SEALs: Jameson 
Sharon Hamilton
J.D. Hart


Jameson is now a SEAL and a husband. After a beautiful wine country wedding, he's ready to say goodbye to his Nashville singing career and hello to his first SEAL Team 3 mission. When his last gig turns into a reunion with an old flame, Jameson's marriage faces a tougher challenge than any training drill.

Lizzie isn't ready to watch Jameson deploy, but she knows he's doing the right thing for her and their little girl. When Lizzie comes face-to-face with her husband's enemies, their second chance at love could be their last.

Nashville SEALs: Jameson is a standalone romantic suspense novel in Sharon Hamilton's long-running Navy SEAL Brotherhood Series. If you like hot chemistry and incredible love stories, then you'll enjoy Sharon Hamilton's tale of hope, family, and a man's true calling.

Review:                                    5 stars

Nashville SEAL

Jameson Daniel is a country singer singing in small time venues trying to get that one break into the big time. When it comes to women it is like a revolving door, different one each night. He just can't forget that one woman a few years back, when he spent a week in North Carolina, that he left go. He meets some members of SEAL team 3 one night during a show, which makes him wonder his direction in life. Lizzie Carter has come to Nashville to tell Jameson her secret that she has kept from him for 3 years that will rock his world.

Wow once again Sharon Hamilton has brought a hot, sizzling romance. It sure warmed this girl up on a cold winter day, right from the start of the book. When I started the book I thought what the heck, where are the SEALs at, I was getting kind of disappointed but eventually they came, this gal got a smile on her face, got to have me some SEALs especially Kyle, Coop & Armando. I just love the brotherhood and loyalty that Sharon always shows in her books with the SEAL team 3, & you will not be disappointed in this book either. I loved how Jameson changed his horn dog ways after Lizzie came back into his life and revealed her secret that she kept from him for 3 years, he was a one woman man after. If you are looking for hot, steaming read to keep you warm during these cold winter nights, you may want to pick up a copy of Nashville SEAL, it sure steamed my glasses up.

Nashville SEAL: Jameson: Nashville SEALs
Jameson and Lizzie stories continues in Nashville SEAL: Jameson. We follow them as they continue on into marriage, marriage life, and raising Charlotte as two loving parents. Shortly after their marriage Jameson deplores with SEAL team 3 and follow them on their first separation. Soon after his return from his deployment he gets a chance of a lifetime to return to his singing life that he left behind when he joined the SEAL. Will he want that life back. Will it destroy his life as a SEAL and the life he is building with Lizzie and Charlotte.

Once again Sharon brings us romance, suspense, heartache, steamy sex and some very HOT SEALs. I always love visiting with the sexy hunks of SEAL team 3 and you always get that with one of Sharon’s SEAL books. I love the loyalty and camaraderie of the guys of SEAL team 3.

Audio Review 

I have always enjoyed listening to one of Sharon Hamilton's books on Audio due to J. D Hart that man has the sexiest voice. He makes the characters come to life, has a different voice for each character. But after listening to Nashville SEAL this by far is my favorite to listen to. There are parts in the book where Jameson & Thomas sing & oh my when J. D starting to sing I started to swoon he has an incredible singing voice, I kept hitting the back button several times just to hear him sing. J. D. Hart has ruined me from listening to other audio books. Check one of Sharon's audio books out & you will understand why.

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Review by Mel

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