Exclusive Excerpt from Mating Fever by Grace Goodwin

Exclusive Excerpt from Mating Fever
by Grace Goodwin

“Are you with me, Megan?” The doctor leaned over, shining one of those stupid bright lights right into my eyes and I winced. Too bright.
“Unfortunately.” I wanted that big man, his huge cock. I wanted to feel beautiful and feminine and desired. Instead, I had one more mission, one more op wearing that heavy armor and helmet, coated in grime, killing things. One. More.
$Embrace the suck.
That was practically my family motto, and I’d learned it well. Those three words got me through grueling hours of training, pain, and being stranded in hostile territory more than once in the last two years. I’d been cold, hot, starving, coated in sweat, blood, and every other body fluid I could imagine, and some I never dreamed of until I came out here into space. Outer fucking space. When I stopped to think about the fact that I was floating in a tin can in a galaxy far, far away, I still freaked. So, I tried not to think about it.
The doctor clicked off the penlight and I could see again. I looked up into her face in time to see her nod with a smile. “Good. I didn’t want to have to inject you with neural stimulants.”
She held up a small green cylinder I knew from previous experience could sting worse than any needle back home. Sure, there was no needle. But that just meant they forced the substance through your skin with something else. I didn’t know how they worked. Didn’t want to know. “No thanks. Keep that thing away from me.”
The doctor chuckled and handed off the cylinder to an assistant who took the dosing unit and hurried away like he was intruding on a highly personal conversation. Which he was. And that thought brought me back to reality faster than anything else. I was very much awake now. No dream guy. No dream cock. No taunting or teasing or edging. No incredible orgasm.
I was in the bride testing room in the medical wing of the Battleship Karter. Damn. I very much preferred to be back in fantasy land with a very dominant male who knew what to do with his hands, and his cock. It had been far, far too long since I had anything besides my fingers between my legs.
“Did I scream?” I could feel my cheeks heat. “Please, tell me I didn’t scream.” I’d kill myself with my own ion blaster if the males in the medical floor heard me screaming with an orgasm based on a dream.
“You didn’t scream.” She grinned then and gave me a conspiratorial wink. “I’ve never been tested, but every bride who has always has a very arousing experience.”
She was a few years older than me. She might not have been tested through the brides program like I just had, but with the gold cuffs about her wrists, she was obviously mated to an Atlan, so she knew quite a bit about bossy Atlan males. And big cocks. And, based on my dream, on the cuffs I’d worn, and the giant-sized man fucking my brains out, I was going to be matched to both.
The thought of an Atlan mate made me shiver and my pussy clenched as heat flooded me. I should be surprised that my deepest self would want one of those huge, brutal warriors, but somehow I wasn’t. Over the past two years of fighting alongside the Coalition forces, I’d encountered many Atlans and they were all over the top. Dominant. Controlling. Annoying. They had nothing against females, weren’t disrespectful or chauvinistic. The opposite, in fact. They just took $alpha male to the extreme. Protective. Demanding. Merciless.
I shivered, tingles running over my skin at that one word. Merciless. They showed no mercy to their enemies. And I was shocked to discover, I wanted none in bed.

Mating Fever: (Interstellar Brides, Book 10) by Grace Goodwin

Date of Publication: April 6, 2017


Megan Simmons followed her entire Army unit into space as volunteers to protect Earth as members of the Coalition Fleet. Eighteen months later, on a Hive controlled planet, she is separated from her unit and trapped. She is certain death will have its day until an Atlan Warlord appears from nowhere and risks his life to save her. Lost and alone behind enemy lines, Megan will do anything to keep her sexy savior alive until one problem arises, and this one she can't fight her way out of. Despite the danger, her Atlan Warlord's beast takes one look at her and decides she belongs to him.
Nyko of Atlan never hesitates to charge into battle against Hive scum. When he sees a human soldier in trouble, he follows routine, ripping his enemies to shreds to save a fellow warrior. But when that warrior turns out to be a beautiful and curvy human female, the beast he's been fighting suddenly breaks free with just one simple demand...MINE.

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About Grace Goodwin

Once upon a time, a young girl was born into an average, working class family. The wee little girl, convinced she was not an average child but was, in fact, a fairy princess, longed to leave the mundane world behind and live her dreams. She grew up, went to school, and when she'd grown too big to wear tutus and tiaras in public without drawing unwanted attention, turned to writing down her fantasies instead.
Now a bit older, her fantasies have grown to include sexually dominant men who know how to ensure a woman's pleasure. Grace believes all women should be treated like princesses, in the bedroom and out of it, and writes love stories where men know how to make their women feel pampered, protected and very well taken care of.
She currently lives in Oregon where she spends her days writing, and her nights in the arms of her very own Prince.

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