EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: Swole 2: Leg Day by Golden Czermak

Swole 2: Leg Day
Golden Czermak


Sequel to the best-selling gay erotica short story Swole: Chest Day


As Jonny Cameron continues his nightly workouts with him at the gym, Trent's roommate and Jonny's friend Jared Hughes begins to let his feelings be known.

As a result, life for these three men over spring break becomes complicated.

However, amid the drama, Trent remains focused on one thing: giving Jonny a leg training day so intense that he can't get away...

Review:                                5 stars

OK now not that I did snot like the book, because I did like it, but not being a gym rat, a lot of the things that happened (hmmm) are way above my head.
The story was easy to follow.
Three young man, Trent, Jonny and Jared. Following them was not hard, almost funny. Trent the dirty one and the scene at the restaurant, man what a scene. Wonder how things will progress for them, I will have to read it again, not only because I enjoyed reading it, but need to be able to grasp the terminology, well it is an erotic story and you want to know what happens you will have to read it. Golden did exceptionally well with the story, thank you for a interesting trip through a world I am not familiar with (Gym)

Review by Jara

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