EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: Crash and Burn by Amanda Adams

Crash and Burn
The Walker Brothers #1
Amanda Adams


Some love songs are just waiting to be written.

The guitar in his grip revives a childhood promise, but he needs sexy Erin Michaelson as his music teacher. When he sees her on stage using another name -- and seducing an entire audience -- she brings more back to life than just his music.

A single, sizzling backstage kiss will change both of their lives forever. Chance soon realizes that Erin is not just an itch, she's an obsession he refuses to live without.

Publisher's Note: Crash and Burn was previously released under the same title by another publisher.

Review:                                   4 stars

After the death of their mother the four Walker brothers are convened at their mother’s attorney’s request to watch a video of their mother that she taped years ago and to hand each boy a card they made on her birthday. On each card each boy wrote what their dreams were and the video she asked them to forget their childhood dreams.  Once Chance hears his mother’s request and sees the card he knows he is screwed.

Chance meets shy Erin Michaelson at the music store she works at when he starts the journey of one of his childhood dreams. Erin’s dream is to make it big in the music world and she may have her chance when the band she plays in at local venues will be scoped out by a big label in a week, as her alter ego Eva James.  Chance likes what he sees in Erin as herself, but Erin thinks he only likes her bold alter ego Eva James after he sees her on stage. Will Chance be able to convince Erin he is falling for HER and not Eva James.

Crash and Burn is the first book in Amanda Adams The Walker Brother’s Series, four brothers, Derek, Mitchell, Chance & Jake, adopted by a very special lady and loved them as any mother could. Crash and Burn is Chance’s story and what a way to start a series, Amanda Adams has me hooked to see what the other three brother’s childhood dreams will be.  Chance and Erin was a delight to read about. Watching Erin come out of her shell without her alter ego Eva under Chance care was such a delight to watch. The chemistry between Chance and Eva all I can say is wow.  I truly loved the scenes with the brothers the had me laughing as they tormented each other like brothers do.

If you are looking for an weekend read I recommend you pick up a copy of Crash and Burn and got hook like I am to see what is in store for Derek, Mitchell & Jake, since Chance has already has the girl and two of his childhood dreams.

I received a copy for my honest review!

Review by Mel

Happy Reading!


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