EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: A Wicked Woman by Vanessa Vale

A Wicked Woman 
Mail Order Bride of Slate Springs #3
Vanessa Vale


Because of her stepsisters, Eve Jamison is driven from her hometown in scandal with a train ticket in one hand and a proxy marriage license in the other. But when she arrives in the small Colorado mountain town, she discovers her groom recently died. Even though she never met her husband, the new widow learns she is quite wealthy. At the mercy of her dead husband's money-grubbing family, Knox and Jed Dare each vow to protect her. They both want the beautiful bluestocking and refuse to cede way to the other.

Eve has other ideas where the two men are concerned. Because she is now a woman of Slate Springs, she doesn't have to choose. She wants both Jed and Knox... and gets them.

Review:                                   5 stars

Vanessa Vale does it AGAIN! If I am looking for a menage read Vanessa Vale has been one of my go to authors, and she sure didn’t disappoint this reader with A Wicked Woman.

Eve Jamison is driven out of town due to her step-sisters made up scandalous tales to the town elders. Along with their scandalous tales they have married off to a groom by mail order in Slate Springs, Colorado. But once she arrives in Slate Springs she discovers her groom is dead and she is a wealthy widow with her deceased grooms brothers sniffing around her, but Jed and Knox Dare vow to protect her from his blood thristy family. And boy does Eve get a shock when she finds out Slate Springs law about one woman to two men.

I truly loved this Mail Order Bride of Slate series from the very beginning. I enjoyed that Vanessa Vale brought back fiery Piper from book two in the series A Wild Woman, boy did she help inform Eve on the Slate Springs and help her out of her shell which made her brothers shake the heads. I just enjoyed when trouble came to Eve to seek her out not only Jeb and Knox protect Eve but all theirs friends did also. The chemistry between husbands & their wife is HOT, HOT, HOT!

If you are looking for a weekend steamy menage I recommend you pick up a copy of A Wicked Woman and take a journey to Slate Springs Colorado and find out about their marriage law you be amazed how lucky this women are!

I received a copy for my honest review!

Review by Mel

Happy Reading!


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