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Book 2 in the Forever and Night Vampire Series
Lana Campbell's
Forever and a Night Dark Experiments

Tiffany Jane Peebles takes a job as an IT for a gorgeous, sexy vampire, Doctor Christian La Mond’s OB/GYN vampire practice the V clinic. Passion sparks quickly between them until she falls victim to an angel of death poisoning V clinic staff and pregnant vampire patients. 

Christian is the exception to Tiffany’s rule all males are louses. For years Tiffany has lusted after Christian and of late she can’t help wonder what it might be like to have a brief fling with him. The opportunity to explore her secret fantasy appears when Christian offers her a job as the IT person for his practice, the V clinic. She knows if he gives her the green light, she’s going to have a romp with her sexy vampire. When the night finally arrives and she and Christian have sex, the experience is so overwhelmingly powerful, Tiffany backpedals and tries to turn down the heat between them. She’s human. He’s a vampire. She can’t afford to fall in love with him. 

Christian has other ideas. During their sexual encounter he discovers Tiffany is his life mate and he vows to change her thinking. His intentions are put on hold when he gets caught up in an angel of death’s vicious plan to chemically terminate V clinic patients’ pregnancies. Tiffany herself falls victim to a lethal dose of arsenic and Christian can only save her by turning her into a vampire. She’s furious when she wakes from her turning and discovers what Christian has done. She wants nothing to do with him ever again, but when she’s kidnapped by this angel of death and used as a guinea pig for deadly experiments she only has Christian to turn to save her life.

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Q & A with Lana Campbell about Forever and a 
Night Dark Experiment!

What initially inspired you to write Forever and a Night Dark Experiments?

I knew after I wrote book one in this series, Forever and a Night that I would have to tell Tiffany and Christian's story. Tiffany is a strong willed woman who does things her own way, but she carries a lot of baggage from her past, namely her father's betrayal of her family with Tiffany's best friend from high school. She has a hard time trusting men. Even though her love interest, Christian La Mond is a dear friend and quickly becoming much more as the story unfolds, she doesn't trust that he won't break her heart. 
Tiffany is fun, witty and has a fresh mouth and a bad girl attitude. Christian is more passive, mature and is a good balance to Tiffany's high strung personality. Plus he's just gorgeous. He has long, honey blonde hair, gold eyes that sparkle in low lighting. (A vampire thing.) Together they're so much fun. Christian brings out the sensual side of Tiffany and Tiffany tries Christian's patience at ever turn. 
This was such a fun story to write, but it took me forever and a night, pun intended, to do it. When I brought in the angel of death terrorizing Christian's pregnant patients it forced me to write a lot about the workings of the vampire body. Since in my stories vampires evolved from humans, I had to do a lot of research on blood disorders, poisons and their effects on the vampire body, all of which is the premise for the external conflict of the story, which is some crazy person is poisoning Christian's pregnant vampire patients. 

Tell us little about the characters Forever and a Night Dark Experiments.

This is book two in my Forever and a Night vampire series. The story is about, Tiffany Peebles an IT tech who is very much her own woman. She's open minded, bold and a true country girl who lives in the big city of New Orleans, but retains her tomboyish ways and dress. Tiffany doesn't have much of a filter for what she says or thinks. She's full of sardonic humor which comes across in the story and makes some scenes lighter and funnier when circumstances around her are anything but funny.
Dr. Christian La Mond is a vampire OB/GYN for the V clinic, a vampire OB/GYN practice. He's developed a fertility drug which has helped many infertile vampires conceive. Christian is a very devoted doctor. He has a very patient long suffering personality which is good because Tiffany's hair trigger temper and her determination to keep things on a friendship basis between her and Christian has him constantly battling for patience. 
Christian and Tiffany have both had a crush on each other for years, but due to the fact Tiffany is human and Christian is a vampire, neither have made a move to discover the could be's of their relationship. All that changes when Tiffany goes to work for Christian as his IT person. Thrust together on a daily basis sparks begin to fly romantically. 

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

The research that went in to explaining why my vampires have a blood disease called vampire myodysplasia. In order to survive they need blood from their sire species, humans to help them regenerate their own blood cells. I also had to do a lot of research on poisons used on Christian's patients and then explain why the effects were different on the vampire body than the human one. My vampires evolved from humans, thus they are mammals and even though they live longer than humans they eventually die. They also possess psychic and telekinetic powers. Yes, they are a little larger than life but very much humanlike. And loveable.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Chapter three when Tiffany and Christian embark on a romantic relationship. Christian drinks from Tiffany and it's a very sensual experience called vampire sex. In essence they have mind sex and Tiffany is blown away. Christian even more so because in those amazing moments he discovers Tiffany is his life mate. Their minds and emotions, their very souls mesh into one being where one can feel the others emotions and know their thoughts. This is how a vampire determines one is his or her life mate. Christian is thrilled to find out Tiffany is his. Tiffany on the other hand does find the experience the most beautiful and poignant of her life, but she's terrified of commitment. It doesn't help that Christian is a vampire, but her real problem is fear of abandonment, because she was betrayed and abandoned by her father.

What are your future project(s)?

Book three in this series is Chelsie's story, called Forever and a Night Chelsie's Choice. The story is already written just waiting for the right agent or publisher to come along. Like all my stories, it stands alone, but is part of the series. Chelsie discovers she has an incurable stage four glioblastoma. She's dying and the only thing that can save her life is for her to become vampire. She is Tiffany's sister and a human OB/GYN for vampires. She works with Christian and his partner, sexy tall Texan, Asa Bradley at the V clinic. Guess who Chelsie's love interest is? It's a fun story because Chelsie also moonlights as a country western singer. She loves singing, but her passion is medicine. All this of course is threatened because she's dying. Her problem is convincing the partners of the V clinic to turn her without telling them the real reason--she only has months to live. 
I also have a book four and five in the series. I'm writing book five now. It's about a billionaire vampire real estate mogul, Nate Davenport and Alabama Rain Holden also a vampire who is a drug thief. She intercepts big drug deals and steals pot, cocaine, meth and such for her evil father who is a feral vampire. It's proving a lot of fun to write.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?

Each book in the series stands alone, but secondary characters become the protagonists in following stories. If you haven't read book one, Forever and a Night, I suggest you do. It's about Mia and Nathan, who are the parents of the Tiffany, Chelsie, Nate and other kids who have love stories of their own in the series. Forever and a Night sets the premise of the stories to come. Forever and a Night and Forever and a Night Dark Experiments is available on Amazon.

Now an exciting excerpt from Forever and a Night
Dark Experiment!

He picked up his pen and re-opened the chart.  The task needed to be done while the information was still fresh in his head.  Then he could focus on pertinent issues with Tiffany regarding her position.  Minutes into charting, a number of inappropriate positions with Tiffany which had nothing to do with her work at the V clinic began filtering into his thoughts. She’d been in his office less than five minutes and already his pulse rate and breathing had spiked.  So had another part of his anatomy. 
He glanced at her now meandering about the room, her attention settling on the wall displaying his myriad of medical degrees which were many.  He watched her study them, while he studied her cute little backside painted into a pair of dark blue denim jeans. 
God, she was a pretty little thing and everything he liked in a female.  She was tall with the body of an Amazon woman, the features of an exotic goddess with a riot of waist length, curly auburn hair, generally pony tailed as it was today. And her eyes were limpid, dark chocolate pools any man could get lost in. 
He had a whole new respect for the old adage out of sight out of mind
Christian closed the chart, got up and walked over to her. 
She turned and smiled up at him.  “Ready for me now?”
“All yours, Darlin’.”   
She glanced back at the wall and pointed to his first medical degree.  “Geez, Christian.  You earned your first medical degree in 1948?  How old are you, dude?”
He chuckled.  “For a vampire, I’m just a pup.  One hundred and twelve.  Or will be next month.”
Her eyes went wide and round.  “I get vampire longevity, it’s just a little weird because you look my age.  Wow.  A hundred and twelve, huh?”
“It’s not weird if you’re vampire.  The majority of your family is vampire.  You know our species have benefits.”
“Of course.  Longevity wouldn’t be so bad.”  She grinned.
“There’s far more than that, Darlin’.”
“Like what?”
“I’m sure I don’t have to tell you.”
“Mind control and psychic abilities.  I was a little worried about that taking on this job.  I know you enchant your employees prior to hire.”
She did look worried.  He hastened to reassure her, “Darlin’, I’d never enchant you.  It would be impossible since you’ve already enchanted me.”
Her eyes went wide with surprise.  “Ha ha.  Christian, you’re a mess, you know that?”
“So you’ve told me many times.”
She released an exasperated sigh and ran her tongue across her upper lip. 
Watching her now, Christian began to ponder what he’d like to do to those lips of hers, painted a pretty shade of dark rose.  He sucked in a deep breath and caught her blood scent, undisguised by her perfume and shampoo.  Those smelled good too.  He reached out and took hold of an auburn curl which had strayed from her ponytail, wrapped it around his index finger and inhaled again.  More than his next breath he wanted to sink his fangs in her neck and taste her.  
Not a good train of thought for a post interview.  He tucked the stray lock behind her ear.
“You’re being bold.  Care if I play?”  She reached up and took hold of his long blonde ponytail which happened to be resting on his shoulder.  She twirled it around her forefinger slowly, seductively, then all at once gave it a harsh tug.  
“Ouch.”  He tugged his hair free of her hold and said, “I guess I deserved that.”
“Yes, you did,” she chided.  “Look, I know you like to flirt and I don’t mind.  But let’s keep the little game we play in the vault, okay?  I don’t need co-workers thinking you hired me because we’re knocking boots.  Got it?”

Author Bio:
I love writing paranormal romance. I've been an avid reader for years. I got serious about writing in 2014 and published Forever and a Night in April of 2015. I just released Forever and a Night Dark Experiments in January of this year. I've had great fun writing this series and I'm currently working on book five. I live in Avoca AR with my husband, oldest daughter and a cat named Felix.

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