EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: Irresistible Forces by Lili Von

Irresistible Forces
Lili Von


Caleb Barron’s life as he knows it is changed forever. Always ready with a smile, a joke and a laugh, now he’s struggling with the injuries sustained in a living history accident. They’re slowly robbing him of any joy... and more than that, they make him question his own manhood. 

Sloan Perry knows he's watching her. While dog-sitting for her mom, she feels Caleb's eyes on her any time the shades are open on the front window. Since the moment he moved in across the street from her mother, she pegged him as a sexy player... emphasis on the sexy part. But he's different these days, and now that the ladies’ man exterior is broken, she sees the chance to get to know him on a deeper level.

When Sloan invites herself to his house for dinner, Caleb is annoyed and uncomfortable, especially when she confesses that she knows he's been watching her. The woman makes him feel things he thought he might have lost forever. But now that she's pulled the cork on his bottled-up desires, will she be willing to accept all the things her voyeur wants to do with her in the flesh?

Review:                                 4 stars

Caleb Barron’s life has changed forever. Always ready with a smile, a joke and a laugh, now he’s struggling with what happened to him while playing in live history, he questions everything as the injuries are robbing him of his joy and now he questions his own manhood. Enter
Sloan Perry and she knows he's watching her. She thought him a player a sexy player . emphasis on the sexy part. But he's different, she now sees her chance in getting to know him these days, is she though willing to accept what he wants now that she has awaken his desires?

Received a copy for my honest review!

Review by Jara

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