EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Audiobook Review: Enticing Eve by Tracy Goodwin Narrated by Susan Duerden

Enticing Eve
Scandalous Secrets #2
Tracy Goodwin

Susan Duerden


Colin MacAlistair understands that the worst nightmares are conjured from truth. He is living proof of it. After learning a disturbing family secret, he flees England with one goal in mind: amass enough wealth to prove himself worthy of his beloved’s devotion. Over the course of three long and bitter years, Colin indeed amassed a small fortune but his success came at a steep price … his soul.

Eve Weston’s faith in Colin was shattered by his disappearance and her life turned upside down by the horrific events that followed. She survives, becoming strong, independent … and betrothed. When Colin returns at last, Eve is determined to remind him of what he so callously discarded by forsaking her and ensure he will regret it until his dying day.

However, in this battle of wills, neither can deny the powerful passion between them. As their attraction grows, so does Colin’s intent to discover Eve’s true feelings for him. Duty be damned, time has taught Colin to be ruthless and to fight for what he wants at all costs. Through his years in hell, he has become a master of it and there is much to hide.

Danger looms as Colin and Eve face their feelings for one another.

Will their love survive the evil that seeks to destroy them?

“Tracy Goodwin’s debut novel burst onto the scene, garnering praise from everyone. An author with an enchanting voice, she makes you care about her wonderful characters. It just doesn’t get any better than Goodwin.” —DEBORAH MACGILLIVRAY, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE DRAGONS OF CHALLON SERIES

Review:                                 5 stars

Colin MacAlistair flees England to make sure he can be worth the love of Eve Weston's and also to get away from the man that he thought was his Father Lachlan MacAlister, the only thing he left was a not for the love of his life, Three years pass before he finally returns home.
Eve Weston’s faith and love in Colin was shattered when he vanished. She did survive she becomes strong and betrothed.
Follow their adventure as they fight each others feelings and how they come to find out that love is indeed a strong bond. Other characters are back from the 1st story well writen and lovely to follow.

Received an Audiobook for my honest review!

Review by Jara

Happy Reading!


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