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Dahlia Donovan's 
The Misguided Confessions!

Elaine Gibbs has been defined by other people’s words for much of her life: autistic, shifter, adopted, genius, Royal Marine. She has spent a year having her entire world spun around and just when she hopes things have stabilised, a zealot threatens everything she holds dear, including her life.

Alim Kader grew up knowing his family’s expectations and is required to fall in line. Life, however, threw him a massive surprise in the body of the most fascinating woman he has ever known. Now if he could only convince her that his sole desire is to stand beside her, not rescue her.

Will love be enough for two people from different worlds to brave a storm of evil and come through the other side unscathed?

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Q & A with Dahlia Donovan The Misguided Confession!

Tell us about The Misguided Confession.

The Misguided Confession is part paranormal romance and part paranormal suspense. It tells the story of autistic cougar shifter Elaine Gibbs who is struggling with having found her mate while the rest of her world falls apart around her.

Throw in a creepy zealot for good measure.

Things are never dull for Elaine.

What initially inspired you to write The Misguided Confession?

Elaine was a character from a previous book series I wrote. She’s autistic (as am I) and always had a special place in my heart. I’d wanted to write a standalone novel for her for quite a long while.

Tell us little about the characters in The Misguided Confession.

Elaine Gibbs and her mate, Alim Kader, are true opposites.

She grew up the adopted child of a merchant marine. She’s rough, occasionally crude, and has little patience.

Alim, on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He comes from a long line of wealthy Moroccans, and has only added to the family wealth. He has infinite patience with Elaine. He’s refined, well-dressed, and well-educated.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Not putting too much of myself into it. Hard to do when I share so much in common with Elaine.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

The prologue and the epilogue. Mostly because, it’s the happy start and the happy end to a chaotic adventure.

What are your future project(s)?

I quite literally just finished wrapping up The Wanderer. It’s a spin-off from After the Scrum. I am hoping it will be the first in a series of M/M Rugby romance novels. It will likely be published sometime next spring. Later in November, I have a M/M novella scheduled to be published, Found You. It’s a sweet, angst-filled tale set in Key West, Florida. 

Author Bio:

Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress. She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters. An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.


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