EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Audiobook Review: Taming Tessa by Vanessa Vale Narrated by David Beroff & Rita Rush

Taming Tessa
Montana Maiden #2
Vanessa Vale

David Beroff & Rita Rush


Tessa Bowers grew up in Liberty, Montana but never knew of the well hidden and very strict rules for married women. If she had, she might not have flirted and set her sights on the wealthy rancher, Cole Bridger.

Cole wasn't a man controlled by anyone, let alone the little spitfire trying to lure him to the alter. He decided who he married. He decided when. So when Tessa shows up for church one Sunday, she enters as Miss Bowers and leaves as Mrs. Bridger.

Right from the start, Cole dictates his expectations of Tessa, who quickly realizes married life is not as she imagined. Willful and disobedient, she fights against the humiliating and shameful things he demands. With the help of the town doctor, Cole begins to train Tessa to be the proper wife. It is a difficult task, but he'd waited years to tame her - mind, body and soul.

Review:                                   3 stars

Tessa Bowers grew up in Liberty, Montana, there were a lot of things she was not aware of.
Cole Bridger a rancher looking to train and tame Tessa who is willful stubborn and she does not listen to well.
Cole is the one who will control her by training her to be a proper wife, want to find the battles of will you will have to read it.

I received a copy for my honest review!

Review by Jara

Happy Reading!


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