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Exclusive Excerpt from Sarah M. Anderson's
Mystic Cowboy!

Thank goodness, Dr. Madeline Mitchell thought as she hurried into the sterile gown and snapped the shield over her face. Anything to get her away from all those half-hearted well wishers at her farewell party.
“Drugs!” the woman—girl really, probably no more than seventeen—who was sprawled on the stretcher screamed. They hadn’t even made it to a room in the E.R. yet.
At least it’s not a boring night, Madeline thought as she bent to check. The baby was already crowning. The girl screamed again, and another inch of the head emerged. They would barely have time to get to the room. Drugs were out of the question. She was just going to have to tough it out.
Madeline let her training take over. She loved the E.R., loved the unexpected. In fact, right now she was loving the unexpected more than she normally did. It was her last night working before she bailed on Columbus, Ohio, and to bring a new baby into this world as her final act at the hospital seemed fitting. She was doing a last little bit of good.
Madeline followed the stretcher as they raced down the hall, keeping her hand on that little head. You can do it, baby, she thought, almost as much to the girl as to the infant. “I want you to push,” she said, keeping her voice low and steady as the door shut behind them. Then she looked at the nurse for some explanation as to why this girl was in the E.R. and not the maternity ward.
The nurse shrugged. “Her mother said she’d been in pain all afternoon. Thought it was an appendix. When we told her the daughter was in labor, the mother passed out in the waiting room.”
“Where’s the on-call O.B.?”
The nurse rolled her eyes. “Your guess is as good as mine.”
Drugs!” The girl’s voice careened off the walls. The head gained another inch.
“She’s a screamer,” the nurse said under her breath.
The girl was probably in six degrees of shit with her parents right now and was about to have a natural childbirth, whether she wanted one or not. Madeline could see from the terrified look in her eyes that she felt alone. The last thing she needed was a snippy nurse making her feel even smaller.
“I’m right here, honey. You’re not alone,” Madeline said in her most soothing tone as she shot the nurse the look that everyone referred to as the Mitchell sneer. It came in very handy at times like this. The nurse backpedaled and shut the hell up. “You can scream if it helps, okay? But I need you to push.”
The girl nodded and sucked in a huge breath. Madeline barely had the chance to wish for earplugs before she was cradling the newborn baby boy.
Perfect, she thought as she did the quick check. Of course, they’d run tests on him—it sounded like he’d gotten no prenatal care—but he was perfect. The girl, who was now sobbing, had needed Madeline right then more than anyone else in the world, and she’d been there for her.
This is what she lived for.

Mystic Cowboy (Men of the White Sandy Book 1) by Sarah M Anderson

Date of Publication: January 1, 2013


One good man could drive her all kinds of crazy.
Men of the White Sandy, Book 1
Just who does Rebel Runs Fast think he is? Dr. Madeline Mitchell, the new doctor on the White Sandy Lakota Indian Reservation, knows there's a good answer to that question. Somewhere.
Sure, the Lakota medicine man is every cowboy-and-Indian fantasy she ever had, but he sends patients to sweat lodges instead of clinical trials, talks them out of flu vaccines. Even more irritating, he makes her heart race.
Rebel swore off the white man's world—and its women—years ago. Madeline doesn't speak the language, understand the customs, or believe he's anything more than a charlatan. Yet she stays, determined to help his people. And he keeps finding excuses to spend more time at the clinic.
When he discovers her in the throes of dangerous heat stroke, Rebel's efforts to cool her down set fire to a passion neither thought they wanted. But when the people start falling violently ill, the cultural gap stretches the connection between their hearts to the breaking point…
Warning: This book contains smoking-hot skinny dipping, emotional and emotionally satisfying sex, and a shirtless cowboy who is also an Indian.

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About Sarah M Anderson

It took a caffeine-fueled car trip with my 92-year-old grandmother and two-year-old son in July of 2007 to awaken my Muse. That story would become my first book as I figured out how, exactly, one writes a novel.
Let's just say the learning curve was steep.
One character led to another. Before long, my characters were in South Dakota, among the Lakota Sioux tribe. Modern-day cowboys who are the Indians - without planning it, I find myself writing about the people and places that held my imagination throughout my childhood.
In 2010, I sold the award-winning Indian Princess to Stacy Boyd of Harlequin Desire. The book was released A Man of His Word in 2011. Since then, I've sold many more books to Harlequin Desire and Samhain! Click here for a printable book list.
A Man of Privilege won the RT Reviewers Choice Best Desire of 2012! I was honored to attend the RT Convention in Kansas City to receive my award in person.
I live in Illinois with my husband, son, and rescue mutts. I am a writer and editor at Mark Twain Media, Inc., an educational publishing company. I am a member of Romance Writers of America and the Chicago-North RWA. When not chasing my son around or tweaking my books, I attempt to read, knit, and complete a home improvement project in my historical 1895 Queen Anne house.

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