Guest Post: Desiree Holt

Guest Post by Desiree Holt
author of Naked Hunger

Where did the Naked Cowboys come from

People ask me a lot where I get the ideas for my stories. That’s hard to say, because almost anything can trigger it. I had been writing about cowboys for several years, and living in Texas at the time gave me lots of material for background and settings. I mean, in the small town where I lived, you could practically walk down the sidewalk and take your pick.
But I needed a hook to jump start both the story and the series. I was having coffee with two friends one day and one of my friends said, “Okay, you will never believe what my husband did this time.”
We looked at her expectantly.
“Well. I had my old college roommate visiting. We were watching movies and hubby, who had been out with some of his friend, came home stinking drunk and could hardly find his way to the bedroom.
“I excused myself while I got him into the room, undressed and into bed, then closed the door to go back to the movie. I had barely sat down and started the movie again when bam! The bedroom door flew open and there was Himself stark naked with everything he owns on display, grinning stupidly. Before I could stop him he had taken three steps into the living room and promptly dropped to the floor and passed out.
“So there the two of us were, trying to get this guy into bed and my friend is doing her best not to stare at him. I grabbed a towel and threw it over his business. Then she took his feet and I took his arms and we dragged him into the bedroom. I couldn’t lift him to the bed so I pulled off he blanket, threw it over him, tucked a pillow under his head and we went back to the movie. Which, I have to say, by that time wasn’t nearly as exciting.”
“So what happened the next day?” I asked.
“He laughed like hell and I smacked him a good one.”
I pulled out my cell, asked her to repeat it, and as soon as I got home went to work on Stark Naked, featuring the very naked Matt Stark.”
This is an absolutely true story. Hope this makes you curious enough to read the book…and the series, and wonder who and what else is based on real people.

Naked Hunger (Naked Cowboys Book 8) by Desiree Holt

Date of Publication: December 29, 2015


His heart has an appetite only one woman can satisfy.
Naked Cowboys, Book 8
Sable Hunter paid her dues caring for suburban pets in West Texas. Ready to get back to her first love—large animals—she's excited about moving to Saddle Wells to take over for the retiring veterinarian. With a reputation to build, she can't afford any distractions, and the sizzling heat between her and local rancher Ryan Donovan could seriously mess with her focus.
Ryan earned his stripes the hard way, one bull at a time on the rodeo circuit. Now he's put his prize money to work raising bulls for competition. He can't deny he misses the rush of pro riding—until the sweet new vet in town brings a different kind of excitement and makes him want to sweep her into his bed and his future.
Becoming friends with benefits sounds like an excellent compromise to Ryan until he can convince Sable she doesn't have to choose between career and love. But a costly mistake could destroy her career, as well as any chance for happiness with the man she realizes she loves.
Warning: Contains a woman whose career is taking off, and a man whose career is changing direction faster than a spinning bull. Hang on, ladies, this cowboy's got a free hand and it's about to get wild!

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About Desiree Holt

Known to the world as the oldest author of erotic romance, Desiree Holt proves every day that she is more than the sum of her years. She is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, an Authors After Dark Author of the Year and winner of the Holt Medallion. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The London Daily Mail and numerous other national and international publications. She enjoys football and reading and her three cats, who are her constant writing companions.
"Get out the ice water and fan…Desiree Holt delivers smoking hot alpha heroes and red hot romances." — Lea Franczak, USA Today Happy Ever After blog

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