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#FosterAnAuthor2 w/Giveaway: Day 1 Breaking Skin by Debra Doxer

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Day 1 of Foster An Author
we are spotlighting Debra's
Breaking Skin!

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Breaking Skin

Dancing is like magic. It makes me disappear.

When I dance I’m not a sister or a daughter, not a lover or a friend. I exist in the moment, onstage, where I turn pain into art and pretend the illusion is real. My past is an abomination and my future is unwritten, but my present is pure, fluid, and focused. I’m content, or at least I think I am, until the night I meet a man who makes me want more.

He’s broken, just like me, but in different ways. He’s older and nothing like the men I’m used to. Compared to him, they’re all boys, immature and insipid, while he’s a force of nature, confident and virile. Virile is a word I’ve never used before, and I only use it now because he embodies it so completely.

At first, he fights the attraction between us almost as hard as I do. But when words like destiny and soulmate whisper through my thoughts, how can I ignore them? He can have any girl he wants, but he looks at me as if I’m the girl he’s waited for his whole life. How can I tell him I’m not that girl?

I wish I were enough for him, wish I were whole. But beneath my facade, I’ve been falling to pieces for a long time, and I don’t know if I’m strong enough to resist the downward momentum.

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Q & A with Debra about Breaking Skin!

What initially inspired you to write Breaking Skin?
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is what initially inspired me. That’s the traumatic brain condition athletes can suffer from after experiencing repeated head trauma. I saw a Nova program about it and I live right near the largest research center for CTE. I knew I wanted to create a character who was dealing with it.

Tell us little about the characters in Breaking Skin.
The main female character, Nikki, comes from a painful family situation but is working to overcome it and achieve her dream of becoming a professional dancer when she meets Cole, a retired hockey player dealing with CTE. They’re both high achievers dealing with personal pain who find solace in each other.

What was the hardest part of writing Breaking Skin?

It’s an extremely emotional story and I needed the feelings to be real. I wanted readers to laugh and cry with the characters, and I’m thrilled when readers tell me they teared up because then I know I achieved my goal.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
I love to write that first scene when the main characters meet each other. That’s also my favorite part to read in other people’s stories. It’s the point when chemistry sparks and all the potential for a great love story pours from the page.

Is there a message in Breaking Skin that you hope readers will grasp?

Yes. There’s an underlying theme of hope. No matter how terrible your past may have been, your future can be so much better if you don’t give up hope.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?

I always fall in love with my characters and it’s my goal to make readers care about them just as much. With nothing more than words on a page, I’m taking your hand and leading you into a world of my own creation. When you don’t want to leave that world, it’s the best feeling for me as a writer.

Now an exciting excerpt from Breaking Skin!

I spy some potential at two oclock. What do you think of him? Deedee asks, pointing toward a round table in the back corner of the room.
Its occupied by a series of muscle-bound guys, a few of whom look like they fought in MMA matches before they got here, and lost. I spot a black eye on one of them, and another has a swollen cheek. A handful of girls are with them too, showing a lot of skin, laughing a little too loudly.
I roll my eyes. Which one? The guy with the shaved head showing off his biceps?” I lower my voice an octave. Dude, call a plumber, because my pipes are about to burst.
She snorts. Im talking about the one who doesnt have a half-naked girl on his lap. The one with the deep blue eyes.
My brows lift at her description. Deedee is hardly a romantic, and its much too dark in here to see the color of anyones eyes. Curious, I scan the table more carefully, looking for those eyes, and stop short when I find them.
Oh my.
I rest my elbow on the bar and take a nice long look. If Ive got the right one, Deedee has excellent taste. Blue Eyes sits directly beneath one of the recessed lights in the ceiling, making it appear as if theres a spotlight on him. But shes wrong about his eye color. Its not deep blue, more like sky blue, a startling shade of light blue and a sharp contrast to the dark brows that arch above them. As I think that, I realize the eyes in question are staring right back at me.
Abruptly, I avert my gaze to the empty shot glass in my hand, embarrassed at being caught. My heart beats a little faster at the jolt that ran through me when our gazes connected. It was oddly unnerving.
I smile to myself, confounded by my reaction. Hes not the most attractive guy Ive ever seen. Hes too rough, too hard-edged. His friends all exude a rowdy, larger-than-life impression, but theres something different about him. Something quiet and steely that makes me want to look again and maybe do more than look, even though I dont dare. Guys like him dont go for girls like me, especially since the only skin Im showing is on my face and hands. No cleavage on display here. No cleavage, period.
Hes looking at you, Nikki. Go over there and talk to him before some tramp beats you to it. Deedee eyes me expectantly.
Is he really still looking at me? I wouldnt know because I refuse to glance in his direction.
Are you kidding? Im not going over there.
Why not?
Because Ive been humiliated enough today.
She stares down her nose at me. How can someone who looks like you have so little confidence?
I roll my eyes, even though that was sort of a compliment. Its not about confidence. Hes not my type.
Deedee snorts. Right. Tall, dark, and handsome isnt your type.
Shes got a point. Hes every girls type, but that doesnt mean I have the balls to march over there and talk to him.
Hes sitting down,” I say. How do you know hes tall?
She grins slyly. Not anymore. He just stood up, and I think hes coming over here.
My eyes widen in panic. I turn to see that Blue Eyes has indeed unfolded his long body from the chair and is standing to his full intimidating height. My stomach dips as he walks in our direction, his long legs eating up the distance, and I go still as sudden paralysis takes hold. For a moment, I hope hes aiming for Deedee or Katy. The next moment I take it back, because look at him. Who am I kidding?
When he stops in front of me, my speculation ends but the panic remains and mixes with something more pleasant. How many girls did he walk past to get to me?
I look up at his strong, angular face and realize the span of his shoulders is so wide, it blocks out my view of the rest of the bar. I also notice that his nose is slightly crooked and a thin scar slashes through one of his dark eyebrows.
He doesnt say a word at first. He only smiles in a slow, sexy way that makes my heart skip erratically.


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Debra Doxer #FosterAnAuthor2

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#FosterAnAuthor2 w/Giveaway: Day 1 Tangled Temptations by Dawn Ibanez

EskieMama Reads is excited to be part of the
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Welcome Dawn, hope you enjoy your stay 
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Day 1 of Foster An Author
we are spotlighting Dawn's
Tangled Temptations

Enter below for chance to win signed copies (US only) digital copies (INT) 
of Maxwell Investigations series from Dawn!

Book one of the Maxwell Investigations series
Tangled Temptations

When a body ends up on the interstate, all of the evidence leads to some sort of Paranormal being. It becomes the responsibility of Crispin Solomon, Prince and ruler of the Vampire Nobility, to track down who could have done such a thing.

It also provides him with the perfect excuse to employ a certain Mage that he had been obsessed with over the past few years.

Dylan Maxwell is a woman who knows how to run her business. She's the youngest of the Maxwells, a known and respected family of Keepers (Mages charged with policing the Paranormals). Dylan reluctantly takes the case of the dead man from New Jersey. But she soon finds herself thrown into a new world with entirely new rules.

And with Crispin at her side, Dylan finds out exactly how anger and hate can change into passion and love faster than her Transmutation Gloves can allow.

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Q & A with Dawn Ibanez about Tangled Temptation!

Tell us about Tangled Temptations. Tangled Temptations is the story that started it all. It introduces Dylan Maxwell and Crispin Soloman as a couple that tries to find their balance in dealing with each other and their respective families.

What initially inspired you to write Tangled Temptations?
Honestly, my best friend had taken some classes in voice acting and she just calls me up one day and says “I want to do a radio play. You want to help me write it? You want to star in it with me?”. So being the helpful sort that I am, I said “Sure.” I wrote the first 2 episodes, but we couldn’t find a cast for it. So I just told her that I wanted to continue the story. So I scrapped the episodes, wrote the prologue and the rest was history LOL.

Tell us little about the characters in Tangled Temptations.
Dylan is a Mage. Her focus is Alchemy. With little arrays she can break down and reform objects. There are a few arguments where she leaves Chrispin and would seal doors and whatnot. She is headstrong and has this desire to show everyone around her that she’s not the little kid that they all treat her like.

Chrispin’s official title is Crown Prince to the Vampire Race. But since his father decided to step down, he is basically King. He has watched Dylan from afar and developed a crush on her. When he has the opportunity to spend more time with her, he tries to get her to see that while he is a prince, he is just as normal as she is.

What was the hardest part of writing Tangled Temptations?
LOL. For me the hardest part is always trying to describe it. I never want to give too much away, but if I don’t tell enough people look at me funny. The words for the story itself came easy. It’s doing blurbs, synopses and the like that give me hives.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
Without giving anything away, I would have to say the first sex scene was hilarious to me. Her powers go all out of control, and they get all twisted up in the floor. I couldn’t stop giggling for days after that one.

Is there a message in Tangled Temptations that you hope readers will grasp?
Normalcy. It sounds so corny when I say it like that. LOL.

With as odd as the world around them is, with as crazy as their family makes them, (and there are times when Dylan wants to kill one of her brothers… another fun scene) both Dylan and Crispin are looking for their slice of “Normal.”

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?When my friend and I started mapping out Maxwell Investigations, we have already seen a lot of other interracial romances. The main problem we had was none of the heroines were like us. Yes, they were black, but we aren’t ghetto, bougie, or overly country. We’re JUST like heroines in other books… it’s just with a darker skin tone

Now an exciting excerpt from Tangled Temptations!

Dylan pulled up to the city morgue. She tried to take a calming breath, only to hold back a curse. Now that she had ridden with Crispin in her car, she could honestly say she never wanted to ride anywhere with him so close again. All she could smell was Crispin. She could assume it was his cologne, but the scent of sandalwood and spices seemed too natural to be anything but him. She turned off the ignition and got out of the car.
Crispin frowned as she left him. This wasn’t going to do at all. She hadn’t said two words to him since he got into her supped-up death trap. And he wanted to know what she was thinking… without having to read her mind. “Dylan,” he called as he got out of the car as well. When she continued to walk ahead of him, he ran after her and caught her by the arm. As she snatched her arm out of his grip, he stared into her eyes. “Would you care to explain what your plan is?” he asked.
“Why should I?”
“Because it would be better if you told me what you’re planning. This way I would know how react and not insult the wrong person,” he reasoned.
She looked at him with a cold expression as she pressed the alarm on her car. “Then you should just keep quiet and play the eye candy for once, now shouldn’t you?” she asked viciously. As she walked past him, Dylan forced herself to breath. It wasn’t in her nature to be this childish, but there was something about him. There was something that made her want to jump him… and not in a violent way either.
“I will not be attracted to him,” she thought as she walked into the building. It would lead to way too many complications. And each and every one of those complications were problems that she did not need.
Crispin’s lips thinned as he read her thoughts. She didn’t want any complications if she dealt with him? Fine. He would just have to give her glimpses of the complications she would face if she didn’t deal with him.
When they reached the main lobby area, a large male sat calmly sorting various papers on the desk. He looked up and smiled when he saw Dylan. “Well, if it isn’t my favorite Maxwell,” he said easily.
Dylan smiled as she finally found the distraction she was looking for. “Hi Perry. How’s Lacey?”
Lacey’s great,” he answered with a smile. “She’s picking up some Japanese from those DVDs you gave her. Most of the time I can’t understand what she’s saying.”
Dylan laughed as leaned on the counter. “She’s three. You barely know anything she’s saying.”
“That’s true. There are few thirty year olds I can’t understand either.” Perry looked over Dylan’s shoulder and spied Crispin for the first time. “Can I help you man?”
Crispin fought a smile. Man… if this idiot only knew.
Dylan glanced at Crispin before turning back to Perry. “He’s with me.”
“Crispin Solomon,” Crispin said stepping around Dylan. He held out his hand and waited for Perry to shake it. “Dylan is helping me with a case.”
Dylan watched as both men shook hands. From the expression on Perry’s face, it looked like the two were in a silent pissing contest. She drove her elbow into Crispin’s kidney and stepped around him again. “Is there a way we can get in to see one of Madison’s bodies?” she asked in a whisper. Dylan bit the inside of her lip when she spotted the way his eyes drifted down to her cleavage.
A growl escaped Crispin, making Perry look up at the Prince.
Dylan inhaled sharply and stepped on Crispin’s foot. “Please Perry. It’s really important.”
Perry’s dark eyes narrowed for a moment. This was his chance, and he really couldn’t miss out because of some jerk that was trying to invade his territory. “Have dinner with me this weekend,” he said quickly.
“What?” Dylan squeaked.
“Come on, we’ve been doing this dance for years. Have dinner with me. I’ll get a sitter, and it’ll just be you and me.”
“Dylan has other plans,” Crispin said rudely. He took Dylan’s hand and gently pulled her back towards him.
Dylan looked at Crispin with wide eyes as she pulled her arm away from him. “Excuse you?” she asked with an arched eyebrow.
Crispin realized that he just crossed into the valley of justified anger… again. But this time, he was going to stand his ground. “You will need to be available for any leads that may come up this weekend.”
“I do have a life of my own, thank you,” she hissed. She then turned to Perry. “I’d love to have dinner with you,” she said calmly. “Call my office with the place and time, and I’ll be there.”
Perry smiled at her. “Nice,” he said with a nod. He then leaned forward on the counter and gently took her hand. “Now, hurry down stairs. Leslie’s been in a snit since her last round with Madison.” Before Dylan could walk away, he lifted her hand and brushed a kiss across her knuckles. “See you then.”
Dylan gave him a faint smile as she walked to the stairway. She could feel heated anger coming off of Crispin in waves. That was just fine with her. She was rather hot with him too. Once she heard the door close behind Crispin, she turned on him. “How dare you?” she hissed. Her eyes locked with his. “You’ve already stepped in and tried to take over my business. Don’t you ever, ever think that you can butt into my personal life as well.”
“That man is a vulture that is only asking you out to show me up. He has no interest in you as a person, only as another notch on his belt,” he responded.
“Oh, how very metro-sexual of you,” Dylan shot back. “But trust me. I’ve been handling myself just fine before you, and I can continue after you.”
Crispin’s eyes narrowed as he grabbed her upper arm and pressed her against the wall. “And trust me Dylan. Don’t think you can use that ass to get your mind off of me,” he growled. Before she could protest, he covered her mouth with his own.
Dylan’s eyes went round as his body pressed up against hers. She didn’t protest as he tilted her head back and completely devoured her. Her eyes drifted shut as his arms came up around her body and pulled her closer. All of the anger, all of the frustration she felt seemed to melt into passion as his tongue slid across hers. Without realizing what she was doing, Dylan wrapped her own arms around his shoulders, her fingers tangling in his hair.
She had been kissed before. She even read about kisses in romance novels that could set someone of fire. But none of that could have prepared her for this. Not by a long shot.
Crispin pulled his mouth away from hers and gazed into glazed brown eyes. “Try to forget that when he’s trying to get into your pants,” he hissed, his own eyes glowing electric green.
Dylan could only blink as he walked down the stairs. She leaned up against the wall, trying to gather herself as she watched his descending back. “Where… where are you going?” she asked, hating that her voice shook.
“I’ll be in Madison’s office. Find what you need.”

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Dawn Ibanez #FosterAnAuthor2016

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Blog Tour w/Giveaway: Getting Dirty With the CEO by Mia Sosa

gdwtceo-bt-ban   We’re having the blog tour for Mia Sosa’s Getting Dirty with the CEO! Check out this sexy new contemporary romance, and enter Mia’s giveaway. And make sure to grab your copy today! gettingdirtywiththeceo-final-cover About Getting Dirty With the CEO: Sometimes you have to get a little dirty to get what you want . . . Publicist Mimi Pennington is at the top of her game. She’s savvy, hard-working, and eager to move up the corporate ladder. So when her boss tells her that in order to make partner she has to land a prestigious account, Mimi meets the challenge head on. Never mind that the prospective client is Daniel Vargas, the polished and pompous player who rejected her months ago. Mimi hasn’t given Daniel the time of day since their one fateful encounter, and while business has brought them back together, pleasure is what he has in mind. She says she’s not interested in giving him a second chance, but Daniel is prepared to call her bluff. All he needs is one week. One week to test her rules and prove that he’s exactly the kind of man she needs . . . “This debut romance sparkles.” -- Library Journal (starred review) on Unbuttoning the CEO “A fun, contemporary romance that reminds us that any attempt to predict or manage love is destined only to enhance its chaos.” -- The Washington Post on One Night with the CEO getting-dirty-fb-ad-_2 Grab your copy today! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play | Books-A-Million


Their server drew back the curtain. “Good evening,” he said as he handed them their menus, each a single page printed on heavy butterscotch cardstock. “My name’s Jasper. May I start you off with a cocktail?”
Daniel picked up the cocktail menu and handed it to her. “For you, I recommend the Fetish.”
Mimi read the description and nodded. “You had me at chocolate-infused vodka and strawberry foam. Sounds perfect.”
“And you, sir?” Jasper asked.
Daniel took a sip of water. “I’ll have the Libido.”
Mimi snickered. “Are you sure that’s wise? Any more of that could be dangerous.”
“Any more of that sauciness and you’ll need a bib.”
Jasper cleared his throat. “Do you need a few minutes with the menu?”
“Yes,” Daniel said.
With Jasper gone, Mimi circled back to Daniel’s seductions plans. “So you were about to explain why you chose this place.”
“Right. So I’ve been thinking about your rules, and it occurs to me that I can help you.”
Mimi blinked. “You want to help me with my rules.” She narrowed her eyes. “How?”
“There’s a school of thought on rule-based learning that argues rules aren’t really rules unless your adherence to them is tested.”
Mimi pressed her lips together to stop herself from smiling. “Is that so? Tell me more.”
“The idea is that you can make up rules to live by, but they’re meaningless unless you’re actually challenged to follow them. Let’s take an example. Say you make up a rule that you’ll never drive your car over fifty-five miles per hour. Fine. But if your car isn’t capable of going over fifty-five miles, your rule has no true meaning.”
“Okay. So how does that help me?”
“Well, unless you’re tested to break your dating rules, they’re pointless. But don’t despair. I volunteer to help you test them.”
She set aside her menu. “What does testing the rules entail exactly?”
“I try to seduce you. You try to follow your rules. I’m the perfect candidate, too.”
“Oh, yeah? Why’s that?”
“With me, you can test all three rules: Never date someone you’ve met through your friends, never date a man who reminds you of your father, and never mix business with pleasure. You have to admit, it’s like someone handpicked me for the task.”
“You,” she said laughing. “You handpicked yourself for the task. And you totally made all that shit up about rule-based learning.”
“Sounded good, though, right?”
“It was entertaining. I’ll give you that.”

  About Mia Sosa:   Mia Sosa is an award-winning writer and 2015 Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist. She writes contemporary romances that are funny, flirty, and a little dirty. Ahem. Although she once dreamed of being a professional singer, the pesky need to generate steady income led Mia to take the law school admissions test instead. She practiced First Amendment and media law in the nation’s capital for ten years before returning to her creative roots. Now she spends most of her days writing love stories about smart women and the complicated men who love them. Okay, let's be real here: she wears PJs all day and watches more reality television than a network television censor—all in the name of research, of course. About Mia Sosa: Website | Facebook | Twitter   getting-dirty-with-the-ceo-quote-graphic-_3 
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