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EskieMama Reads Sunday Spotlight: The Centurion Chronicles by J.M. Garlock

Welcome to EskieMama Sunday Spotlight! Today we are spotlighting J.M. Garlock's  The Centurion Chronicles Book One: Invasion

"Panoramic, savage battles & individual feats of heroism are commonplace as Centurion Sextius Baculus recalls his adventures serving in Julius Caesar's Legions when the tactically superior but outnumbered Roman army invades & conquers the vast expanses of ancient, tribe-ruled Gaul."

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Q & A with J.M. Garlock about The Centurion Chronicles Book One: Invasion

Tell us about "The Centurion Chronicles" "The Centurion Chronicles" is a chronological series that depicts the interactions & relationship between Julius Caesar & CenturionSextius Baculus when Caesar invades Gaul in 58BC. Each book covers 1 year. There are 6 in the series to date with at least 3 more to follow.

What initially inspired you to write "The Centurion Chronicles"?
I'm a big fan of the late John Keegan who is rega…