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Foster an Author #FAA2 coming this week!

EskieMama Reads is excited to announce 
we will be part of the 
Foster An Author 
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We will be "fostering" not 1 but 2 authors! 
Debra Doxer & Dawn Ibanez will be members 
of "our family" Oct 17th-21st.

We hope you stop by, say hi & welcome Debra & Dawn
to the EskieMama Reads family!

We will be featuring one of their books Monday - Thursday
Friday, a little fun with the authors.  Weeklong giveaways on the blog & over at our Facebook page!  YES not 1 but 2 chances to win some awesome prizes.

Hope you stop by & welcome Debra & Dawn to the EskieMama Reads family!

EskieMama Reads Sunday Spotlight w/Giveaway: Places and Times by Arthur Turfa

Welcome to EskieMama Reads Sunday Spotlight!
Today we are spotlighting Arthur Turea's 
Places And Times

Enter below for a chance to win a copy of Places And Times from Arthur Turea

Book of Poems 
Places And Times

Book of original poetry covering places, times, and people who have had an influence on me.

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Q & A with Arthur Turea about Places and Times

Tell us about Places and Times.
When I started writing poetry again, quite a few memories came back to me and I reflected on the person I became today. I also became more aware of my surroundings, and some things that confirmed some of the decisions I made.

What initially inspired you to write Places and Times?
A friend and fellow poet, Joanna Kurowska, told me my poetry was good enough to be published. That started me thinking about putting some things in order.

What was the hardest part of writing Places and Times?
Sorting through several decades of places and events, and trying to find those moments where something crystallized.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
There were several. I enjoyed writing “Three Woods” and the sonnet cycles about Penn State and W├╝rzburg, Germany.

What are your future project(s)?
I am trying to have a second manuscript published. I am scheduling more readings and signing also. On Google+ I am either an Owner or Moderator at three poetry communities.

Now a sneak peek of a poem from Places and Times!

At times I want to ride
At times I want to ride a chestnut horse
over wide, undulating, endless steppes,
with hooves pounding out a staccato beat,
our heads lowered to enhance speed,
pointing toward the elusive white stag
ever within our sight, ever out of reach,
leading to verdant valley far away.

Years ago I only kept the gas tank half-full
in my ’72 Duster slant 6.
Great was the temptation to drive beyond
the mountains hazy with residual smog,
looming as I dropped from the 55
on slender concrete ribbon down to the
San Diego Freeway towards Irvine.
The time had not come for me to leave.

Now my life no longer fits into a car.
The white stag has blended into the mists
and I am content to be where I am.
Dismounting, I set the horse to pasture
and sit sheltered by the tall pine trees.

Arthur Turfa, Places and Times ©2015

Bio: From Pittsburgh to South Carolina, Arthur Turfa has travelled and lived in many places. These form the core of his poetry, along with people he has met. His influences are Eliot, Auden, and Rilke, to name a few. He has also written history, which permeates his other writing. His poetry appears in several journals, and now in book form. 

A second-generation American, Turfa appreciates his roots and looks to the future. His careers in the Church, education, and military have given him many experiences. Currently he lives wiht his family in the Midlands of South Carolina. 
Many things inspire him, from a field near his home, to the Brandenburg Gate, or from a painting to a person influenced him

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Places and Times Giveaway

EskieMama Reads Sunday Spotlight w/Giveaway: To Say Goodbye by Lindsay Detwiler

Welcome to EskieMama Reads Sunday Spotlight!
Today we are spotlighting Lindsay Detwiler's
To Say Goodbye!

Enter below for a chance to win a signed paperback & a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card 
from Lindsay Detwiler

To Say Goodbye

Feisty Sophia never shies away from life. Playful, romantic, connected—her marriage was the thing of fairy tales. But when tragedy strikes, Sophia is left to pick up the pieces of her life.

After leaving the army, Jackson is ready to start afresh. But when he returns home, his life spirals out of control. As Sophia and Jackson find themselves in each other, they start to see redemption is possible.

Trying to piece together a new life, they must answer the question: Should they forge a life together and say goodbye to their pasts completely, or should they loyally go their separate ways to avoid heartache?

Grab YOUR copy TODAY!

Q & A with Lindsay Detwiler about To Say Goodbye

Tell us about To Say Goodbye.
To Say Goodbye is a story of the redemptive power of love. Both protagonists, Sophia and Jackson, have experienced immense tragedies in their lives when they come together. Their initial friendship helps get them through some tough times. Eventually, they start to uncover deeper feelings and realize love can sometimes lead to redemption.

It’s a deeply emotional book, but it also has many light moments. The book is about moving on, strength, and also about how relationships can carry us through the darkest of times.

What initially inspired you to write To Say Goodbye?
I knew I wanted to write a book about loss. For me, the tragedy Sophia endures at the beginning of the book is the worst tragedy I can imagine. Sophia and Jackson’s characters really just came to me, and the storyline unfolded from there. I knew I wanted to focus on characters who were lost and build their lives back up.

Also, before becoming a teacher, I always wanted to be a cosmetologist. It was really fun to write about a character who owns her own hair salon because it’s something I always wanted to do.

Tell us little about the characters in To Say Goodbye.
Sophia is a feisty, sassy woman with a go-get-it attitude. She started a hair salon with her best friend Stella and is passionate about her work. However, the tragedy really throws her off course and makes her a lot more reserved than she used to be. Despite it all, she manages to hang on to a sense of optimism when most of us would have thrown in the towel. Luckily, she has her pink-haired best friend Stella to help her rediscover her fun side.

Jackson is stoic but also a deep-feeler. A military man, he is a bit reserved with his feelings at times. However, he really does feel things deeply. With Sophia’s help, he’s able to open up and really experience life in the way he wants. Throughout the book, we get to see his walls come down and see his softer side.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Some of the heavier scenes were hard to write about. This book was the most intense book I’ve written because it really made me think about my own life. I really tried to crawl inside of Sophia’s head and experience what she was experiencing, which wasn’t always easy from an emotional standpoint.
What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
I love writing first kiss scenes in all of my books. It’s such a magical thing when two characters finally give in. I love writing about the vulnerability, the magic of that special moment.

What are your future project(s)?
I just finished writing a book that’s a bit more on the humorous side. It’s a contemporary romance centered around a ten-year high school reunion. I’m also drafting another emotional read called Do You Remember When centered around tragedy.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?

My mastiff Henry shows up in this one, of course. He’s a regular in all of my novels.

2016-07-14 07.53.06.jpg

Lindsay Detwiler is a contemporary romance author and high school English teacher. She has five novels published, including: Voice of Innocence, Without You, Then Comes Love, Where Love Went, and To Say Goodbye. Lindsay currently lives in her hometown with her husband, their five cats, and their mastiff Henry (who is a character in all five novels). To learn more about Lindsay, visit her Facebook page or check out her blog at

To Say Goodbye Giveaway

Release Day Blitz w/Giveaway: Year of the Scorpio: Part One by Stacy Gail


release day blitz

Book Title: Year of the Scorpio: Part One (Mafia Romance)
Author: Stacy Gail 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: October 9, 2016 
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book blurb
***TRIGGER WARNING: This is a DARK mafia romance. In addition to several scenes with strong sexual content, there are also scenes involving violence, death, gun play, mention of sexual abuse, and adult language. Due to the nature of this book, it is intended for 18+ audiences only***

They call me Dash.

Sixteen years ago my brother and I were kidnapped. The Scorpeones believed our father, boss of the Vitaliev Bratva, could be pressured into relinquishing his hold on Chicago’s underworld.

They were dead wrong.

Ultimately the Scorpeones made the youngest of their family pay for their sins. I tried not to care. Marco Polo Scorpeone, the hostage whose life was forfeit if his family moved on the Vitalievs, was the enemy. Why should I care if he was tortured worse than a prisoner of war?

Except I did care.

For sixteen years I’ve cared, more than I can say.

They call me Scorpio.

There was no light in my world. Then I saw Dash smile.

No voice could pierce my darkness. Then I heard Dash speak.

I’ve killed to survive. Killed to please my handler. Hell, I’ve killed to please myself. Killing is what I do.

I know I’m not good enough for Dash, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she’s mine, from now until the end of time. But that time might be nearer than I think, because someone deadlier than me is closing in…

109,000 words

Author’s Note: This is the first half of a two-part story arc. YEAR OF THE SCORPIO: PART ONE ends on a cliffhanger, which will be concluded in YEAR OF THE SCORPIO: PART TWO. You have been warned.
“I’m pretty sure Chicago’s Future was dealt a mortal blow today. Tiffany Stoddard-Fanning is the center of the charity community in Chicago, and to say she was upset by being held hostage by a power-mad cop is putting it mildly. All she has to do is tell a few contributors that I’m a shady, drug-dealing Russian mobster like my father, and suddenly I’ve got zero donations coming in.” And it hurt. It was bad enough, thinking that this might be the end of my dream of making some kind of difference in the world, but saying it out loud crushed me.

That darkness in his eyes deepened. “Tell me how to fix it, and I’ll do it.”

“You can’t un-ring a bell, Polo.”


“So, you can’t un-traumatize a snooty socialite, whose idea of hardship before today was having dinner without an onsite sommelier.”

“I could always ask her, politely of course, to keep her fucking yap shut.”

Politely. Uh-huh. I could imagine. “You’ve already saved me enough times in the past twenty-four hours.”

“There’s no cap on how many times I can save you.”

“That doesn’t seem fair. When will I ever get a chance to save you?”

“You saved me from tangling assholes with that sonofabitch Schott today, didn’t you? I’m not in jail now, and he’s not dead with his goddamn tongue ripped out of his lying mouth. All because,” he leaned deeper into my space, a move that somehow gobbled up every ounce of air in the room, “you kissed me.”

I could only pray the sudden heat in my face didn’t glow like a neon sign. “Hm.”

“The thing is,” he went on when I couldn’t come up with anything better than monosyllabic grunts, “by saving me, you landed yourself in hot water all over again.”

“I did?”

“Hell, yeah, you did. Boiling hot.”

“Funny, you’d think I would have noticed something like boiling hot water.” I swallowed, trying valiantly to ignore the fact that boiling hot was a fantastic description for what was going on in my panties at the moment. “Just how dangerous is this boiling hot water?”

“Normally I’d advise you to avoid it at all costs, for your own safety.”

“That sounds like good advice.”

“Yeah, but it’s like you said—you can’t un-ring a bell.”

My lips parted hungrily when his breath feathered across them. “So…what kind of advice do you have for me now?”

“Get used to the burn.”

This time it was his mouth that came to mine. At that first touch my knees nearly buckled, because I somehow wasn’t prepared for this. Our earlier kiss had been a rushed, hit-and-run kind of thing. A stolen kiss, really.

But this kiss…

This was another thing entirely.

His lips fused to mine with a heat that was staggering. I barely had time to marvel at how perfectly we fit together before the sweep of his tongue against the inside of my lower lip and the increasing pressure against my lips opened my mouth to him.

The floor dropped from under my feet as his tongue invaded, and I instinctively wrapped my arms around his shoulders so I wouldn’t fall. That was how powerful his kiss was. It was the kind that knocked a woman off her feet. The kind that was better than any fantasy. The kind that changed lives, worlds, universes.

The kind that nearly stopped my heart.

His tongue dueled and danced with mine, wet, deep and bold. That was when I absolutely knew that for the rest of my life, I would never have a kiss more perfect than Polo’s.

“Dasha.” My name was caught by my mouth, no louder than a breath. I even thought I had imagined it as he adjusted the angle of his lips over mine before he dived deeper, his hand coming to once again cradle the back of my head. For a second I feared he was going to rip me away like he did before, but then he whispered my name once more into my mouth, while still kissing me, and it was so sexy my thighs began to shake.

If this was how I reacted to his kiss, complete with a hot surge of wetness in the cleft between my legs and seriously trembling thighs, I’d probably dissolve into a puddle if he ever took me to bed.







meet the author

A competitive figure skater from the age of eight, Stacy Gail wrote stories between events to pass the time. By fourteen, she told her parents she was either going to be a skating coach who was also a romance writer, or a romance writer who was also a skating pro. Now with a day job of playing on the ice with her students, and writing everything from PNR and cyberpunk to contemporary romance at night, both dreams have come true, publishing both as an indie author and with Harlequin's Carina Press.

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Q & A with Warren Rochelle author of The Werewolf and His Boy

Q & A with Warren Rochelle author of 
The Werewolf and His Boy

Does music play any type of role in your writing?

*Not really. It’s not that I don’t like music, I do, but I’ve never really kept up with any groups like some people do. I am a big fan of such performers as Bruce Springsteen and Emmy Lou Harris, Adele, and others, but I couldn’t tell you what bands and groups are big right now.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your life?

*Coming out has been described as one of the key experiences in the life of any gay person and it is not a one-time event. It happens again and again as a gay person finds his or herself in a new social situation. Both of the main characters in Werewolf have to deal with coming out and being gay in a society that is far less than accepting than real life. I drew upon my own experiences and of many of my friends, often to exaggerated effect. I know students here at UMW who have been gay-bashed or disowned by their parents.

I wove into the story places and details from my own life here in Fredericksburg where I live and work and in Richmond, where my partner lives. Some personal details include: I have a cat, and Jamey has one; Jamey is an English major, I was an English major in college, and so on.

What is for you the perfect book hero?

*A hero is who is a flawed human being and has found he or she can be courageous, no matter how scared he or she is.

The Werewolf and His Boy by Warren Rochelle

Date of Publication: September 27, 2016


Their leap of faith could unleash magic-or plunge them into darkness.
Henry Thorn has worked at Larkin's since graduating high school. He likes it-especially when he can use his secret skill of hiding inside shadows so his boss can't find him. Without that talent, he would never have survived growing up different.
When a new hire enters the store, Henry's other latent talent kicks in. He can smell an emotional response even before he lays eyes on the redhead.
Jamey Currey came out, and his conservative parents promptly kicked him out. He, too, is different-he senses Henry's attraction the moment they meet. The first time they kiss, torrential rains fall from skies split by lightning.
Their kiss also awakens the Watchers, diabolical hunters who will stop at nothing-even extermination-to keep magic suppressed. With the help of a coven of friendly witches, the boys embark on a quest to discover an ancient key to restoring magic to the world, and to understand the mysteries of their own hearts.
Warning: Contains a werewolf and a godling, prescient dreams, bloodthirsty monsters, annoying pets, (mostly) friendly witches, dark secrets, sex in hardwares, and meddling gods.

Available From

About Warren Rochelle

Warren Rochelle is a Professor of English at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. His short fiction and poetry are published in such journals as Aboriginal Science Fiction, Forbidden Lines, Crucible, The Charlotte Poetry Review, the Asheville Poetry Review, the North Carolina Literary Review, Romance and Beyond, and Icarus. A critical book, Communities of the Heart: the Rhetoric of Myth in the Fiction of Ursula K. Le Guin, was published by Liverpool University Press in early 2001.
Golden Gryphon Press published his first novel, The Wild Boy, in the fall of 2001, and his second novel, Harvest of Changelings, in 2007. His third novel, The Called, also published by Golden Gryphon, was published in July 2010.
The Werewolf and His Boy, his fourth novel, releases on September 27, 2016 from Samhain Publishing.

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