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EskieMama Reads Sunday Spotlight w/Giveaway: The UGS Constellation Series by HA Fortman

Welcome to EskieMama Reads Sunday Spotlight!
Today we are spotlighting HA Fortman's
The UGS Constellation Series!

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The UGS Constellation Series

Chasing Constellations,

Book 1

Elisa Jones has just graduated college with her journalism degree and now she’s trying to make her way in the world alone. Without any idea what to do, Elisa turns back to her first love - cold serial killer cases. She decides to follow up on a lead she found that the police overlooked. It's a clue that takes her to California, where she thinks she might be able to assist in uncovering the killer.
Commander Turock Gav’rin is on the hunt for a fugitive, one that has taken him across the stars to a small blue planet with worlds of potential. Hiding who he really is, “Chase Ricter” has to find and capture his fugitive before any of the natives discover who, and what, he truly is.

Elisa and Chase are thrust on an adventure that will test their very beings. A twist of fate brings them together in a collision that will set their worlds on edge. Will the two of them survive as mighty hunters? Or will they lose it all as they become the hunted?

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Tracking the Hunter,

Book 2

Palee "Tracker" Stalvik had one simple mission: Go and save Sandy, then bring her back to California where she would be safe. Little did he know that his mission would be anything but simple as he is thrust into a future he did not expect. 

Carl "Rex" Dreven had no goals left in life other than to seek out a meager living in his mountain home. His self-imposed seclusion was lonely, even boring. He would purposely keep out the excitement, until one fateful night when his past came back to haunt him. It ripped him from one of the few nights of sound sleep and thrust him into a whirlwind of activity. 

Sandy Constance was trapped, strapped to a table with a maniac looming over her head, spewing nonsense to her. She had no idea how she got there, the last thing she remembered was getting ready for a surprise trip to visit her friend Elisa in California. One thing she was sure of however, she had to get out of there and fast!
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Guarding Gemini,
Book 3

How much can one woman take? Her mother is gone, her father has moved out, and now her car has chugged its last mile. Carol Denise Mithuna, but everyone calls her Denise, was at the end of her rope. What might have been the final straw, was actually a blessing in disguise! Working as a Meter Maid wasn’t her dream job, but when she crashes – quite literally – into two men, her life is turned upside down and rockets into outer space!

Raven and his identical twin brother, Hawk, are content with their lot in life. They’re charge of communications and work in the security department for the UGS Constellation, when their lives are sent through an upheaval that will change everything. They’re sent to rescue the UGS Second in Command, Tracker, after they lose contact with him for over twenty-four hours. What they’ll discover on their mission is something completely different, and wholly delicious. 

Together, the three of them set out to solve a mystery that will bring them to new discoveries, dangerous situations, and deadly consequences. The least of which is Timuit, the scourge of the United Galactic Securities, who is sent to the Constellation to assist in the investigation of illegal clones, murder, and intrigue.

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Q & A with HA Fortman on The UGS Constellation Series

Tell us a little about you The UGS Constellation Series.
The premise of the books is loosely based on the Zodiac killer where there are alien police sent to capture the killer. He’s been on a murderous spree across the galaxy and led them to Earth back in the mid to late 70’s.

What inspired your The UGS Constellation Series series?
I’ve always wanted to write since I was a little girl. When I was in college, we had to write a dissertation about a serial killer whom hadn’t been caught. While I was writing it, and running on very miniscule sleep, my brain took off with the idea of; hey, maybe they couldn’t catch the killer because he’s not from Earth!?

Tell us little about the characters in this series.
Chase, the commander of the UGS Constellation, is sent to capture and bring his twin brother (Mestrock) in for questioning on the various murders. While he is on Earth, he discovers his Anare (his one true mate) in Elisa.

Tracker is Chase’s best friend, blood brother, and adopted brother. He is the second in command of the UGS Constellation, and takes it upon himself to rescue Elisa’s best friend, Sandy, after Chase’s brother kidnaps her.

Raven and Hawk are another set of extremely rare twins; who are also in charge of the Communications and security of the UGS Constellation. After they’re sent to find Tracker and assist him, they plow – quite literally – into Denise.

What was the hardest part of writing this series?
The hardest part is pushing that little publish button, after editing that is. It’s so easy to write the story, even creating the blurbs and the teasers is easier than committing your ‘baby’ to the rest of the world. Exposing yourself, and your work, for everyone else to read.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
Gem’ini has been my favorite to write. He’s a baby Chimba that is one of the Goddess’ “chosen”; a beautiful liquid black with silver highlights his coat, and with elliptical pupils set in maroon eyes, he’s quite stunning and looks like an over grown Fox. After soul bonding with Elisa, we’re learning that there’s more to Gem’ini than anyone suspected!

What are your future project(s)?
I have at least two more books in the UGS Series to write. First, however, I’m working on a new shifter series called “The Chance of A Lifetime.” As well as a few other’s.

Now an exciting excerpt from all 3 books in 
The UGS Constellation Series

Chasing Constellations,
Book 1

“Look, Miss. I know you think it’s important, but the detective isn’t going to just want to speak to some young child, from out of town, that plays at doing his job. So why don’t you just pack up your pricey, high maintenance ass and head back to wherever you came from and let a real man do the work. Shouldn’t you be at home playing with your dolls anyway?” With a sneer the officer returned to doing whatever it was he happened to be doing before Elisa showed up, which turned out to be a crossword puzzle from the local paper. 

With a soft growl, Elisa turned around and started to head towards the door when a commotion brought her to a stop. Three officers brought in a man struggling and nearly knocking them off their feet. “Get the door, Charlie! This one’s not coming easy!” The tallest of the three cops shouted and Elisa assumed correctly that he was talking to the desk cop as the man jumped out of his chair and raced to the door leading to the jail cells. 

“Let me go! You don’t know what he’s going to do!” Twisting and turning the man fought with the officers as much as he was able to with his hands cuffed behind his back. Turning rapidly from left to right, he managed to break the hold of the one on the left, lurching to the right drove that man off his feet, taking the opportunity to make a run for it the male charged towards Elisa with his head bent and body doubled over. Not paying attention to his surroundings, Elisa was too stunned to move out of the way. His head connected with the left side of Elisa’s ribs and sent them both sprawling down to the cold hard black and white checkered floor. Her papers gently fluttering to the ground around them like snowflakes, Elisa didn’t even have the chance to scream as his heavy weight pinned her down. 

“Get off of me, you jackass!” Shoving and pushing leads to nothing more than the man's weight dropping further onto her body. The suddenness knocked what little breath she had left out of her lungs.

“You have to get them to let me go before he kills more people! I swear I didn’t do it! Please! Make them let me go so I can stop it before it’s too late!” With a toss of blue-black hair, the man lying across Elisa lifted his head and beseeched her with his piercing blue eyes. 

Eyes so blue they were almost white. 

Faster than she could blink, Elisa felt the man’s lips brush lightly against her own, a feather-light touch of skin that sent a sizzle of awareness down her spine, and blocked out the rest of the chaos around them. It wasn’t until he pushed for entrance, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth and leaving a stinging sensation against the corner of her lip, that she realized just what was happening and began to struggle. 

With a choked off scream Elisa began to push at the man’s chest and kick at his legs, anything to get out from under the one man that sent a zing of awareness through her entire body. 

“Get off of me! Get off! Get off get off get off of me!!!!” Not caring that she was repeating herself, Elisa simply wanted to get the man away from her. She didn’t even notice as officers charged forward to pull the man from her, more running in from other doors that lined the hallway on either side, and finally wrestled the heavy man from her small five foot three inch frame.

Tracking the Hunter,
Book 2

One blink had Rex moving. He prowled forward toward the shower. Instinctively knew that Tracker would not be able to hear him over the rush of water, the overhead lighting wouldn't cast a foretelling shadow. Rex didn't care that the spray was soaking his clothing, his focus solely on moving behind Tracker.

He pressed against Tracker - smiling when the slight jerking and tensing attested to his shock as he felt Rex's heated chest pressing against his - and willed his mind to shut off. Rex was determined to live in the moment, with no regrets.

Drowning in the tantalizing scent of smoldering campfires and crushed pine boughs, they reminded him of all the times his family sat around a roaring fire while camping.

Rex had attributed it to the shuttle crashing, but as he wrapped his arms around Tracker - causing a wealth of tiny shivers to ripple over his body - and inhaled the fragrant laden steam, he realized that it was coming from Tracker alone. The last time he'd immersed himself in such an aroma had been when he and Melissa spent time out in these very woods.

Thoughts of her drew a crevasse as his brows drew together; Rex wasn't one to behave like this. He'd never before considered himself bi-sexual, but there was no denying how right this felt. How surreal it was to be excited on a primitive level. Rex surely couldn't deny that it was turning him on, that hard bar of flesh trapped between the muscled cheeks of Tracker's ass was proof enough.

Rounding his touch over Tracker's shoulders and down to his biceps, it astonished Rex to realize he couldn't wrap his fingers more than half-way around the other man’s upper arm. 

The flex of Tracker's muscles tormented his senses. Rex allowed just the tips of his fingers to glide lightly over Tracker's forearms. He leaned forward, resting his cheek against Tracker's back. The water mirrored the thundering of his heart. 

Rex felt the shifting of Tracker's weight, the bunching of flesh as Tracker moved a hand where it was held by the confines of the clustered outfit at his hips, and pulled back. He expected the other man to turn and face him.

Instead, he was surprised when he felt Tracker guiding one of Rex's hands to the back of his wrist where another hidden release held the cuff together. Their dual moans at the sensuous slide of Tracker's fingers over the back of Rex's hand thundered over any other sounds. 

Rex twisted the fabric just enough to set it free, moving the clustered suit sleeve off of Tracker's arm.

“I shouldn't want you. Want this," Rex whispered the words, full of astonishment, as he pulled Tracker tighter into his chest. "But I do. Lord help me, I do."

Rex pulled away from Tracker, just enough to let him turn until they were able to press their bare chests together. Once more Rex leaned forward, resting his forehead and closed his eyes. Rex could feel Tracker's heart thundering along with his. The tantalizing sensations of Tracker's breathing as it puffed rapidly in concert with his.

Guarding Gemini,
Book 3

She was lying in the clouds, their soft warmth cradling her with warmth, but enough firmness that she knew it wasn't her own bed she was currently stretching out on. It felt like silk surrounded her, rubbing against her bare skin in a decadent glide. 

Wait… she never slept naked. What was going on?

Before Denise could peel her eyes open, which were adamantly refusing to, she felt hands peeling the sheet off of her chest. A deep chuckle coaxed her to release the death grip she had on it, tugging with more force each time until she finally, reluctantly, released it. 

When the sheet popped free of her fingers, her eyelids finally snapped open. What she saw was utter darkness. She should have been terrified, but instead she relaxed further into the bed. Her arms crossed over her chest and with one wandering down to cover her "naughty bits" - Mom never could call it what it was, and it was still hard for her to call it anything other than her vagina. 

Soft murmurs in a language she didn't understand fluttered to her from either side. The tone was light and soothing, but Denise could tell that it was from a male voice. 

She felt her arms being eased away from her breasts with soft touches seconds before a palm eased under her forearm and lifted it away. A blazing trail of fire slid down to her elbow, pressing it flat before wandering high once more to her wrist. Before Denise even realized what was going on, her other arm was joining the first above her head, with a large palm pinning it lightly to the pillows.

Lips, warm and wet, pressed against her chest, just below her collar bone. Leaving stinging nips as they moved down to either breast, soothed by a warm and slightly roughened tongue before inching their way closer. 

Denise felt her nipples tighten, her back arching as she pressed into the two mouths tormenting with licks and bites. Inarticulate cries left her lips, hampered by the rapid beat of her heart and the panting breaths that screamed their way past her constricted throat. She pulled at her wrists, wanting to touch in return, but no quarter was given. The hands holding her down merely tightened, pulling her loosely stretched arms higher and pinning her more effectively. 

So focused on the lips and teeth tormenting and teasing her nipples into hard little buttons, Denise didn't notice the other hands cupping under her knees and slowly lifting them… spreading her legs farther and farther to their phantom exploration.

Shrill bells shattered the peaceful morning, jerking Denise out of her slumber so fast she nearly pitched out of bed. Blindly, she slapped her hand on the alarm clock, having to strike it several times before the clanging stopped. 

Her dreams had taken on a decidedly odd turn lately. Normally, she barely remembered them, but over the last few months she'd started to recall more and more details. And the images became less like a vague sensation of events, turning into actual images, and finally into hazy movies that encompassed only seconds.

Tonight, however, the dreams lasted several minutes and instead of feeling like she was looking through a dirty, warped window, she was actually living them. 

She couldn't see the faces or the bodies of the men, she didn't know how she knew there were more than one or that they were men, but she knew they were always the same ones. The only indication that they were the same was the sheer conviction that she felt. 

And their scent, each time they rubbed their larger, muscular bodies against hers, they released a heavenly mixture. Each was separate but the same, one smelling of the ocean as the waves crashed upon the beaches, while the other smelled of the deep forest after a heavy rain, but under that was a soft scent of sandalwood. 

Denise hadn't had dreams like this since she went through puberty when she was in her early teens, but for the last few weeks she'd been waking up coated in sweat and… panting. They were getting worse; when they first started, the dreams had been mere hazy glimpses of dark hair, sultry nights, and sweet kisses filled with rumbling growls that sent delicious shivers down her spine.

Now, it was as though her subconscious was reliving a poorly made porn movie, over and over again. Maybe I need to get laid, that's what it's telling me. Although, why it's wanting two at once, I have no idea. Maybe I really as kinky as Mary says I am, and I just need to accept it. That or I'm really desperate for some male company!

Author Bio:

HA Fortman loves to read, and has since she was a small child and reads everything from horror to classical.

Recently she decided, with the encouragement of her friends and family, to start writing her own books and publishing them. While she's always written stories, most of them ended up in the trash or being covered in dust as they were forgotten about. Now, however, she's starting to share her stories with everyone and publishing them.

She lives in South East Michigan with her husband and son, and their two dogs and two cats. Living and loving being able to share her creative nature with everyone, she hopes that you'll enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys bringing them to life.

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The UGS Constellation Series giveaway!

EskieMama Reads Review: Nashville SEAL: Jameson by Sharon Hamilton

Nashville SEAL: Jameson
by Sharon Hamilton


Jameson and Lizzie's story continues with their beautiful wine country wedding, and the journey to becoming a new family with Charlotte. A final farewell to Nashville and Jameson's singing career nearly topples everything asLizzie has to weather the long good-bye when Jameson deploys for his first dangerous mission. But there is perhaps greater danger at home for the SEAL families while the men are away.

This story takes place in San Diego and Sonoma County Wine Country, as well as overseas.

Review:                                  5 stars

As always Sharon Hamilton has hit the mark. Jameson and Lizzie's story continues in this book, and what a story, from a fairy wedding, to a concert that almost ends up ruining things for the love birds, to a mission and then coming home and facing more troubles. The story kept me glued page after page to find out what happened, and was not disappointed, great story was weaved into the pages. Look forward to more of her stories. Thank you so very much Sharon.

Reviewed by Jara

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EskieMama Reads Review: Wolf in His Heart by N. J. Walters

Wolf in His Heart
by N. J. Walters


He’s a wolf where it counts—in his heart and in her bed.
Salvation Pack, Book 7
Exiled from her wolf pack for rejecting her parents’ choice for a mate, Rina Matheson has been on her own for over a year. Now she’s running for her life from a man who knows what she is and is obsessed with hunting her down.
Sage Gallagher—organic farmer, half-breed werewolf, and member of the Salvation Pack—finds more than a lost hiker while camping in the Great Smoky Mountains. So much more. Instant attraction slams through him with knee-buckling power the minute he sees Rina. His first instinct is to get her home where he and his pack can protect her.
Rina doesn’t trust easily. Especially not half-breeds, who she was raised to consider abominations. But Sage’s quiet strength calls to her lonely soul, and amazingly enough, her wolf responds. As he slowly works his way past her guard, she is soon in danger of losing her heart—even as danger draws closer to taking her life.

Warning: Your heart is in danger of being lost to one very special half-breed werewolf.

Review:                         5 Stars
Rina Matheson and Sage Gallagher. Rina was thrown out of her pack and now found herself so far from home and yet again in danger, not from wolves but from humans. Sage a wolf in his heart but unable to shift for he was a half breed. 
Somehow destiny threw these two souls together, Sage fell in love and knew she was his mate as soon as he saw her, Nina more afraid of being hurt again and scared of what was after her.
Two lonely souls, a pack that has accepted her, Sage's brother and her own brother. Will she stay and will she and her heart accept the love That Sage offers her.
Beautiful story, well writen and now I have to read all the others too. Thank you N.J. Walters loved your book.
I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!
Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!

EskieMama Reads Review: Cowboy Player by Mia Hopkins

Cowboy Player 
by Mia Hopkins


This cowboy and cowgirl sell the steak and the sizzle.

Cowboy Cocktail, Book 3

For eight years, Melody Santos played the game of love and lost—big time. Now she’s back in her tiny hometown looking after her younger sister, making ends meet with an assortment of odd jobs. When her childhood best friend hires her to help him sell his family’s grass-fed beef, the last thing she anticipates is falling in lust with the legendary, brown-eyed player.

To put his family’s cattle ranch back in the black, Clark MacKinnon has his sights set on big contracts—gourmet chefs and restaurateurs. If that means long hours traveling from farmer’s market to farmer’s market, Clark doesn’t mind. Particularly since his new assistant is his childhood crush, all grown up and sexy as hell.

One night in bed leaves them breathless and hungry for more. But when his love-’em-and-leave-’em reputation collides with her trust issues, Clark and Melody must face the truth about what they’ve become: not friends, not lovers, but players in a game that’s impossible to win.

Warning: Contains filthy banter, raunchy sex, excessive Johnny Cash references, and hundreds of pounds of raw beef.

Review:                              5 stars

Well for the last few days I have been immersed in cowboys and cowgirls. Not what I normally read, but dang it they grew on me. Melody Santos and Clark MacKinnon. Clark one of the brothers that run and work the MacKinnon ranch, he is looking for business to help the ranch and bring it from the hole they are in, by selling the meat to restaurants, well free range cows that is, ones that feed on grass and not in pens, they roam free.
Melody returned home to help her sister as their mother passed away, she brings her own heartache in, Clark a player and she avoiding love. Two hearts on a collision, will they survive, will they get together, well wont tell you any more, it is up to you to find out, its a great book, just like the other two books. Great adventures ahead.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!

EskieMama Reads Review: Beast Untamed by Faye Avalon

Beast Untamed 
by Faye Avalon


"To guard his woman, he must claim his mate."

"Beasts of Bodmin Moor," Book 3

Ex-special forces operative Nathan Quinn enjoys women, but he just doesn t trust them. Thanks to a mother who abandoned him, he prefers no-strings relationships, and has no intention of ever marrying or mating with a fellow shifter.

He focuses his energy on building his security business until a human woman catches his eye and firmly rejects his charm. Which only challenges him to work harder to break down her barriers.

Born of ambitious, emotionally cold parents, Erin Howard's craving for attention led her down a slippery slope to an abusive relationship. Now on the run from her ex, she plans to lay low and stay away from possessive, dominating males. But who says she can't enjoy a little hot sex without a shred of commitment?

Soon their attraction explodes into something so fierce, that Nathan feels the primal need to mark Erin as his. But his fallback plan to distance himself creates the space for Erin's past to drive the final, possibly fatal, wedge between them.

"Warning: Contains a sexy panther shifter with an attitude problem, a human female intent on playing things safe, and an anxious dog learning to co-exist with the local cats.""

Review:                                 5 stars

Wow the first two books had me going and loving every page I read, the third one, holly molly, how can one not love Nathan Quinn and Erin and Willa.
Nathan the player finally meets his match in Erin and her little dog Willa. Erin moved there after leaving an abusive relationship.
Will she trust again. Nathan has his own fears, will they both overcome their fears and trust one another. Won't say much more or I will give away the plot and am not about to do that. The book heck all three books are great read them and fall in love.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!

EskieMama Reads Review: Dark Lily by Jenna Ryan

Dark Lily 
by Jenna Ryan


Curses, ghosts, a serial killer, and little voodoo.
Shadows, Book 4
Gaby Jordan has always been able to see and talk to ghosts. While creepy at times, this extraordinary ability has never put her in danger. But since her voodoo-queen grandmother placed a curse on a serial killer, Gaby’s in all kinds of trouble. The killer wants the curse removed, and he believes Gaby can do it.
Former cop Mitchell Stone might be reluctant to help Gaby at first, but once he meets the fiery beauty, he vows to do everything he can to keep her safe from the madman who is determined to capture her.
Danger abounds in the Louisiana bayou. The attraction between Mitchell and Gaby is fast and intense. But there are ghosts, voodoo spells, and murder at work here. The race to escape the deadly madman is on. And the curse is only the beginning of the shadowy magic.
Warning: Curses, killers, and crocodiles are just some of the things that can get you in this bayou.

Review:                               5 stars
Gaby Jordan could see many things, to the mix add a former cop Mitchell Stone, that has been sent there to protect Gaby by her Mother, some adventure they go through attempting to escape Leshad, who not only hates anything to do with Voodoo but hopes Gaby can help him before he disposes of her, and off this taking place in Louisiana's Bayou. Great story well write and characters are great, hope to read more of the Author's books.
I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!
Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!