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Book Tour w/Giveaway: Kings by Kim Iverson Headlee & Patricia Duffy Novak

BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – KINGS SERIES (& Book #) – N/A AUTHORS – Kim Iverson Headlee and Patricia Duffy Novak GENRE – Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery) PUBLICATION DATE – 3/16/2016 LENGTH (#Pages/# Words) – 10K words PUBLISHER – Pendragon Cove Press COVER ARTIST – Natasha Brown BOOK SYNOPSIS A funny thing happened on the way to the battlefield. Arthur, High King of Brydein, must fight the last of the rebel kings to acknowledge his right to govern them all: his old nemesis, King Urien of Dalriada. Before he can lead his army to where Urien’s forces sit ensconced, however, a fey man appears from the midst of a sudden, eerie storm to block the way. The man claims to be the high king of an altogether unknown land… and he wields uncanny power the likes of which Arthur has never seen. Garrin, High King of Helvar, steps into a patch of mist. A breath later, he’s standing toe to toe with a man claiming to be the high king of an altogether unknown land… and this warrior-king is leading an arm…

Virtual Tour w/Giveaway: An Artful Seductions by Tina Gabrielle

His lust for revenge will be his downfall…

AN ARTFUL SEDUCTION Infamous Somertons #1 Tina Gabrielle Releasing June 20th, 2016 Entangled Scandalous

His lust for revenge will be his downfall…
London, 1815. Eliza Somerton has a dangerous secret. As the daughter of the infamous art forger who duped half the ton, she’s rebuilt her life under a new name. But when an old forgery goes up for auction, her father’s enemy, Grayson Montgomery, outbids her and presents her with an unimaginable choice: help him find her father or he’ll ruin her.
For years, Grayson, the Earl of Huntingdon and one of London’s top art critics, has sought justice. His well-laid plans finally come to fruition when he learns of his enemy’s beautiful daughter. But Eliza possesses a sensuality and independent spirit that weakens his resolve, and as the heat between them sizzles, what started as revenge soon blossoms into something sinful…
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Eliza Somerton halted in front of a reprint of a …

Release Blast w/Giveaway: Man of Action by Janie Crouch

He was a man of action—especially when it came to  protecting his new undercover partner…

MAN OF ACTION Omega Sector: Critical Response #4 Janie Crouch Releasing June 21st, 2016 Harlequin Intrigue

He was a man of action—especially when it came to protecting his new undercover partner… 
At nineteen, Andrea Gordon's life was forever changed. After proving herself instrumental in a bank hostage crisis, she became one of Omega Sector's top agents. Four years later, her skill at reading people is unrivaled—until she meets fellow profiler Brandon Han. Paired together to track a serial killer who has been targeting at-risk women, the two become entangled beyond the case. Their mutual attraction deepens as they get closer to the truth. But when Andrea's own sordid past surfaces, they will both be forced to question everything about the assignment…and each other. 
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This whole thing was a terrible idea. Going back to Buckeye? Terrible. Going…

Release Celebration w/Giveaway: Heartbreakers & Heroes Box Set by Various Authors

Love doesn’t always play by the rules in these twelve sexy HEARTBREAKERS AND HEROES stories about a brotherhood of men bound together by their troubled youth and the mentor who taught them the rules for becoming men of honor. These all new romances from USA Today bestsellers and your favorite contemporary authors are guaranteed to get your heart pounding.
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