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Release Day Blitz w/Giveaway: Abducted by Evangeline Anderson


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Book Title: Abducted: Book 1 in the Alien Mate Index Series 
Author: Evangeline Anderson 
Genre: Science Fiction Romance 
Release Date: June 11 2016 
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My name is Zoe McKinley. I have a boring life, an awful job, and a boss that throws staplers at my head. What could be worse?

How about being abducted by Aliens?

Being dragged through a mirror, naked and screaming, onto an extraterrestrial ship was bad. Finding out I had been sold to a huge alien male who looks like the Devil was worse. But learning he wanted to trade me to an intergalactic petting zoo was the worst of all!

Now I'm whizzing through the galaxy with a robot butler, a trio of nib-nibs (they're like tiny green monkeys) for pets, and one huge, muscular, and very grumpy alien. The clothing they gave me shows all my lady-bits, the food-sim makes lemon pie that tastes like sauerkraut, and Sarden, my captor, is too hot to stay mad at, even if he is a jerk.

In fact, I think I might be falling for him.

What's a girl to do? It's all in a day's work when you've been...Abducted.
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Evangeline Anderson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Brides of the Kindred, Alien Mate Index, and Born to Darkness series. She is thirty-something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it. To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci-fi erotica steadily ever since.

You can find her online at her website

Come visit for some free reads. Or, to be the first to find out about new books, join her newsletter.
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Book Tour Grand Finale w/Giveaway: Through the Storm by Rula Sinara

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.
Book Tour Grand Finale for Through the Storm By Rula Sinara
Tessa and Mac come together for protection, but might also find love. We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into their story through the reviews and excerpts from the tour. If you missed any of the stops, go back and check them out...
Launch - The From Kenya, With Love Series
From the moment I began writing the first book in this series, The Promise of Rain, I knew that I’d be returning to Kenya’s Serengeti. There’s a magnificence and warmth about the Serengeti…an overwhelming, awe-inspiring power…a raw beauty. But it wasn’t only the setting that drew me in and brought back memories of the years I spent as a child in Africa, it was the characters who I grew to love and understand. It all came from the heart. Every word.
Brooke Blogs - Excerpt
Without him, Tessa Henning wasn’t worth the dust left by a mercilessly harvested and exquisitely carved elephant’s tusk, but once he discovered she knew too much, Brice would hunt her down just the same. He’d come after her because she was a traitor. He’d find her because she was his wife and he believed in gratitude and loyalty. He expected it.
underneath the covers - Excerpt
Mac stood on the front porch, leaning against the wooden log that supported the thatched overhang, watching her, the piercing blue of his eyes intense and knowing. Maybe it was the way the Kenyan sun had left its warmth on his skin or how stubble shadowed the hard lines of his jaw, but the way he looked at her sparked a smoldering ache in her chest. She swallowed hard to extinguish it. If only Mac hadn’t wanted to get away from home so badly. Maybe they would have eventually become friends. But he’d wanted to escape and explore and she’d wanted—needed—stability.
Becky on Books - Review
"I enjoyed reading Through the Storm–and now Kenya is added to my “places I want to go before I die” list. It sounds absolutely beautiful, if a bit intimidating…not quite the camping I’m used to ;) . . . Overall this was a lovely read. Through the Storm is a heartwarming story about family, trust, and finding the life you were meant to live."
Rockin' Book Reviews - Review
"There was never a moment the story dragged. There was constant developments that let to a profound climax. This was a clean, well-written book of mystery/suspense/romance/and new beginnings. The scenes were described in vivid detail and easily visualized. The characters appeared to be real. . . . This novel earned a Five Stars rating."
deal sharing aunt - Review
"This book is exactly why Harlequin has their heartwarming line. When a book can make me feel this many emotions for the main characters (especially when they are still married and I wanted to dislike them) and make me root for them, then I know that the author has somehow made them feel like family."
Wishful Endings - Review
"THROUGH THE STORM was surprisingly suspenseful while also maintaining the usualsweet romance that readers can count on when reading a Harlequin Heartwarming novel. Add to that the strong feel of friendship and family, a focus on the simple things in lifeand on the terrible cruelty of the illegal ivory trade, and this story had added depth and emotion that immerses the reader. A story well worth the read!"
EskieMama Reads - Review
"Through the Storm was very touching heartwarming clean romance. This book had a little of everything I like in a book romance, some laughs, a few tears, family & little mystery. . . . a pleasure to read."
Lampshade Reader - Excerpt
Nick was already sleeping in the tent he was sharing with Mac, and Mugi and Kesi had gone to bed. Tessa stared at the flames with her knees tucked against her chest and her chin resting on them. Her hair glistened in the firelight like the river’s surface on a full moon. He looked back into the fire. He had no business noticing those sorts of things. At least not in a way that stirred unwelcome feelings of nostalgia and longing. As a teen there’d been something about her that drew him in, but she’d always kept her guard up good and strong.
Christy's Cozy Corners - Review
"I love how developed the characters in this book are. They are not perfect and the love story is far from perfect. There is a lot of turmoil and complications, but in the end, Tessa finds out the truth and her heart is set free. You will love the descriptive writing and seeing how the plot develops. . . . I highly recommend this book!"
23 Review Street - Review
"Through The Storm is a heartwarming story about family, secrets and how to battle your way through the storm. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance that warms your heart and makes you see the good side of the storm."
Thoughts of a Blonde, Book talk - Review
"In this 3rd book in the From Kenya, With Love series, Rula Sinara brings us the story of a fractured family trying to unite for the good of their orphaned nephew, while investigating wrong doings and fighting attraction!"
Book talk - Excerpt
He’d always been comfortable being alone. He’d always felt at home out here in the Serengeti...but right now, hearing Tessa’s soft breathing and a bit of snoring from Nick, for the first time Mac felt like he was home. This was his family.
The Reading Diaries - Review
"I like the concept of going after Ivory traders it’s not something you see every day in a book and it’s a serious issue happening in Africa. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles but this isn’t bad it’s more a case of self-discovery and learning that the man she thought she loved isn’t the man she married. I enjoyed he author’s writing style the story just flows along smoothly a suspenseful mystery mixed with romance creating a captivating story. This is my first book by the author but after reading Through the Strom I know I need to check out her other books. Highly recommend for fans of suspenseful romance novels."
Don't forget to check out the rest of the series and enter the giveaway below...
Through the Storm (From Kenya, With Love #3) Rula Sinara Adult Contemporary Romance Paperback & ebook, 368 pages April 1st 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming
The biggest risk she'll ever take… Tessa Henning is no damsel. But she's definitely in distress. If her husband really is involved in the ivory trade, he'll come after her when he finds out what she's uncovered. Unfortunately, the only person who can help is Mac Walker. Stubborn, fiercely independent, danger-loving bush pilot Mac Walker—with whom she shares custody of their orphaned nephew. Though Mac's no knight in shining armor, he can keep her and their nephew safe in the Serengeti while they wait out this storm. But he can't protect Tessa from the strange weather brewing inside her, stirring up feelings for Mac she wishes she could ignore.
Other Books in the Series
The Promise of Rain (Book 1)The Promise of Rain (From Kenya, With Love #1) Rula Sinara Adult Contemporary Romance Paperback & ebook, 384 pages January 1st 2014 by Harlequin Heartwarming
He wants to take her child out of Africa...
The Busara elephant research and rescue camp on Kenya's Serengeti is Anna Bekker's life's work. And it's the last place she thought she'd run into Dr. Jackson Harper. As soon as he sets eyes on her four-year-old, Pippa, Anna knows he'll never leave...without his daughter.
Furious doesn't begin to describe how Jack feels. How could Anna keep this from him? He has to get his child back to the States. Yet as angry as he is with Anna, they still have a bond. But can it endure, despite the ocean--and the little girl--between them?
After the Silence (From Kenya, With Love #2) Rula Sinara Adult Contemporary Romance Paperback & ebook, 368 pages March 1st 2015 by Harlequin Heartwarming
Does following her passion mean losing her way?
Marine Ben Corallis is an expert at facing death, but nothing comes close to the terror that grounds him when his wife is killed in a car accident the day he returns from duty. He's left to raise an infant, a toddler and a ten-year-old girl who hasn't uttered a word since her mother's death.
It's hard not to care for the widowed marine with three young children. Yet he's still grieving, too burdened with guilt to fall in love again. And Hope Alwanga's future as a doctor awaits her on the other side of the world, in Nairobi. If two such opposites can't agree on a common country, how can they ever create a safe place to call home?
After a childhood enriched with exotic travels and adventures (both in books and real life), USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author Rula Sinara is now settled in rural Virginia with her husband, three boys and crazy but endearing pets. When she's not writing, she's busy attracting wildlife to her yard, watching romantic movies or researching trees on her garden wish list.
In addition to being a coffee addict, she's also a 2015 HOLT Medallion Award of Merit winner, a 2014 National Reader's Choice Award winner and double finalist, a 2015 Golden Quill Award Runner Up and a 2015 Book Buyers Best third place recipient. For updates on her releases and more, sign up for her newsletter.
Tour Giveaway
US PRIZE PACK: One winner will receive 3 'From Kenya, With Love' series canvas tote bags (one of each book), bookmarks, autographed copies of The Promise of Rain and After the Silence, and a $10 Amazon gift card.
INTERNATIONALLY OPEN PRIZE: One winner will receive Kindle copies of The Promise of Rain and After the Silence.
Ends June 17th

EskieMama Reads Review: My Sweetest Sasha by Eva Charles

My Sweetest Sasha 
by Eva Charles


Meadows Shore is the childhood home of the five Clayton sisters and the six Harrington brothers, the family seat where these irresistible characters gather regularly, or whenever they need the comfort of Portuguese home cooking and the love and wisdom of elder women.

Cole Harrington, the oldest of those swoon-worthy Harrington brothers, is a gifted trauma surgeon with a cocky smile and a whole lot of swagger. He’s assigned an executive coach after he smashes the thermostat in the operating room to smithereens.

Alexa Petersen is a nice girl from Minnesota who’s been tasked with shadowing the naughty trauma surgeon, and writing a report to end his promising career. While she might prefer pretty lace panties, Alexa’s not afraid to slip on a pair of steel-toed boots when Cole needs to be knocked down a notch or two.

Hospital drama and small-town woes, the truth obscured by secrets and lies. Where nothing is as it appears—not even Cole and Alexa.

Review:                              5 Star

My Sweetest Sasha is the 2nd book in the Meadows Shores series & they just get better.  The series is based on a set of cousins the Clayton's, all girls & the Harrington's, all boys, a few years after their parents have died in a plane crash. Cole took over the father-figure model with being the oldest, he is always there for his 5 bothers & 5 cousins,  protector, & guidance (even if they do not want it), always in control, he is just not protecting & in control with his also with his patients, staff & people he cares about. Never sharing his burden with anyone until Alexa enters the scene.  I loved watching Cole & Alexa characters develop from his shadow to friends to lovers it was such a treat & it wasn't  a smooth transition there was some rocky bumps but what do you expect from a character like Cole arrogant & always in control. I also love like in the A Wedding at Meadows Shore, the family is all together on one holiday back at Meadows Shores with the aunts & Avo Angelina, but we see them together more in this book then last especially the Harrington boys I just love the interaction with all them especially the sarcastic but loving banter.  I also like how Eva kept us updated with Sophie & Max from A Wedding at Meadows Shore & how they were sticking the nosy but caring nose into Cole's life.  My Sweetest Sasha had everything I love in a good romance, a nosy but caring family, romance, laughs & a few tears wait I should say lot of tears, but those turned into giggles in some parts, I can't not wait to return to Meadow Shores to find out which Harrington or Clayton gets bit by the love bug next. If you are looking for a good beach read or great anytime read I recommend you pick up a copy of My Sweetest Sasha,  you probably will fall in love with the Harrington-Clayton clan & Avo Angelina like this reader has. Eva Charles has earned a faithful fan in this reader!!

I received a free copy for the exchanged of my honest review!

Reviewed by Mel

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: Interference by Sophia Henry

by Sophia Henry


“Sophia Henry tackles real issues that tug at your heartstrings,” raves bestselling author Rachel Harris. Now, in this sweet, sensual Pilots Hockey novel, a young single mom falls for a damaged coach pulling double-duty as a cop.

Linden Meadows doesn’t back down from anyone, especially if her family’s involved. So when her little brother’s new hockey coach benches him in the middle of a game, Linden lets him have it. She also notices that the coach is way hotter than she expects, but Linden won’t let herself get burned by another athlete. Been there, done that—and had a kid at seventeen to show for it.

When Jason Taylor isn’t taking abuse from hockey moms, he’s patrolling the streets as a member of the Bridgeland PD. After Jason pulls Linden over for speeding, he begins to see that there’s more to her than a big mouth . . . or a lead foot. Their chemistry leads to good company, intense conversation, and an intimacy that pushes beyond the boundaries of friendship. And yet Linden’s decision to keep her now three-year-old son, Holden, is a painful reminder to Jason that his own mother gave him up for adoption.

Linden’s sure she’s found the man to round out their family. But when Holden’s deadbeat dad forces his way back into the picture, Jason starts to back off. He needs time—to heal, to grow, and to love with all his heart.

Review:                           4 1/2 Stars

Interference was such a wonderful enjoyable fun read. I was either snickering, giggling, laughing, tears coming from my eyes, shaking my head or saying what the hell at some twist & turns , but to me that makes a wonderful book. I just love the characters Indie & Jason, Indie was a sassy independent single mom with an adorable 3 year old you will definitely fall in love with struggling with trust issues with men . Jason is a caring, loyal, dedicated police officer part-time hockey coach struggling with some issues of his own. But together they make an awesome couple especially their snarky conversations. And please do not get be started on Indi’s ex Tim, her baby daddy or should I say the sperm donor I wanted to climb in the book & wring his neck. If you are looking for a beach read or an anytime read I recommend you pick up of Interference.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Mel

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: A Match Made in Hertiage View by Annie Stiles

A Match Made in Hertiage View
by Annie Stiles


Despite having been raised by a man-eating, social-climbing mother, Genevieve Garnier is a hopeless romantic. She has successfully parlayed her sentimental nature into a prestigious Manhattan wedding planning business, but cannot make it down the aisle herself. 

As another hectic wedding season winds down, Gen finds herself burned out and at a crossroads in life. She retreats to the charming Hudson Valley town of Heritage View to reinvent herself as girl-next-door “Jane,” complete with a charming cottage and apple pies baking in the oven. Gen is determined to simplify her life in Heritage View and keep her wedding business humming, without letting the two worlds collide. Then Michael Carlisle waltzes in and turns her plans upside down. 

Michael is smart and successful, with enough guarded-heart intensity and magnetism to curl any woman’s toes. He stays out of the social fray in Manhattan, so he doesn’t recognize Jane as socialite wedding planner Genevieve. It’s a good thing, because he hates pampered socialites and avoids them nearly as much as he avoids girl-next-door types. That leaves our heroine 0-for-2. To make matters worse, it turns out that Michael is dear friends with the Hunter family, “Jane’s” new best friends. He has relationship baggage of his own to battle, but Michael can’t seem to stay away from Jane. 

Will they repeat the mistakes of the past?

Review:                             5 stars

Love stories, there is never enough of them, but ones with a great plot and a great story line, not so many. Jane (Gen) and Michael, what a pair they made. Both did not have much luck with their parents, or more like their Mothers, both had a long journey to go through and things to overcome. Am not going to mention more in here to save from letting others know of the plot, The story as gentle and fun was riveting to read, page by page getting to know the characters and not just Jane and Michael but all the others who added more to the book and the story line. Loved and will recommend to my friends to read.

I received a free copy an exchanged of my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: Through the Storm by Rula Sinara

Through the Storm 
by Rula Sinara


The biggest risk she'll ever take...

Tessa Henning is no damsel. But she's definitely in distress. If her husband really is involved in the ivory trade, he'll come after her when he finds out what she's uncovered. Unfortunately, the only person who can help is Mac Walker. Stubborn, fiercely independent, danger-loving bush pilot Mac Walker--with whom she shares custody of their orphaned nephew. Though Mac's no knight in shining armor, he can keep her and their nephew safe in the Serengeti while they wait out this storm. But he can't protect Tessa from the strange weather brewing inside her, stirring up feelings for Mac she wishes she could ignore.

Review:                             4 Stars

Through the Storm was very touching heartwarming clean romance. This book had a little of everything I like in a book romance, some laughs, a few tears, family & little mystery. I love the characters Tessa & Mac they seemed to really dislike each other but in truth they had feelings for each other back in their teen years that neither let known, it was such a pleasure to watch their feelings re-ignite. I love how Mac & Tessa are there for their nephew Nick that both share guardianship after he lost his parents, & how he opens up to them. Through the Storm was a pleasure to read.   

I received a free copy exchange for honest review!

Reviewed by Mel

Happy Reading!!!      

EskieMama Reads Review: A Fairytale Bride by Hope Ramsay

A Fairytale Bride
by Hope Ramsay



After a very public career disaster, journalist Jeff Talbert-Lyndon wants to escape from the world. Picturesque Shenadoah Falls, Virginia, seems like the perfect place to relax and regroup before heading back to real life. But when he discovers the charming bookstore Secondhand Prose - and its lovely, slightly overwhelmed owner- he finds a part-time job and a very tempting reason to stay...

Melissa Portman is fighting a losing battle when it comes to saving her grandmother's store - and selling the historic building may be her only option. Yet when a handsome stranger wanders in one day, she wonders if her very own fairytale is just beginning...

Review:                             4 Stars

A Fairytale Bride was a short but a delightful, refreshing read, what a way to start a new book of a series.  I really liked the characters Jeff & Melissa, they both avid readers, Melissa with her quirkiness & her fairytale t-shirts & Jeff hiding out from his family, they just found each other when both needed a change.  I was amazed how fast Jeff & Melissa knew the other was "THE ONE" it was just a matter of days, I guess this would bothered me if I wasn't an open minded that love can happen anytime &  any minute, and only YOU know when you found "THE ONE".  I can't wait to return to Shenadoah Falls to find out who the next one to fall in love.  If you have looking for a short couple hour read I recommend you pick up A Fairytale Bride,  you will not be disappointed.  I can honestly say Hope Ramsay has earned a new fan in the reader.  

EskieMama Reads Review: Air Ryder by T.S. Joyce

Air Ryder
by T. S. Joyce


Everything is a joke to an easygoing shifter like Ryder Croy. At least on the outside, because inside, he’s on the hunt for a mate and is beginning to feel like he’s not meant for a bond. He’s on the tail end of a slew of bad decisions, but he’s determined to turn it around and get his life back on track. When Sexy Lexi Porter stumbles into his life, she’s nothing that he expected, and everything he didn’t know he wanted. She’s beautiful, sassy, a professional, and seven levels out of his league, but he’s going for it. Now all he has to do is convince Lexi that he’s the one who can make her happy. 

Lexi Porter isn’t looking for love. She’s been burned and is building a life in the small town she grew up in. The last thing she expects is to attract the interest of a rare snowy owl shifter famous for his family ties, online presence, and wit. He attracts attention wherever he goes but he has his sights set on her and she has to admit, the attention is flattering. And when she gets a peek at the real Air Ryder, she’s stunned by what she finds. This smokin' hot shifter is not what he seems, and now he’s working his way straight into her heart. Too bad for Lexi, Air Ryder’s past has followed him to the serene mountains outside of Bryson City, and if she isn’t careful, she could find herself in deep danger and changed forever. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences. 

Review:                                5 Stars

All I can say is I love it

Great love story about Ryder and Lexi, and what they went through ,so love this story. Thank you for a wonderful story.

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: Wish List by Belinda Williams

Wish List 
by Belinda Williams

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Could the wrong man on paper be the perfect man in real life?

Cate Harmon likes lists. While this may serve her well as a financial planner, her girlfriends think that creating a checklist for her ideal man is going a step too far. But she has one, and she’s sticking to it.
Cate has always dreamed of starting a family and settling down and yet she’s the only one of her close knit friendship group still unattached. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to lower her standards.

Enter Dave, a reformed bad boy with gorgeous hair and eyes the wrong color. Dave doesn’t tick any of the boxes on Cate’s list. It’s unthinkable that she would develop feelings for him, and yet … Cate finds herself being drawn to Dave in a way she’s never felt before.

Will Cate confront the reasons behind her list? Or will she risk losing a man who could be better than any list she could ever dream up?

This romance where opposites attract is perfect for fans of Rachel Gibson, Susan Mallery, Victoria Dahl, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Review:                               5 Stars

Well as far as a romantic story, this one was great. Dave and Cate as opposite as they could get. Cate has a wish list on how the man of her dreams should be. I think we all did have a list like that, I know I did, Cate navigated through a lot of things to finally be with Dave. Dave on the same hand had some issues that he never told her about. Sorry wont say much more for I do not want to give the book away. It was fun to read specaily as it took place in my hometown Sydney Australia. 
The storey flowed well and was exciting to follow, Enjoyed it thoroughly..

I received a free copy for my honest opinion!

Reviewed by Jara.

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: Targeted by Marissa Garner

by Marissa Garner


For San Diego's elite FBI agents, risking their lives is standard procedure when it comes to capturing the city's most dangerous criminals-but falling in love is the greatest risk of all.


FBI Special Agent Marissa Panuska faces the most explosive case of her career when she impersonates a female terrorist to infiltrate an al-Qaeda cell. Her dark hair, olive complexion, and Arabic fluency make her the perfect imposter, but each passing hour raises the risk of discovery. Can she stop the dirty-bomb plot-alone-when the Feds don't even know the target? And should she trust the mysterious man who bursts into her life when her cover is blown?


Former Navy SEAL Ameen Ali has a very personal reason for hating the terrorists and vowing to stop them. But when a beautiful woman joins the sleeper cell spreading death-to-America propaganda at his mosque, he doesn't want to believe she shares their evil goals. Can he convince her to join forces before it's too late?

Review:                            5 stars

This story was more than I thought it would be. Strong characters and a great story line. Chases, hidden secrets and love. Who ever thought love would flourish amid such devastation that was to be unleashed. Page by page I was glued to it and wondering what the outcome should be. From DC to San Diego and down to Tijuana Mexico, I was totally rived by Marissa (Baheera) and how strong she was, and Ameen well what can one say about him, risking his own life to protect her against unimaginable terror. Loved the book and would love to read more of Marissa Garner books.

I received a free copy exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: From This Day Forward by Lauren Layne

From This Day Forward
by Lauren Layne


Sex and the City meets The Wedding Planner in this prequel to USA TODAY bestselling author Lauren Layne’s The Wedding Belles series about three high-powered New York City women who can plan any wedding—but their own.

Up-and-coming wedding photographer Leah McHale’s career is on the rise–thanks in no small part to the Wedding Belles, the elite New York wedding planning agency that always throws top-tier business Leah’s way. So when one of the Belles asks Leah to fill in at the former First Daughter's wedding, Leah is overjoyed to say yes–until she finds out who she’ll be working with.

Jason Rhodes is the one man who was able to capture Leah’s heart and, once he had it, promptly stepped all over it and left her broken. Now he’s working side-by-side with her at the biggest wedding of the season and Leah is determined to give him the cold shoulder. Despite his persistence, she is not going to fall for his charming, impish ways again. Not even if he still has that killer, irresistible smile...

Review:                            4 Stars

From This Day Forward was a cute short read, what way to start the new series The Wedding Belles. Leah & Jason hasn't seen each other for a year since that disaster of morning when a strange women opens his door in his t-shirt, until their friend Alexis asked them to photograph the former president daughter's wedding.  Leah still thinks of Jason as a manwhore, but Jason has a secret that he has been keeping from Leah since that day one year ago.  This book may have been a short read but it was very good short read, you could just feel the chemistry between Jason & Leah, which Leah kept fighting.  I could also feel the hurt in Jason all he wanted was someone to believe in him & trust him, he has never had that since he was born to a drug addict mother & being bounced around from one foster home to another, I could just feel his pain. If you are looking for a new series to read I recommend you pick up From this Day Forward, you will be like this reader waiting for the next book in the series to be released.

I received a free copy for my honest review.

Reviewed by Mel

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: Homeward Bound by Golden Czermak

Homeward Bound
by Golden Czermak


The entire world is on the brink of finding out that nightmares are real.

An army of demons known as the Noctis is growing in strength. They control all manner of foul beasts and if not stopped soon, cities will burn, lives will end, and hope will be lost.

The only thing standing in the way are the Journeymen; humans and supernatural beings united against the darkness.

There is one known amongst men and the supernatural alike that you don't f**k with; unless it's on his terms.

His name is Gage Crosse and he's the best damn Journeyman around.
These are his adventures.

Review:                                 5 Stars

This book has taken me through a trip I could never imagine myself taking. At times slow where it drove me nuts and at times moving so fast that I had to re read some pages, because it felt like I missed something.
Gage and his 2 friends are know as the Journeyman and they are only a few who stand between us and the demons bent on taking over Earth. Valiantly they fought, with great things happening and great meetings, and sadly to say with losses. I did enjoy the book and look forward to the remainder in this series. Golden Czermak thank for an adventure I did not expect, and good luck with the rest of the books.

I received free copy for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!