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Virtual Tour w/Giveaway: Closer to Sin by Elizabeth Squire

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Elizabeth Squire
Released April 15th, 2016
Escape Publishing

Elizabeth Squire brings a fresh voice to historical romance in this tale of intrigue and passion.


Liliane Desailly travels to Napoleonic France after receiving a plea for help from her French cousin. She learns she is the key to fulfilling her grandfather’s legacy, but to do so she must masquerade as a spy and courier secrets on behalf of the British Admiralty.

Sinclair Charlcroft is the British Admiralty’s last hope. Napoleon’s Grande Armée is poised to invade Britain, an English spy is missing and a traitor has infiltrated the Admiralty’s intelligence network.

Pursued by Napoleon’s agents, Liliane and Sinclair cannot reveal their true identities until they unlock the secrets of the legacy—and only then can they unlock the secrets in their hearts.

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Chapter 1
France, February 1805
Liliane sat opposite her cousin Solange, gingerly sipping a mug of honey mead. Around them the air was thick with smoke, layered with the pungent smell of onions, hops and sweat. The local village inn was loud with the lunchtime patronage of local farmers and fishermen whose conversations were punctuated with raucous laughter and ribald jokes. One of the men nudged his companion and gestured towards her. She fidgeted self-consciously and tucked her blue woolen shawl more securely across her shoulders. Goodness, they behaved like they'd never seen a woman in here before.
A hush momentarily descended upon the room. Solange leaned towards her and whispered. ‘Be ready, ma petite. He's here.’
Liliane glanced over her shoulder. As her gaze swept the room she was arrested by the sight of a figure silhouetted in the doorway.
Heavens above. She momentarily closed her eyes, his image imprinting upon her brain. Now this man was definitely no fisherman. Even in the crowded noisy tavern his presence was imposing. Mesmerized, she studied him further. His body was encased in a white linen shirt and buff breeches, while ink black hair fell across his brow, drawing her attention to hooded eyes and a firmly set jaw. He stepped into the room and casually looked around the tavern, running his hand through his hair to push it back from his face. Her fingers tingled, and she lifted her own hand to her hair, twisting the sable strands between her fingers, wondering if his hair would feel as soft and silken.
Liliane froze. Oh Lord, he was watching her. The loose tendrils that tangled about her fingers singed as though she had been caught running her hands through his hair. The air around her seemed to ripple and she felt, rather than saw, the moment he decided to move. Holding her gaze, he moved from the doorway and light flooded back into the room. Her breath caught in her throat. It was incongruous that a man of his height could move with such surety and grace, almost a menacing prowl. Although one thing was certain, there was absolutely nothing dandified about him. As he made his way through the tavern his commanding posture induced the inn's patrons to step aside in deference.

He drew closer and she jerked back around to face Solange. How mortifying to have been caught staring at him. She flicked a look of uncertainty towards her cousin. Surely he wasn't the man they were here to meet? This man didn't accord with the image she'd painted in her mind. She wasn't sure what she'd been expecting—perhaps someone older, less imposing. Someone safe. Not someone whose very presence drew the attention of every person in the room. And certainly not someone who, with a single glance, could induce her to forget precisely why she was on the wrong side of the Channel, drinking mead and speaking in French, instead of shopping on Bond Street.

Q & A with Elizabeth Squire

What books/authors have influenced your writing?

Although not a book, I think the movie Romancing The Stone was my earliest writing influence; that was the point where I decided I was going to write romance, just like Joan Wilder. It had everything: high stakes, tension, conflict, emotional highs and lows, passion and love. A few years after that I discovered Shirlee Busbee’s Lady Vixen. It’s the story of a run away girl who disguises herself as a cabin boy on board a privateer’s ship, and falls in love with the captain—it was at this point my love the unconventional heroine was born. I’m also a huge fan of Julia Quinn for her use of humorous, witty repartee to keep the conflict brewing and move the story forward. My other big influence is Mary Balogh; her mastery in building emotional tension and weaving it right throughout the story is something that I dream of being able to do. With those fabulous role models as my influence, it’s no wonder I’d drawn to writing emotionally charged high-concept romances filled with witty dialogue!

Tell us something you hate doing. Why?

Oh for the love of God, housework! Cleaning, of any type! I know it needs to be done, but seriously, it sucks the life from me. And it just never ends!

Share a funny incident in your life.

My husband and I have two daughters, and the youngest, Miss S, shares my love of reading and words. She is also very proud of her sophisticated vocabulary. About five years ago, my parents were visiting and we decided to all catch the train up to the city for the day. Miss S, then aged seven, was reading her book when she handed it to me and asked me to hold it…
“Why?” I ask her.

“Because I just need to put my testicles on,” she replies, perfectly straight-faced.

Surely I had heard wrong. “Pardon?” I glance over at my mother to see her face arrested in horror.

“I need to put my testicles on,” says Miss S again as she reaches into her backpack.

Oh dear. “Um, don’t you mean your glasses?” I’m trying desperately not to laugh, and my poor mother is starting to look like she wants to sink into the seat.

Miss S sighs with exasperation at having to repeat herself. “Yes mummy, my testicles!” Did I mention that she’s always been very proud of her sophisticated vocabulary?

By this stage a number of the passengers around us have stopped what they are doing and are listening intently to the conversation. My mother is eying off the carriage window with the look of a woman who is seriously contemplating jumping from a high-speed train.

“Sweetheart,” I say to Miss S, as I’m unable to control the tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks, “I think the word you’re looking for is spectacles.”

“Ohhhhhh,” she said, as realization slowly dawned.

Miss S turns 13 next Saturday—in the way of all good parents, we have yet to let her forget this particular little faux pas!

What's your pet peeve?

People who are needlessly rude and nasty to others. There is enough sadness in the world without deliberately making others miserable.

When you are in writer mode, music or no music? If music do you have a playlist

Definitely no music; I’m too easily distracted. I love writing in a sunlit room with the sounds of nature around me.

What are you working on now?
I’m currently working on the next book in this series; the story of (Liliane’s uncle) Nathaniel Manning, the Duke of Martinbury and Jacinta Pasqual who meet when Nate travels to France in search of ‘the Castilian’, an assassin thought to have information on the missing agent, Gareth Whitby.

Are you a binge watcher or do you have a certain shows you cannot miss?

I don’t have a lot of time for watching television, so when I discover a show I like, then I’m definitely a binge watcher. At the moment I’m binging on the Outlander series. Or rather, Sam Hueghan’s character Jamie…

Elizabeth Squire’s love of writing romance couldn’t be further from the life she had carved out for herself. Raised in outback and rural Australia, Elizabeth was determined to live a life vibrant with passion, travel, adventure and discovery—other than the one she had already lived through the pages of the innumerable she read and loved. And so, turning her back on a life in the bush, she invested a lot of years chasing her dreams—she enjoyed a career as a commissioned in the Royal Australian Navy, and counts white-water rafting the Zambezi River, travelling by safari truck through Africa, and back-packing through Eastern Europe with her young family as just a few of her many adventures.

But amongst the adventure, the urge to write intensified as story lines and dialogue continued to materialize from the recesses of her mind. She finally accepted that the voices in her head were really characters enmeshed in the tumultuous Georgian and Regency periods, vying for life on paper.

After a nomadic lifestyle, Elizabeth has now settled into her own home and loves nothing better than bringing her passionate heroines and daring rakes to life. She lives with her own hero and one true love, two beautiful daughters and two delinquent miniature long-haired dachshunds. Closer to Sin is Elizabeth’s debut novel.

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Virtual Tour w/Giveaway: Montana Hearts: True Country Hero by Darlene Panzera

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Montana Hearts #3
Darlene Panzera
Released May 17th, 2016
Avon Impulse

In the third heartwarming installment of Darlene Panzera’s Montana Hearts series, a hot-shot rodeo star tries to win the tender heart of his biggest critic

For Jace Aldridge, the chase is half the fun. The famous rodeo rider has spent most of life chasing down steers and championship rodeo belts, but after an accident in the arena, his career is put on temporary hold. When he’s offered a chance to stay at Collins Country Cabins, Jace jumps at the opportunity to spend more time with the beautiful but wary Delaney Collins.

Between trying to make her family’s business a success, raising her daughter single-handedly, and volunteering at the local wildlife shelter, Delaney doesn’t have time for love. Even though she’s determined to not let the handsome cowboy under her skin, Delaney can’t deny how much she looks forward to every day with him. She's determined to be friends with the handsome cowboy, nothing more, even though Delaney's heart flutters every time he draws near.

But all is not well in Fox Creek and when a violent poaching ring escalates out of control, Delaney must trust that Jace is the true country hero she hopes he is.

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“Jace!” Gavin McKinley called. “You should have come with us. One of our guys got himself an eight-point buck with the first draw of his bow.”
“That’s impressive,” Jace said, giving the man a nod as if interested.
“Let me introduce you to Alicia,” Gavin said, coming up beside them with another rider. “She’d like to be your personal trail guide.”
“I sure would,” the voluptuous blond bombshell purred. “How about tomorrow, cowboy?”
Delaney stiffened and glanced at Jace. Was he attracted to this blatantly seductive woman? It was clear from Gavin’s expression that he hoped so.
She thought of the dresses, jewelry, makeup, and magazines Bree and Sammy Jo had brought over. They’d been right. She was going to need every advantage she could latch on to in order to keep Jace from giving his endorsement to someone else. Oh, if only she knew how to flirt!
By some miracle, Jace shook his head. “Maybe some other time. I promised Jed and Luke Collins I’d go out hunting with them tomorrow.”
What? She couldn’t let them, but silenced her tongue. For now, all that was important was that Jace had rejected the rival’s offer. She had several hours available to come up with a plan to stop Jace from hunting with her own family. “That’s right, Gavin,” she said, backing up Jace’s decision. “My father is a hard man to refuse.”
Gavin grimaced. “But, Jace, we’re talking about big game here, with a beautiful woman by your side. What more could you want?”
Jace gave the man a level look and nodded toward Delaney. “I’ve already got a beautiful woman by my side. Promise me something no one else can and maybe I’ll come along on a hunt with you.”
“Playing hard to get, are you?” Gavin let out a hearty laugh. “Okay, Jace, I’ll wait to talk to you in private, when there aren’t so many others around.”
The outfitter nodded in her direction, making it clear he meant when she wasn’t around. How dare that man! And what about Jace? His words inferring she was as beautiful as Gavin’s sexy blond gave her an unexpected jolt of warm pleasure, but what about what he said after that?
“Promise me something no one else can”? Was Jace insinuating he might be interested in going after some illegal kills with this guy?
Her stomach squeezed tight, just like it did when her friend, Carol, from the animal shelter asked her to speak at the rally. Nauseating bile rose into the back of her throat and she feared she might be sick again. She squeezed her eyes shut, took a few deep breaths, and after a moment got it under control.
And to think she’d actually considered that maybe Jace wasn’t so bad. Men. She couldn’t trust any of them. She wouldn’t have anything to do with them if she could get away with it, but she remembered the promise she’d made to her family. No matter what she thought of Jace, she had to be nice to him and somehow make him believe her ranch was better than anyone else’s.
Gavin signaled for his group to move on, and as he rode his horse past her, he smirked, and taunted softly so only she could hear, “You don’t have what it takes to keep him.”
Alicia blew Jace a farewell kiss off her hand and with a sinking feeling Delaney feared the rival outfitter might be right.

Guest Feature

10 Fun Facts About Rodeo Cowboys

In my new release, Montana Hearts: True Country Hero, rodeo champion Jace Aldridge comes to stay at Collins Country Cabins and meets Delaney, a beautiful, sweet, single mother of a two-year-old. He needs her to help heal his injured horse. She needs his endorsement to save her family from financial ruin. Jace also hopes to win her heart, but Delaney isn't too keen on rodeo cowboys. She thinks they have large egos to match their over-sized belt buckles. Can Jace convince her otherwise?
As an author I've had so much fun writing about cowboys in this series. How many of the facts below did you already know?
1. The term "rodeo" comes from the Spanish word "rodear" which means 'to surround.'
2. Rodeo is a competitive sport that originated from the techniques cowboys used on the ranch to round up cattle when an animal required medical attention.
3. Rodeo clowns aren't just in the arena to entertain the crowd. They are highly skilled athletes whose top priority is to distract the bull when a cowboy falls so the cowboy can escape unharmed.
4. William F. Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill, organized the first U.S. rodeo and wild west show in Nebraska in 1882.
5. Another term for steer wrestling is "bull dogging." Some claim the event started in the 1930's when Bill Pickett, a Wild West Show performer is said to have caught a runaway steer by wrestling it to the ground. Others say he developed the idea after watching cattle dogs work with feisty animals.
6. Human skin is 1mm-2mm thick, horsehide is 5mm thick, and bull hide is 7mm thick.
7. The harder a bull bucks, the higher the cowboy's score, with 100 points being the highest.
8. A cowboy's belt buckle is for more than just holding one's pants together. It is usually a trophy they win in competition to show off their accomplishments. Before the 1920's most cowboys wore suspenders or a type of belt that did not require a belt buckle. 
9. The first real cowboy hat was created by John B. Stetson in 1865.This hat, with its high crown and wide brim, was called "Boss of the Plains," and could protect one's eyes from the sun's glare. The hat could also be used as a cup to scoop up water, or as a pillow, if folded over.
10. Cowboys often sang to the cattle they guarded at night to keep them calm. They worried about the danger of stampede from thunder and lightning or other unexpected noises, and singing calmed jittery cows. 

5 Stars

Montana Hearts: True Country Hero is a heartwarming, sweet romance with a little twist of mystery, that I just couldn't put down. I loved watching Jace & Delaney's romance develop from acquaintace to friends to something more, especially Delaney's sidestepping all his questions.  I really liked how the author developed Delaney's character the beginning of the book she was afraid to speak up, afraid she wasn't good at anything except raising her daughter Meghan, who you will fall in love with, but gradually she started to get her confidence & at the end she was a total different person.  Montana Hearts: True Country Hero had everythng that this reader enjoys in a good romance, laughs, sweet adorable little girl, nosy but caring family & friends, & a few tears & a sexy cowboy. If you are looking for a heartwarming, sweet romance with a little mystery I recommend you pick up a copy of Montana Hearts: True County Hero.  Darlene Panzera has received a new fan in this reader!  Thank you to Tasty Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to read & review Montana Hearts: True Country Hero!

DARLENE PANZERA writes sweet, fun-loving romance and is a member of the Romance Writers of America’s Greater Seattle chapter. Her career launched when her novella “The Bet” was picked by Avon Books and New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber to be published within Debbie’s own novel, Family Affair. Darlene says, “I love writing stories that help inspire people to laugh, value relationships, and pursue their dreams.” Born and raised in New Jersey, Darlene is now a resident of the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and three children. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her family and her two horses, and loves camping, hiking, photography, and lazy days at the lake.

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Virtual Tour w/Giveaway: Deep Dark by Laura Griffin

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$50 Amazon GC, Tracers Tote & Signed Copy of DEEP DARK

Tracers #10
Laura Griffin
Releasing May 24th, 2016
Pocket Books

A gripping new romantic thriller from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Griffin...

The moment detective Reed Novak steps onto the crime scene, he knows the case is going to rock his world. A beautiful young woman murdered at home. No sign of forced entry. No motive. She’s obviously not the killer’s first victim, and Reed’s instincts tell him she won’t be his last. Reed’s first clue comes via a mysterious text that links to a dating profile, but even more intriguing than the clue is the person who sent it.

As a white-hat hacker in the Delphi Center’s cyber investigation unit, Laney Knox sneaks into some of the deepest, darkest corners of the Internet looking for predators. Laney would prefer to stay away from Austin PD’s most recent murder case, but she can’t ignore the chilling similarities between that crime and her own brutal attack years ago. Laney offers to help the sexy lead detective, but he wants more from her than just a promising tip—Reed wants her trust. Laney resists, but as their relationship deepens she’s tempted to reveal the closely guarded secrets that could make her a key witness…or the killer’s next victim.


Don't miss the chance to start the Tracers from the beginning...

5 Stars

Wow I managed to enter a world that I knew existed but not to this extent, The author took me on a trip that meandered from the Police to the FBI to hackers and oh lord she even weaved a love story in there.
It was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat, it was as good as the Book writen by Catherine Coulter on the FBI series, so thank you for a wonderful trip. Thank you to Tasty Book Tours for the opportunity to read & review Deep Dark.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author LAURA GRIFFIN started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of romantic suspense. She is a two-time RITA Award winner (for the books Scorched and Whisper of Warning) as well as the recipient of the Daphne du Maurier Award (for Untraceable). Laura currently lives in Austin, where she is working on her next book.

Want to Find out More about the TRACERS series?

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Teaser Reveal: Hartstrings by L.L. Collins


Today we are sharing some teasers for HARTSTRINGS by L.L. Collins. This is a contemporary romance title and the third book in the Jaded Regret series! The book will be released June 16th and will be available for pre-order soon, exclusively through amazon.


HARTSTRINGS by L.L. Collins Release Date: June 16th

Pre-Order will be available soon!



Tanner Hart, the All-American bad boy bass guitarist of Jaded Regret, has one motto— play women’s bodies like he does the strings of his guitar— hard, in tune, and giving it his all until the show is over. The only strings he wants attached to him are the ones he plays on the stage. He has quite the reputation, even with his own band, and he likes it that way. It keeps the truth of who he really is locked deep inside. But there's so much more to him than anyone really knows… Now that he’s successful, he can afford to find out what really happened to the only girl who’s ever held his heart. The only thing is…will he really want to know the truth? When Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Shepard finds herself in a situation she’s been in too many times before, she expects to do what she’s always done— cover it up, accept the apologies, and move on. She knows trying to get out is futile. What she doesn’t expect is for the world famous Tanner Hart to burst into her life like a knight in sexy armor. When their lives collide and hearts get involved, can Tanner keep his hartstrings from being tangled up in his past, or can he make a new kind of music... with his heart? 13275045_1815466475340377_548067876_o


Previous Books in the Series


Sentenced (Jaded Regret #1)

Available Now FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA



Snared (Jaded Regret #2)

Available Now FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA






Edit 6 soft L.L. Collins loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and two boys. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out made her lifelong dream of becoming an author come true in the self-publishing world. She's the author of the Living Again Series and the Twisted Series, plus standalones, Back to the Drawing Board, SENTENCED, and Snared: A Jaded Regret Novel. Visit LL on her website, and on all social media. Look for more of her emotionally charged novels soon!      


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Wattpad | Amazon | Instagram | Goodreads

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Blog Tour w/Giveaway: The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia Lefay

The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia LeFay WJM #1 Publication Date: May 31, 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
Jane I’ve always been on my own. My life used to consist of nothing but work, keeping Allen out of trouble, and if I had time, sleep. Then I became their maid. Max Every day more than half a million people tune in to watch my show. They trust me. I know it’s because I’m the only son of the prominent Emerson family. However, I like to believe it because I’m honest no matter what story I report on. I’m honest about everything but the man I’ve been f**king for the last four years… and now her. Wesley I want three things: First, Maxwell Emerson and Jane Chapman both in my bed. Second, to be the best bloody chef in the country. Third, to figure out how to simultaneously get the first and second things I want without any of us getting hurt. THREE PEOPLE. ONE LOVE STORY….

WMJ_TRAILER from JJ McAvoy on Vimeo.

About Amelia LeFayAmelia LeFay is a character of my own imagination. She’s a single woman in her mid twenties in love with sex. Dirty sex, rough sex, sex of any type. She’s not a whore or a slut. She believes a woman should be aloud to sexually express herself anyway she wishes. She stands for Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, the rights of Minorities, and Environmental protection. She can be a bitch but doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that. She has uneven boobs, stretch marks on her ass, astigmatism, and thighs that rub together as she walks. (Which means no pair of jeans last as long as she wishes they would.)
But most importantly Amelia is a Dreamer…she has dreams so big it scares even her, because if she fails…if she can’t make it…she feels like nothing.