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Blog Tour: The Truth of a Liar by Cassie Graham

Title: The Truth of a Liar
Series: Anyone But Him #2 – May be read as standalone
Author: Cassie Graham
Release Date: Oct 20, 2015
“Life doesn’t always go according to plan. In fact, it has a nasty habit of veering off the map. So when my job led me to New York City, something extraordinary happened…her script merged with mine.”

Hadley Theater, New York City, New York - Night

ENTER STAGE LEFT-Rowan Townsend, a twenty-nine year old Broadway starlet, strolls onto the dark, ominous stage. The bright spotlight finds her and she smiles broadly, her body buzzing in anticipation.

Serendipity is a funny thing, isn’t it? It jumps out from behind the bushes and offers an unbelievable chance at happiness. It’s hopeful and intriguing, and maybe even a little terrifying.

ENTER STAGE RIGHT-Lark Hawthorne, a striking twenty-nine year old FBI agent and self-proclaimed liar, marches to Rowan and grabs her arm, coaxing her off stage.

Rowan, what are you doing? We need to leave. It’s not safe here.

Rowan and Lark look out into the audience and a menacing shadow in the back of the theater catches their attention. Her eyes expand in panic and he grips her hand tighter, offering reassurance.

It’s now or never. Are you ready?

EXIT STAGE RIGHT. Fade to black.
I don’t care if it’s sinful. This feeling, right now, it makes all of the bad in my life seem like child’s play in comparison. Landon and Cameron…they’re distant memories.
It’s almost as if I’ve waited all of my life to feel this way with this man.
“I want you. So much, Rowan,” Lark whispers. He reverberates pain, yet his voice is heady. Strained, he hisses as I move my hands lower, settling on the hem of his pants.
I move my head to look at him. I place my hand on his cheek, and touch his bottom lip with my thumb. He’s so soft, yet so incredibly masculine. I want to climb inside of his mind and explore every inch of him. I want to discover all of his inner workings, his secrets. The ones he’ll openly admit to and the ones he hides under his bed.
He clenches his teeth, but his eyes are inquisitive, curious. We stare at each other for an incalculable amount of time. The seconds seem to pass at a glacial pace and in this moment, I’m thankful. I know when this ends, it’ll be done for good.
It’s almost as if I’m visiting a foreign place and it’s my last day and I know if I don’t sample the unique cuisine and take mental pictures of the scenery, I’ll never find the feeling deep inside of me again. It’ll be lost forever.
My stomach flops at the thought.
“Lark.” I breathe. Saying his name in this setting is enough to send me over the edge and into the unknown.
His body vibrates as the word passes my lips, and he moves his face closer to mine. His lips are millimeters from making contact and all I’d have to do is breathe and we’d be connected, but I refuse to move.
“Say it, again,” he demands, his breath washing over my face. “This might be the last time. Say it one more time, please. For me.” He closes his eyes with a small smile playing on the edge of his lips. His hand makes its way up to my face again and he clings to me as if I’m his anchor, tethering him to this world.
I muster all of the courage I have and mutter his name, letting it float out of my mouth, my lips brushing his in the slightest.
Lark hisses, and this time, I know it’s in longing. 
Cassie Graham is a firey redhead with an intense love for fairytales--angsty, suspenseful fairytales--but fairytales nonetheless. She's had all kinds of jobs--but the one she loves the most is being a writer. She finds solace in it. She's also a mom to a beautiful little girl. Her greatest joy is watching her grow.

Cassie has always loved to write and is so thankful that she's able to do it full-time. She's very lucky to have a husband who works his booty off working so she can live out her dream. He's the reason why writing romance is so easy.

Cassie is a born and raised Arizona girl. Though she has moved around a bit, her home always calls to her. It's where her heart will remain.

If Cassie isn't writing, she's more than likely cooking in the kitchen with her daughter or has her nose buried deep in a good book. She loves front porch sitting, drinking coffee, and constantly dating her husband.

Release Blitz: The Other Side by Harlow Paige

Title: The Other Side
Series: A Series of Cliches #1
Author: Harlow Paige
Genre: Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2016
Cover Image by Perrywinkle Photography
True or False: 
From the outside looking in, you can be more objective to someone's situation.
People only see what you have, thinking your life and marriage are sheer perfection based on your tax bracket. If only they could step inside long enough to see how cracked the foundation truly is. 
True or False: 
The grass isn't always greener on the other side.
I firmly believe the only people who speak this nonsense are the ones living a life of contentment. They use this cliche to persuade you from searching for more out of life.
True or False: 
If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy.
This momma hasn't been happy for a long time, and I plan on changing that.
The grass may not be greener on the other side, but if I'm the one mowing the lawn, who the hell cares?!

EskieMama Reads Review: More than a Feeling by Sara Richardson

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For Ruby James the Walker Mountain Ranch is her safe haven. Here in Aspen, Colorado, she can finally build a quiet life for herself without fear of her old one rearing its ugly head. Or so Ruby thinks. Any single woman would be happy to indulge a tall, dark, and curious cop-but the closer Ruby gets to him, the closer she gets to losing her newfound peace.

Police officer Sawyer Hawkins is no stranger to secrets. He's ready to leave town for good until a security threat brings him back to Walker Ranch, and Ruby's gorgeous green eyes soon have him second-guessing his decision to go. Her kindness and quiet strength awaken feelings he'd thought long buried, even as her reluctance to talk about her past worries him. The cop in Sawyer only wants the truth-but the man in him wants Ruby in his arms forever . . .

Review:                                5 Stars

Let me start by saying this is my first read by Sara Richardson, but it definitely will not be my last, I think I have to go and purchased the other two books in this series Heart of the Rockies to read about Ben & Paige; Bryce & Avery. This was such a touching book, I just feel in love with both Sawyer & Ruby, they both have to learn to trust again after their disaster relationships before they meet but Ruby the most. Even though Sawyer knew Ruby was hiding something from him, his family & friends it didn't stop him caring about her & wanting her to trust him with her secret. I loved how everyone at the Walker Ranch made Ruby feel like she finally had a family which she never had. This was such a sweet heartwarming story I just could not put down, it was my kind of book the ones that can have you laughing & the next you find a tear rolling down you face. Sara Richardson you just earned another fan!! Thank you Tasty Book Tours for giving me this opportunity to read & review another fabulous book.

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review: Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard

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It's a better life, a fresh start--and a heaven-sent second chance. Founded by three Amish sisters determined to put misfortune behind them, Promise Lodge is a colony where faith's abiding promise can be fulfilled--and love can make all things new…

Energetic widow Mattie Bender Schwartz is working day and night to get Promise Lodge going. She's also hoping the change will help her son Noah's heart to heal after his broken engagement. But his former fiancée, Deborah, is looking for a fresh start too. Filled with regret, and cast out by her dat for a reason she can't yet reveal, Deborah can only pray Noah will forgive her foolishness. 

Deborah is the last person Noah expected to show up at Promise Lodge. But with her cruel words still ringing in his head, he's reluctant to accept her apology--even if the Old Order ways demand he try. If only he could obey Christ's most important commandment: love one another. But one thing is certain--his mother and aunts, and their beloved Preacher Amos, will do their best to help him get there. 

Praise for Charlotte Hubbard's Seasons of the Heart series

"Another great book centered around the Sweet Seasons Café." --RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

"These very special books will sit proudly on my keeper shelf!" --Romance Reviews Today

Review:                          5 Stars

Let me start out by saying this was my first read by Charlotte Hubbard & definitely not my last. i really enjoy reading Amish book, since Amish are all around me in the community I live in in Ohio. Promise Lodge was a romance but was also about forgiveness & boy did Deborah have a lot of people to ask for forgiveness, most of Noah all who she was engaged to before breaking it off. After a devastating circumstances & misunderstanding makes Deborah leave her home in Coldstream, she goes to the only place she can think of Promise Lodge to Noah & his family. When she gets to Promise Lodge, a colony Amish & Mennoites that Noah's mother Mattie & her two sisters Christine & Rosetta along with their preacher friend Amos are looking to start after leaving their church community in Coldstream due to how the Bishop & Elders where running it, she has to earn Noah's forgiveness & trust. Deborah struggles to earn his forgiveness but with a little nudge from Amos & the sisters reminding Noah about God will maybe eventually she will. This was such a clean, heartwarming romance I truly enjoyed this read, & can't wait to go back to Promise Lodge to see who is next to find love maybe it will be Rosetta & Truman or Mattie & Amos or maybe someone else. Charlotte Hubbard has earned a new fan!! Thanks you to Goddess Fish for giving me this opportunity to read & review Promise Lodge!!

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Happy Reading!!!

EskieMama Reads Review w/Giveaway: Secret Baby Scandal by Joanne Rock

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EskieMama Reads is giving away a copy of Secret Baby Scandal at the end of this post to a lucky reader!


His proposition: pretend they're a couple to end a scandal. But she has secrets of her own… 

Tatiana Doucet has dealt with sexy, arrogant athletes most of her life. But Jean-Pierre Reynaud is a whole different animal—in bed and on the field. Unbeknownst to him, their one amazing night produced a son. Now her family's biggest football rival is back, offering a seductive wager she can't refuse.

Jean-Pierre despises the media. When rumors fly, he knows a fake relationship is the perfect diversion for the tabloids—and Tatiana's unbridled passion is the perfect diversion for Jean-Pierre. But when she drops a baby bombshell, the scandal will rock them both!

Review:                              5 Stars

Wow all I can say is what a series Bayou Billionaires has been & I am so sad it has come to an end, Catherine Mann & Joanne Rock rocked this series. In my opinion they saved the best for last. Jean-Pierre was the bad boy of the Reynaud boys but when Tatiana's shares her secret with Jean-Pierre gives him a reason to fight for Tatiana & her son. You can just feel the chemistry Jean-Pierre & Tatiana has shared through the years, years of being kept apart from the two families disagreement is still sizzling after all these years, something like a modern day Romero & Juliet. Jean-Pierre is determined to be part of his son's life from the beginnning after what happen to his brother Dempsey. If you are looking for a series of books to read check out Bayou Billionaires you will not regret it you will fall in love with Gervais, Dempsey, Henri & Jean-Pierre & women who love them. Maybe someday we will see the Texas & California Reynards in upcoming books, a reader can only hope.

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Paperback copy of Secret Baby Scandal

Happy Reading!!

EskieMama Reads Review: Pushing Her Luck by Audra North

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He says she’s a nuisance. She thinks he’s a jerk. Together they might be the perfect match.

Riordan Faraday is about to reach his breaking point. He’s got art classes to teach, a needy mum to care for, and most importantly, a painting to finish. But without time or inspiration, he hasn’t been able to paint a thing and it’s driving him mad. So when a silly American girl shows up on his doorstep with a wild proposal, he shoots her down perhaps a bit more harshly than she deserves…but it’s for the best. He can’t afford any more distractions at the moment, especially not beautiful brown-eyed ones.

Samantha Meyer—Sam, to her friends—is on a mission to find her late grandmother’s necklace. The long-lost piece of jewelry is the only thing she has left of Gram and Sam is determined to see that dream fulfilled before she returns home to New Jersey and takes up the reins of the family business. But she wasn’t counting on a sexy, surly painter to stand in her way.

One frustrated Irishman. One out-of-her-element American. They should have nothing in common, but each might be just what the other is looking for…

Review:                              3 1/2 Stars

Pushing her luck was a fun, feel good afternoon read.  Riordan & Sam thought they both knew what they wanted but it wasn't what they needed.  It was so much fun watching Riordan changing from a cranky, jaded, bitter man due to dealing with his family giving up his lot in life to take care of them, to a totally different man when the quirky lovable Sam enters into his life.  The banter between Riordan & Sam had me laughing at times & shaking my head.  Riordan's neighbor James Browne was there at times to give his subtle advice when they both needed it.  

I recieved a free copy for my honest review!

Happy Reading!!!