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Chapter Reveal: Possess by Kaye Blue

Expected Publication April 27, 2016
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No weakness. Maxim has stayed alive—and on top—for twenty years through a ruthless combination of brains and brutality. He’s grown the Syndicate into one of the world’s most powerful criminal enterprises. He cares for no one.

Virtual Tour w/Giveaway: Blackbird Summer by Em Shotwell

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BLACKBIRD SUMMER A Blackbird Summer Series Novel Em Shotwell Releasing April 5th, 2016 City Owl Press

When people fear the unknown, being Gifted is a curse.

In the cornerstone of the rural south, Brooklyn, Mississippi, no one dares make eye contact with the strange Caibre family. Until the rewards are worth the cost. The townsfolk come, cash in hand, always at night, to pay for services only a Gifted can provide.

No matter the Gifts prevalent in her family, at twenty-one, Tallulah is expected to follow the path laid out for her: marriage, babies, and helping her mama teach the family home school program. She’s resigned to live the quiet life and stay out of trouble…until she meets Logan.

An outsider and all around rebel, Logan doesn’t care about her family’s reputation. Yet after a tragic loss wreaks havoc on the crumbling relationship between the Caibres and the townsfolk, Tallulah must decide if love and freedom are worth risking everything…

Release Day Blitz w/Giveaway: Tutus & Cowboy Boots (Pt 2) by Casey Peeler

Title: Tutus & Cowboy Boots (Part 2)
Author: Casey Peeler
Release Date: April 8, 2016
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After an eventful Christmas break, Cadence Lewis is shaken to the core.  The life she lived in New York no longer makes sense. Faced with so many questions she runs to the only person who has ever listened to her. Now she has to decide how to say goodbye to the past, discover herself, and embrace a future in a life she never wanted.  Will Cadence be able to overcome the path she’s been given or will she take the easy way out? Limited price of $2.99 on release day & exclusive content! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks “Where are we going?” she asks. “Oh, just to a little place I thought you might like,” I say quietly, as I turn onto the dirt road. “Barrick Carpenter is this our spot?” “If you want it to be.” I park the truck and tell Cadence to wait while I grab a blanket and my jacket from the extended cab. Once I have the tailgate down and the blanket laid out. I walk ar…