Teaser Tuesday: Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance by Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle, debut author hopefully in 
late October, early November, will release her 
debut novella!

The novella will introduce you to the small rural Ohio town, Meadow Falls, where they love to host community activties, to catch up with each, like they couldn't do that at the barber shop, diner, etc. It will introduce to some citizens of Meadow Falls, especially six indivduals whose life seemed so wonderful 15 years ago that in minutes everything changed.

Welcome to Meadow Falls

Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance
by Lucy Belle

What was to be one magical night at Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance for Brody Stevenson, Jake Callahan, & Trevor Winters turns to hell in a handbasket, when a secret from 3 months ago is revealed.

Piece of the WIP, please keep in mind this is subject to change.

"Where did those three stooges go," Jaden asked Rayna when she and Micki returned to the table after getting some punch and snacks.
"Probably spiking the punch," Rayna smirked pointing to the refreshment table.
Micki sips her punch, "Nope they haven't hit it yet," says giggling.
"Give them time,"  Clint Kingsley, Jaden's father said as he kissed the top of her head, "Not a year goes past that the three mischievousteers don't spice up the punch," shaking his head. " You three look stunning tonight." Clint said looking at each of the girls. "Too bad Jay, you are so hung up on that reprobate, you could have any guy."
"Dad" Jaden growls at her father.
Putting his hands up and walking backwards "Not another word, enjoy your nights ladies."
"I just don't understand what the hell he has against Jake," Jaden muttered.
"Jaden he just loves you, you and Jackson are all his life, since your mother died when you were a baby." said Rayna in her soft soothing voice.
"I know, Ray, but why can't he give Jake a chance, he acts like he was juvenile delinquent or something," Jaden sighs.
"Maybe cause Jake is, heck all the town does with all the crazy stuff he gets into. Like stealing that Amish buggy to go on a joyride." Micki snickered.
"Excuse me but your precious Brody was right there along beside him, and they didn't steal it they borrowed it." Jaden giggled.
Rayna burst out laughing "oh my gosh when Sheriff Stevenson caught them and Brody said 'be glad dad it wasn't your squad car' I thought the Sheriff was going to explode and go to the moon and back."
"Damn I thought he was going to lock them up for sure that night and throw away the key." Jaden chuckled.
"I think they would have preferred that instead of the punishment they got," Betty Stevenson, Brody's mother, said as she & Jake's mom, Dina sat down at the table, "Brody didn't talk to his dad for a couple weeks after it." she snickered.
"Jake was fuming, he vowed to disown Brody as a friend," Dina Callahan chuckled, "He and his Grandpa Sean along with Shane and Dylan just finished that '69 Mach 1 that his grandpa brought as a promise to keep his grades up and staying out of trouble, he couldn't drive it for a month after the punishment Boone dished out to them!"
"But they looked so cute in those horses ass costumes Miss Maybelle made and the pile of crap on their hat was hilarious," Jaden chuckled.
"And the shirts, oh my gosh they where priceless, 'I like to act like a horse's ass now I have to clean up after a horse's ass.' Micki giggled. "Boy did they at the country fair, Brody said if he never seen a bunch of horse or cow manure again it would be too soon."
"But I think what was the most embarrassing was the picture on the front page of Shoot the Breeze where the cow took a crap on Jake's boot and they caught it just as the cow turned its head and mooed." Rayne said amusingly.
"I think those three FINALLY learned a lesson," Jake's mom remarked.
"You think," Jaden said "We know differently," pointing at Micki and Rayna, "they were just a little bit smarter after the buggy incident." smiling slyly.
"I don't want to know." both Betty and Dina said at the sametime raising both hands, chuckling.
"Those three sure have done some crazy antics since they were little, you would think Brody would think twice before he would do them with his daddy being the sheriff." Brody's mom says shaking her head.
"Well maybe now they have matured, that they are 21, and finally going after their dreams, Brody heading to the police academy, Trevor going from volunteer to full-time firefighter going for EMT, and Jake shipping out next week for the Navy, our boys are finally growing up, Dina," Betty said her long time.
"Whoa back up there, Mama S, what do you mean Jake shipping out next week," Jaden exclaimed.
"Oh dear, maybe I shouldn't have said anything but with what those three have plan for tonight, I thought you knew, Jaden." Betty said in an apologetic voice.
"Wait what do those three stooges have plan for tonight," Rayna and Micki asked at the same time.
Turning to Jake's mom Jaden asked with questioning eyes, "Mama C, what is she talking about him shipping out."
Reaching across the table and patting Jaden's hand, "Honey, I think I will let Jacob tell you, it should come from him."
Betty stood up from the table saying to Dina, "I think we should head back over to our table, before I say another thing I shouldn't," kissing Micki on the head, "enjoy yourself tonight baby, this is going to be a night to remember for you three girls."
Grabbing Brody's Mom's hand, Micki pleaded with her "Mom B what high jinks are those three jackasses up to?"
Betty put her thumb and first finger together put them up to her lips as she was locking her lips, shaking her head saying "Nothing more from these lips have already said more than I should, enjoy yourselves." she said as her and Dina walked away.
"Ok I am getting nervous here," Micki said looking at her two best friends, "Do you know what she is talking about." she asked Rayna and Jaden, both Ray and Jay shook their heads no.
"Did you know Jake joined the Navy," Jaden asked both her friends who shooked their heads no. "Well I'm going to go find that jerkwad and he is going to explain." Jaden said fuming standing up, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Darling sit down, you are not going anywhere, you all are in for a surprise." Mabel said standing behind Jaden.
"Oh my lord, how the hell does the whole town know what those assholes are up to but not the ones that they are belly-bumping with," Jaden bellowed.
"Jay," Rayna shouted.
Laughing Mabel said,  "Sweet Rayna, Jaden isn't talking to my virginal sisters, this is me Mabel who has did the belly-bumping with my Meryl, rest his soul, and have 5 babies, well I guess they ain't babies any more with their babies having babies." Pointing her finger in Jaden's way, "you young lady will sit down calm your britches, we have all waited for what is about to come." Jaden started to speak, Mabel shook her head saying, "Uh-Uh not a word, and honey I know that is hard for you," chuckling.  Jaden just stuck her tongue out at Mabel who left out a cackle. "Dang what your mama missed out with you, my wildcat," as she walked away.
"What the hell are they up to." Jaden snarled.
Waving her finger, Micki tsked, "Remember not a word, Jaden, I know it is so hard for you." giggling, which she was awarded with unlady gesture from Jaden.
"I guess we are about ready to find out," Rayna said as she pointed to the stage, where the band was starting to play and three bodies where silhoutte in the lights.

You can check out the first four chapters of Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance at Wattpad. If you stop by, Lucy Belle asked if you could kindly leave a comment to let her know a nay or yay on her WIP.
If you are interested in being a BETA reader, email Lucy at lucybellewrites@gmail.com.
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