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Today we are spotlighting Lindsay Detwiler's
To Say Goodbye!

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To Say Goodbye

Feisty Sophia never shies away from life. Playful, romantic, connected—her marriage was the thing of fairy tales. But when tragedy strikes, Sophia is left to pick up the pieces of her life.

After leaving the army, Jackson is ready to start afresh. But when he returns home, his life spirals out of control. As Sophia and Jackson find themselves in each other, they start to see redemption is possible.

Trying to piece together a new life, they must answer the question: Should they forge a life together and say goodbye to their pasts completely, or should they loyally go their separate ways to avoid heartache?

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Q & A with Lindsay Detwiler about To Say Goodbye

Tell us about To Say Goodbye.
To Say Goodbye is a story of the redemptive power of love. Both protagonists, Sophia and Jackson, have experienced immense tragedies in their lives when they come together. Their initial friendship helps get them through some tough times. Eventually, they start to uncover deeper feelings and realize love can sometimes lead to redemption.

It’s a deeply emotional book, but it also has many light moments. The book is about moving on, strength, and also about how relationships can carry us through the darkest of times.

What initially inspired you to write To Say Goodbye?
I knew I wanted to write a book about loss. For me, the tragedy Sophia endures at the beginning of the book is the worst tragedy I can imagine. Sophia and Jackson’s characters really just came to me, and the storyline unfolded from there. I knew I wanted to focus on characters who were lost and build their lives back up.

Also, before becoming a teacher, I always wanted to be a cosmetologist. It was really fun to write about a character who owns her own hair salon because it’s something I always wanted to do.

Tell us little about the characters in To Say Goodbye.
Sophia is a feisty, sassy woman with a go-get-it attitude. She started a hair salon with her best friend Stella and is passionate about her work. However, the tragedy really throws her off course and makes her a lot more reserved than she used to be. Despite it all, she manages to hang on to a sense of optimism when most of us would have thrown in the towel. Luckily, she has her pink-haired best friend Stella to help her rediscover her fun side.

Jackson is stoic but also a deep-feeler. A military man, he is a bit reserved with his feelings at times. However, he really does feel things deeply. With Sophia’s help, he’s able to open up and really experience life in the way he wants. Throughout the book, we get to see his walls come down and see his softer side.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Some of the heavier scenes were hard to write about. This book was the most intense book I’ve written because it really made me think about my own life. I really tried to crawl inside of Sophia’s head and experience what she was experiencing, which wasn’t always easy from an emotional standpoint.
What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
I love writing first kiss scenes in all of my books. It’s such a magical thing when two characters finally give in. I love writing about the vulnerability, the magic of that special moment.

What are your future project(s)?
I just finished writing a book that’s a bit more on the humorous side. It’s a contemporary romance centered around a ten-year high school reunion. I’m also drafting another emotional read called Do You Remember When centered around tragedy.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?

My mastiff Henry shows up in this one, of course. He’s a regular in all of my novels.

2016-07-14 07.53.06.jpg

Lindsay Detwiler is a contemporary romance author and high school English teacher. She has five novels published, including: Voice of Innocence, Without You, Then Comes Love, Where Love Went, and To Say Goodbye. Lindsay currently lives in her hometown with her husband, their five cats, and their mastiff Henry (who is a character in all five novels). To learn more about Lindsay, visit her Facebook page or check out her blog at

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  1. I enjoyed the Q and A, thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing, loss is always difficult to confront.

  3. Sounds like a lovely book. Beautiful cover!


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