EskieMama Reads Saturday Spotlight: The Meanderings of Ruby Stewart by Monia Handy

Welcome to EskieMama Saturday Spotlight!
Today we are spotlighting Monica Handy's 
The Meanderings of Ruby Stewart

If you enjoyed "Bridgette Jones Diary" you will love Ruby Stewart!

Welcome to a quick-witted and humorous introspect of a woman who embraces her flaws and honostly shares her thoughts about her job, observations on life and the man she's loved for two years.   
Kick back, grab some coffee and prepare to laugh with a friend!

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Now an exciting excerpt from The Meanderings of Ruby Stewart!
And, just like that, I fell deeper in love with a man I hardly knew.
All day, long I sat at my desk distracted by romantic notions of what could be... The most titillating, however, was that he might secretly find me desirable as well! Was it too much to hope for? Do forty-five year olds become lovers like in The Thomas Crown AffairOr do they merely fantasize at a desk, tucked within a small cubicle?
The latter was less dangerous and far more indulgent. Therefore I let my mind comb through the particulars of his physical assets.
He had beautiful eyes and a mouth that slightly pursed when weighing a heavy situation. He was tall, about six-four or five, and a bit on the slender side for my taste, but when he put his hands in those tailored pockets one could make out the shape the of his firm, curved bottom. What outweighed his physical attributes was his ability to maintain the perfect amount of gentleness and decency in this corporate grinder. His tone with me was the same as it was with Isabella. ...Now that was an admirable quality. ...One that led me to believe that he was the type of man who couldn’t be swayed easily, who weighed matters according to depth, notappearance. ...A man who could be satisfied with.

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