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Sins That Haunt

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Third novel in the Women of Vegas series
Sins That Haunt!

Civil attorney Shannon Joyce walks the line of law and order, but she learned from day one how to put up a good front—thanks to her con man father. Thirteen years ago, she left the east coast and her life of crime behind. Her high school sweetheart, Noah, was collateral damage, but some things can’t be helped. But now there’s no escape when her past comes roaring down the Strip—in the oh-so-tempting form of the man she left behind...

Special Agent Noah Monroe has Shannon exactly where he wants her—in the back of his car in handcuffs. Her grifter father has been murdered, and the FBI needs Shannon to keep one of his scams in play to bag the big bad guy who was financing him. Once again a pawn in someone’s else game, Shannon will have to trust her instincts to survive both the peril threatening her—and the passion Noah reignites… 

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"Lucy Farago has an eye for detail, a heart for romance, and a voice as layered as her plot and characters!"--Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author.

Q & A with Lucy Farago about Sins That Haunt!

Tell us about Sins that Haunt
This is the third full novel in the Women of Vegas series. It follows Shannon, a savvy civil attorney whose past comes back to haunt her. In the first book, Sin on the Strip, we learn Shannon ran away from a bad childhood. But even her best friend, Maggie, doesn’t know Shannon’s father used her to pull cons, the last one having deadly consequences.

Noah, her childhood sweetheart, has never really gotten over her and when his case starts to unravel, he manipulates Shannon’s need for redemption by convincing her to help the feds. Shannon swore off her old ways but to survive she’ll need to remember every trick her father taught her or risk not only crashing Noah’s case, but more importantly, her life.

What initially inspired you to write Sins That Haunt?
I liked Shannon and always knew she’d get her own book. She’s super smart, sassy and fiercely protective of her friends. I thought writing her as an ex-grifter would be fun and it fit her personality.

Tell us little about the characters in this book.
Well, you know Shannon. She uses what she learned from her father in the courtroom. She’s tenacious and knows how to read people. Seeing Noah again reminds her of everything she thought she’d left behind, good and bad. She’s never gotten over what she did and it haunts her.

Noah is a hometown boy at heart. When Shannon took off without a word, he was heartbroken and very confused. While he thinks he’s over her, when he joined the agency, part of him did it for her. He’s a fraud expert. And even though they’ve both changed, he’s determined to make her believe in happy endings, one with him in it.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
When you write romantic suspense, you’re basically writing two plots, the love story and the suspense. The two must be intertwined. The romance for me is the easiest part but I had to do a lot of research on the FBI and fraud cases. I wanted some truth to make it believe.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
Chapter One. Chapter one is always the best part for me. It begins the journey and that’s exciting.

What are your future project(s)?
I’m working on the men from ICU. (Investigative Collection Unit). Cowboy’s (from Sin on the Run) story is next. Then most likely Monty and of course Ryan, their boss. These are all characters from the Women of Vegas series.

Now an exciting excerpt from Sins that Haunt!

“Are you all crazy?” she screeched. “You can’t make me do this.”
They couldn’t, but without JJ their case was heading for the crapper, and in his heart he believed Shannon wanted to make amends for the shit she’d helped JJ with. He could have just asked for her assistance, but that would have taken some finessing and they didn’t have that much time. Plus, he hadn’t seen . . . spoken to her in thirteen years.
She’d abandoned him. Everything they’d felt for each other, like JJ’s scams, had all been bullshit. Then again, one look at Noah and she could’ve run the other way. He’d prepared for that reaction. What he hadn’t expected was the one she’d given him. She’d been surprised but genuinely happy to see him—until he’d handcuffed her. He’d played it wrong but had no choice but to proceed with his assignment.
“Try to keep an open mind.” Lame, but he had to try.
“The FBI is blackmailing me. Open mind?”
“Is this about not wanting to help? Or not wanting to return ho . . . to Tweedsmuir?”
“Both.” Folding her arms, she glared at her suitcase. “I worked hard for that condo. How the hell do I explain the feds to security? You had no right.” Then she leveled her evil stare on him.
He had to admit when he’d been fourteen it’d scared the hell out of him. “Actually, my name was on your pass list.”
“No, it wasn’t.”
“Maggie put me on,” he said, resisting the urge to take a step back, out of arm’s length.
“She wouldn’t blindside me like that.” She wasn’t convinced. He had to wonder why.
“I told her I wanted to see you and was afraid you wouldn’t agree to it.” Maggie’s capitulation had been easy; too easy. While the two of them had always gotten along, Maggie’s loyalties were to Shan- non. But she claimed Shannon needed closure and seeing him would do her good. He hadn’t known how to take it.
“That woman is too soft.”
Yes, and it was why it had been even more shocking to learn she and Shannon had left Tweedsmuir. He wouldn’t have put a stunt like that past Shannon, but Maggie. . . . What had really surprised him was that they’d left him out of it. “She seemed to think it would do you good to see me,” he said, hoping she’d elaborate.
“Buy me that coffee and maybe, maybe I won’t be arrested for killing someone for real.” She started to walk away then stopped, glancing back at the car with a puzzled expression.
“Something wrong?” He looked between her and the rental car. “What isn’t wrong?” she said and resumed walking.
He peeked at his watch, debating whether to tell her their flight left in two hours. He’d figured slapping cuffs on her in front of her staff wouldn’t win him brownie points. So he’d waited. Luckily, he’d been able to snag two seats on the late-night flight back to the East Coast. Perhaps a stiff drink was a better idea. 

Having written her first and yet unpublished, paranormal historical ten years ago, Lucy Farago still has a hard time believing her dream of becoming a writer came true. Even though she didn't start out as a romantic suspense writer, she can’t see herself in another genre. 
Don’t be surprised to find her people watching, figuring out how to fit them into a book. Hero, heroine, victim or villain, she believes truth is sometimes, while not necessarily better than fiction, much better if drawn from reality.
Lucy Farago is currently working on her fifth book for in her new series, The Men Of ICU.

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