Can You Help this little man out!

Please forgive this post in advance, but this post is very important to me.  I am hoping to reach out to my readers for a litlle help to spread the word about this special little man who is very dear to my heart.

Brayden is my 6 year old nephew & my little buddy he has a muscular dystrophy but not sure what kind. He needs a wheelchair due to low muscle tone so he can be mobile. He has missed school field trips due to not being able to walk long distances. His mom Brooke is a single hard working mother raising him & his two sisters without any help from his dad. 
We are at the current time looking to set up fundraisers so this little man can receive his wheels & any other medical needs he may need in the future. Right now popping in my head maybe a cornhole tournment, softball tournment. We are up for any suggestions!  If you have any suggestions for us please leave in the comments!

K300 PSJR is the wheels he will need and they start at 7500.00 it will be modified to his needs!

Follow  Brayden's Hope Fund on Facebook or on Twitter to keep inform of any fundraisers and updates on Brayden.  

We have set up the following fundraiser sites
(100% will go to Brayden's Hope Fund)

If you could help spread the word about this precious little boy, this would be one appreciated aunt!

Remember Sharing Is Caring!


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