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Outlaw bikers, rogue police, brutal gangsters and a ruthless assassin converge in the city of Shoremont to claim the bounty on Ryan Hall's head and recover the girl he rescued—Taylor Brown. Taylor is the daughter of a powerful and calculating mob boss, Cameron Brown, who isn't sparing any expense to know his daughter is safe and exact vengeance on those responsible for her kidnapping. While the depraved maniacs of the city scrounge for their reward, Detective Jesse Wishman and Larry Manning must confront the mutual pain in their pasts if they hope to successfully resolve the case. When Manning’s daughter, and Wishman’s fiancĂ©e, was killed; it caused them both to spiral into obsession and self-loathing until they were forced to meet once again. Join the estranged detectives as they attempt to defy the odds by clearing Hall's name and uncover a conspiracy behind the disappearance of a child.  

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“Not at all.”
“Well, if you’re drinking your health away, you may as well do it right.”
Leary rose from his leather armchair, walked over to a sterling silver whisky table, and popped the cork from a bottle of Bowmore Scotch whisky.
This is why Manning saw Leary—he understood. There was no, ‘You need to stop drinking’ or ‘You’re your own worst enemy’. Hounding someone to quit their vices wasn’t an effective way of actually getting them to stop—it was the trauma that lead people to their vices that Leary was interested in. He had dealt with so many officers since he’d gained clearance from the mayor to discuss information about cases that he figured he may as well pack up his things and work at the station.
“How do you like it?” asked Leary, gesturing toward an ice bucket.
“Same way I like my women.”
“Brown and dry?”
“No; eighteen years old and on ice,” Manning quipped.

1469614884Born in Regional Victoria, Australia in 1990, Rhys Hagan displayed a passion for creative writing throughout his childhood years. After high school, he joined the Royal Australian Army as a rifleman to develop skills he will carry with him for life. His experiences have also enriched his perspective as a writer. He regularly draws on his time in the military as a source of inspiration for his writing. To find out more about Rhys, his novels, release dates, and sneak peaks—check out his website.  

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