Book Tour: Hidden Trails by Bonnie R. Paulson

HiddenTrailsbookTour3D_Hidden_Trails_front w spine When a desperate cowgirl faces the loss of her childhood home she loves beyond reason, a pauper-turned-Prince from her past returns and whips her problems from devastating to heartbreaking. Can they ever accept their hidden potential or are they destined to ride through life alone? The only think Stephanie wants is stability in a life where she doesn't lose everyone and everything she loves. When her older brother lists the only home she’s ever known because he needs the money to save his wife, Stephanie has to do something, anything, everything to protect her home – and her family. In rides Drake, Stephanie's brother-in-law and Stephanie's long lost dream. He's back with money and charm. Everything Stephanie wants, Drake is hell bent on taking away. If they can't work together, they might lose more than just land and family. They might lose their one chance at love. Grab this heart-wrenching tale and get lassoed into everlasting love.

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He turned and faced her, lifting his chin. “But I’m your brother and I’m the only one left to protect you. You can’t do this. Not alone. The payments will drown you. That’s if you survive even one of the maintenance chores or upkeep tasks.” He thrust his finger through the air in the direction of the house. “That deck job Drake hired out? I guarantee that’s costing him close to five or six thousand dollars. Do you have that kind of money – but in multiples – for the rest of the repairs?”
Nate continued in the face of her silence. “He won’t be around for long. What happens when Emma does finally leave? Or what happens when possible medical treatment does work for her? He’ll be gone and so will that large wallet of his.” He pierced her with his gaze, tearing out her heart and hopes.
“Then use the money. Take the loan. We don’t need the house. I got the loan though, don’t waste my efforts, Nate. It took a lot to ask for money and help. Use it for Emma. Save her. Save what’s left of your heart.” Stefanie didn’t even consider what her offer would mean for her and Hannah. Or for Emma. Or for anyone but helping to dull the pain etched into her brother’s voice and face. Even his posture fell under the weight of his world.
Nate drew back, as if Stefanie had sucker punched him in the gut. “What?”
“I’m serious. Take the money. Take Emma and get all the treatments you want. Or go on a vacation. Take her and run. We’ll sale the house and I’ll pay off Mr. Burns and anything left over, you can take.” Stefanie rejected the despair rising inside her. “I’ll see if Mr. Burns can give me an increase on the amount, extend the loan some and you can use the extra. Okay?” She wanted his pain to go away.
Her home. Everything she’d ever wanted. The only thing she’d ever wanted. But she’d give it all up for Nate.

About Bonnie R. PaulsonBonnie Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane. Follow on: Facebook / Website/ Twitter / Goodreads / Newsletter/ Literary Addicts / Amazon     Follow the Tour September 6


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