Tuesday Teaser: Welcome to Meadow Falls!

Welcome back to Meadow Falls

Join us once again for an exciting excerpt from 
debut author Lucy Belle novella 
Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance (tentative title)

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Now what everyone has been waiting for another exciting excerpt from debut author Lucy Belle novella 

"And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust."  Jake crooned.
Brody picks up a shirt, balls it up and hits Jake square in the back, "will you quit it you damn knucklehead."
"What," Jake questions, " I am just getting tuned up for tonight, at least one of us has to sound good when you make a jackass out of yourself in front of the whole damn town." 
"And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust." Jake mumbles with a smirk.
"Damn you I heard that," Brody growls, starts to charge Jake but Trevor grabs his arm, " You two assholes quit it, we have a more serious problem on our hands." Trevor barks.
"Thanks, Trev," Jake says, "I gotta stay looking good, never know I may get lucky tonight." wiggling his eyebrows.
"Your such a dumbass, we all know you already balled Jay." Brody growled.
"If you wasn't one of my best friends, Stevenson, I'd punch you in that ugly mug of yours," Jake snarled with a fist up, "for talking about Jaden like that."
Trevor stepped between the two of them, being the responsible one out of the three of them, "Seriously, Brody what are you going to do about Roxanne?" Trevor asked.
"What you mean what I am going to about Roxanne, fucking nothing!" Brody growled.
"Come on, Stevenson, you know that skank is going to someway get it back to Micki about what happen that night."  Jake returned.
"Jesus Christ, for the last fucking time nothing happen." Brody yelled, "I have never cheated on Michaela, and if I ever thought about it," pointing his finger at both Jake and Trevor "which I would never, the last person I would be with is Roxie Mercer the town slut. I have more respect for myself than that." 
"But dammit Brody, Jake and I both found you the next day in the bed of your truck with her." Trevor barked.
Sinking to the bed, with his chin to his chest, shaking his head, "guys I really don't remember what happen, I remember taking Micki home from the bonfire, she wasn't feeling well, coming back, jumping in that cold fucking lake with you assholes bare ass naked, but I don't remember anything fucking else." Brody looked up sorrowfully at his two best friends, "Please help me keep Roxie away from Michaela until I can remember that whole night. I love that girl with all my heart and soul, it would kill me if I lost her because Roxy got to her before I could tell her, but I need to find out what really happen that night.  All I know is down deep," pounding his chest, "I know I did NOT have sex with that slut that night." 
Brody looked at both his friends, his dark brown hair ruffled due to his hands continually combing through it, dark blue eyes pleading with them to help him. 
Jake broke the silence, "You know we will, bro," sticking his hand out "one for all, all for one."  Brody and Trevor placed their hands on his and chanted the phrase.
Trevor looked at both of his friends with a question in his eye, "Maybe we should tell at least Rayna and Jaden some of what happen."
"Are you fucking nuts, they would have our brother hung up by his testicles in the bell tower of the townhall for all the fucking town to see. No fucking way, do Ray & Jay find out." bellowed Jake.
"Hell you just don't what Jaden to find out you knew for three fucking months that one of her best friends boyfriends fucked Roxie." Trevor growled.
"I did NOT fuck Roxie" "Hell yes because their goes my lovin"  Jake and Brody both yelled at the sametime.
Nodding his head Trevor agrees with them, " Ok, you nimrods are right, but I disagree with you Jake, I think Jaden would cut his nuts and dick off with a blunt knife and shove them up his ass," he chuckles. 
"Yep her crazy cute ass would probably do that, but would it be before or after she took that blunt knife after Roxie's tits, cut them off stuck one up her ass & one up her pussy and sew her up." Jake howled.
"Probably after," snorted Trevor, "so she could shove Brody's dick down her throat."

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