Teaser Tuesday Welcome to Meadow Falls!

A very special friend Lucy Belle, debut author hopefully in 
late October, early November, will release her 
debut novella!

She has asked me if I could post part of her WIP 
every Tuesday to get my readers view!

Dear readers are you in for a treat, I have read some 
WIP and I think she has a hit!

The novella will introduce you to the small rural Ohio town, Meadow Falls, where they love to host community activties, to catch up with each, like they couldn't do that at the barber shop, diner, etc.  It will introduce some citizens of Meadow Falls, especially six indivduals whose life seemed so wonderful 
15 years ago that in minutes everything changed.

Welcome to Meadow Falls

Present Day
It was another annual Sweetheart Dance in Meadow Falls, that brought the community out in groves, the only thing that would keep a citizen of Meadow Falls from attending it would be their death bed.  It was one of the annual activities in Meadow Falls, along with Founder's Day,  Christmas Candle Walk, Lunch Box Social, Fourth of July, Memorial Day Parade and other events that the town loved to host to catch up with each other, as they didn't always run into to each other in this little rural town in Ohio, and have fun as a community.
The community hall was all decked out with little white lights hanging from the ceilings along with hearts in different sizes of red and pink. Tables where lined with white tablecloths on top floating candles inside mason jars lit, along with bouquets of flower arrangements ranged from roses, orchids, lilies, carnation & daisies in different colors red, pink, yellow and white with a little purple thrown in, cause Miss Maude had to have her purple, no one in Meadow Falls messed with Miss Maude Tanner, one of the pillars of the community. The refreshment table had every sweet you could imagine brownies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, from chocolate to rhubarb, along with finger foods, the Meadow Fallsites sure loved their munchies. The beverage table was being guarded by Miss Maude and her sister Maybelle cause they wasn't going to let those young whippersnappers add any of their friends Jack or Jim to their famous family punch. The band was up front on stage tuning up, ready to play. 
Mayor Battles and his wife Nancy along with five other of their long time friends and fellow Meadow Fallsites were sitting in the back in the far corner, so they were able to take all of the following activity in, cause as they all knew, when all of Meadow Falls gets together, something interesting is bound to happen. 
Old Doc Dugan chuckles and points his finger at that refreshment table, "Well look at that Petey and Ollie are distracting Maude & Maybelle."
 "And Willie is sneaking in for the attack" Bert, owner of Bert's Cut & Two Cents Barber Shop,snickers
"Can anyone tell what is in Wille's hand."  Mrs. Battles asked
"Looks like a bottle of Vodka," Mable cackles, owner of Mable's Diner, "I swear my sisters will never learn" shaking her head.
"I bet he stole it from his mama's stash, she is surely going to tan his hide when she catches it missing." John Baxter, owner of Baxter Pharmacy, chortled.
"That sure brings back memories of three other cohorts in crime." Nora Baxter giggles.
Mayor Battles chuckles " The Three Mischievousteers, Jake, Brody, Trevor, you never knew what they would do next."
"If you ask our daugther, Rayna, they were the Three Stooges." Nora Baxter smirked.
As the occupants of the table watch Willie skitter away, Maude & Maybelle pat Petey and Ollie on the head as they walked away with big grins on their faces, Mayor Baxter asked, " Wasn't the Three Mischievousteers friends of choice Jack &  Jim to add to the punch."
Doc Dugan nods his head, "Yes it was except that one year, I think those boys where about 13, yes it was, that was the year I had to set Jake's left leg, Brody's right leg, Trevor's right arm and stitch each of them up because those boys thought they could take a barrel over the falls, I never knew where they got the idea for that one." shaking his head.
Nora Baxter piped in, " I remember Ray saying it was from them watching an old movie where these robbers went over the Niagara Falls in a barrel."
"Those idiots," shaking his head," anyways that year if you all remember Jake snuck moonshine in the punch, it was some awfully strong punch." Doc Dugan bellowed.
Bert answered laughing, "Who couldn't remember that, I think everyone left a little tipsy that night, I'm glad Mable saw it and told all the parents with younguns for them to drink only out of other one."
"Damn I miss those three's shenanigans, they sure kept their parents and this town on our toes, never knew what capers they would be up to next." Mayor Battles remarked.
"I wonder if Brody will be coming back with his daddy in the hopital." the mayor's wife questioned, "I know Betty would like him to come home, I don't think he has been home since that week after."
"He can just leave that trollop Roxy right wherever he has her stashed away," retorted Mable. "It just torn her mama up what she did, I swear she was the reason her mama went to her grave early, that jezebel didn't even come back to pay her respects to her mama, I have no use for that floozy."
"Rayna never really told us what all went on that night, all we know is what everyone else does. One minute we where all celebrating an engagement, and the next the slap that was heard around world."  Nora replied.
Doc Dugan guffawed, "you forgot the ring throw, Nora."
"Who could forget that," Bert replied, "That little girl had one hell of a throw."
"And Roxy had the black-eye to prove it" Nancy giggled.
They all sat quiet remembering that night 15 years ago, wondering what all went wrong on a night that started out wonderful and turned to a night from hell for six special people in their life that they saw grow from infancy to the young adults they were that night.
"I thought we were all going to attend three weddings or even a triple wedding that night, in a few years. Brody and Micki got engaged in front of all of Meadow Falls, you could just feel the chemistry between Jake & Jay, Trevor was finally going after Ray, that he has been smitten with since they were in grade school." said bringing them all out of their musing.
"Poof, it all changed in minutes."  Mayor Battles replied.
"I would still like to know what happen in that bathroom," Mabel asked, "when Micki came out of there, everything went to hell in a handbasket."
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