EskieMama Reads: Scarlet Bells by Jenna Ryan

Scarlet Bells
by Jenna Ryan 


In the bayou mist, evil waits just beyond the edge of your sight.
Shadows, Book 3
When Rosemary Sayer answers her brother’s frantic call for help, she has no idea it’ll be to look into his dying eyes before a sniper finishes him off. She escapes with seconds to spare and her brother’s last words ringing in her ears. Find Sean Tanner or risk being killed herself.
The difficult former Navy SEAL is the last person Rosemary wants to turn to, but it’s either that or die, and she’s not ready for the grave just yet.
Tanner wants no part of Rosemary or her half-formed second sight. But when she shows him a familiar sketched silhouette, he can’t turn her away. He knows about Crucible and the phantom murderer named Leshad—and he’d rather walk through a minefield than deal with what lies ahead.
As an unbalanced killer pursues them ever deeper into the swamp, their attraction flares and ancient, macabre tales take on a nightmarish reality that pushes Rosemary and Tanner to the edge of everything they thought they knew about the past, the present—and a future that’s about to be ripped away.
This book has been previously published.
Warning: Contains best friends turned turncoat, assumptions turned on their heads, and opposites turned lovers. Pull up a cypress stump, it’s time for a story that’ll burn your s’mores to a crisp. Ain’t nobody gonna be sleepin’ tonight!

Review:                            5 stars

Rosemary Sayer, Tanner, Reaper and Leshad, voodoo and other things most of us can't even imagine. Deep in the Bayo Rosemary goes to enlist Tanners help after her half brother Ben is murdered.
Her trip there and meeting Tanner and both fighting an attraction. Meeting her relatives who for most come to her as apparitions or ghosts. She and Tanner fight the forces that threaten her life will they escape, will they work on their attraction, read it. It's a great book well writen and keeps on the edge of your seat.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!


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