EskieMama Reads Review: Blood Orchid by Jenna Ryan

Blood Orchid 
by Jenna Ryan


She saved one life…now she could lose her own.
Shadows, Book 2
It takes more than an ominous warning to scare trauma surgeon Kate Marshall into hiding. The patient who just died on her table had connections to a crime lord with a vicious reputation for revenge. However, when a ghostly figure appears right before bullets start whizzing past her head, Kate is forced to admit she’s stumbled into a Twilight Zone of trouble.
Ex-army doctor Jason Nolan should have been on duty at the hospital, but ghosts from his past drove him to numb his burned-out soul in the back booth of a waterfront bar. When the tall, leggy, Grace Kelly lookalike tracks him down to give him a piece of her razor-sharp mind, he figures he deserves it.
But Kate doesn’t deserve to be stalked by a shadowy serial killer with a motive that extends all the way to the Louisiana bayou and ties to a past Nolan would like to forget. Only Nolan can help Kate navigate the terrifying path that lies ahead. A path riddled with voodoo, superstition and death.
Warning: Contains shadowy voodoo curses, ancient death traps and passion that sparks and burns as the danger escalates.

Review:                          5 Stars

Dr. Kate Marshall and Dr Nolan both great surgeons one with a troubled past and one whose future is now at risk. After losing a patient Kate discovers that someone is after her, after she confronts Nolan. 
To the dismay of both of them they are chased all over San Francisco and they both see a vision of a woman who is in trouble. More and more things get tight and scarier for the two Doctors and if that is not enough they both seem to be fighting an attraction they have for each other, will they get together and will they escape the voodoo and killers after them, it's well worth reading, great book great story.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!


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