EskieMama Reads Review: Beast Denied by Faye Avalon

Beast Denied 
by Faye Avalon


"To embrace the future, they must defy the past."

Naomi Flynn never intends to mate or marry. Either one would leave her open to the manipulation she s sworn never to endure again. Besides, no panther male will want her once they know the truth behind what happened a decade ago.

She s happy to burn up the sheets in a buddy-with-benefits arrangement, until a craving for a three-way sexual adventure thrusts her right back into the arms of the man she can t afford to remember.

Tynan Galloway doesn t intend to stand by and watch the woman he wants throw herself at every male with a pulse except him. Ten years ago, a brutal assault robbed him of his destiny as a protector of the pack, but damned if Naomi is going to be another casualty of his fate.

In the heat of a fantasy come true, Naomi s resolve to keep her emotional distance weakens. But when Tynan discovers she s in potential danger, he dares her to deny he s the only man who can protect her. Never expecting she ll go to extremes to prove him wrong...

"Warning: A hot panther shifter with something to prove, a heroine with a secret to keep, and a threesome arrangement which brings out the teeth and claws.""

Review                                 5 stars

If I thought the first book was good, dang it this one was even better. Tynan and Naomi, knew each other and were friends a long time ago, but things did not work out the way they wanted or had hoped for.
Throw back together again, they are arguing and arguing, denning what they feel for each other, both have ghosts in their lives and both afraid, the story was well write, interesting and the characters were awesome, can't wait to read the next book in the series.

I received a free book in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

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