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Red Night!

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Sure, she's got a superpower, but forget the cape...

With Timewalker blood in her veins, Alexa knows she'll be called upon by the immortal Archivers who watch over Earth and sent through time on a dangerous mission. After twenty-six years of waiting, her day has come.

Yes, she has a superpower, but forget the cape. To save the world, she must play the part of science geek and break into one of the highest security labs in the country. She has three short days to complete her mission; sneak into the lab and destroy a deadly virus before it kills almost everyone on Earth. There's one totally avoidable thing that will jeopardize her perfect plan...falling in love with her target.

Believe it or not, she's got bigger problems: the virus goes missing, a madman wants to exterminate human life, and Alexa must figure out how to save the whole darn planet when Fate is determined to force her into the arms of the very man responsible for the whole stinking mess.

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Q & A with Michele Callahan about Red Night

Tell us about Red Night?
The book is the first in a series of 5 books called the Timewalker Chronicles. The story has a Terminator style time loop. (That’s ALL I’m going to give away on that!)  Red Night is a short, fast read about a woman sent back in time to stop a world ending plague. She’s got a superpower (invisibility) thanks to some genetic engineering on the part of the immortal race that is watching over Earth. And, of course, she is sent to stop the man responsible, but things get tricky when she falls in love with him instead.

What initially inspired you to write this book/series?
I always loved the television shows about time travel - Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, and the Star Trek movies. They made my imagination spin and spin until I just started writing stories.

Tell us little about the characters in this book.
The main two characters are Alexa and Luke. Alexa is from a long line of Timewalker women (women sent through time to reset events). She’s got a sassy attitude, a superpower and the hots for Luke.
Luke is one of my favorite types of heroes, he’s sexy, smart as hell (he’s a scientist), kind and caring until the s#*t hits the fan, and then he goes alpha. Once he realizes that Alexa is telling the truth, he’s determined to help her save the world, and to keep her forever.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
The time loops got kind of crazy as the series progressed. This book was not that tough, because it’s the launch pad for the entire series. But I had to worry about the fine line between not telling the reader enough and giving too much away. It’s a fast paced, really cool adventure with a strong female lead. That’s my favorite part.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
Oh, the very last scene!  (*surprise!*)  Can’t say more. LOL

What are your future project(s)?
I’m working on the final book in my contemporary Love You Like A Love Song series about four adopted brothers who lose their mother. Even though she’s gone, she finds a way to force them to take some chances and change their lives, and of course these four tortured souls find true love along the way. The books are very musically oriented and each romance has its very own custom song! I hope you’ll check it out.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?
This series if 5 books, and all five books are out now. The Darkwalker spin off series, with more intense, alpha males with special powers, is coming back on online this fall. I can’t wait. Reading order is Red Night, Silver Storm, Blue Abyss, Black Gate, and White Fire! Enjoy!

Now an exciting excerpt from Red Night:

Alexa dashed into Luke’s office seconds before he slammed the door closed on Trent’s retreating back. She made herself as small as possible in one corner and watched Luke slump down into the high-back chair behind his desk. “Damn it. He doesn’t even have the balls to work in the Hot Zone himself.” Luke ran his hand through his hair, then his fingers pushed into his chest, like he was suffering a muscle twinge there. “He doesn’t know what he’s starting.”
Thirty minutes later, obvious agitation quickened his steps as he paced his office. Back and forth. Back and forth. Desk to door. Door to desk. His nerves were waking hers up, feeding them more adrenaline for breakfast. Not good. Maybe if she could get to his computer, she could quietly get this part of the job done while he wasted time waltzing around his little playpen. And maybe she could stop staring at his tight buns in those khakis.
Yeah. Right. No chance in hell of that happening.
She edged closer to his heavy mahogany desk and the clutter splattered across its shining surface. Most likely, he would notice if she started tapping on his keyboard, but maybe she could get an idea of what he had around just by looking. What she really hoped was that her pulse would stop pounding in her ears.
Trent Georges had disgusted her. So, why would his partner in crime turn her on? According to the information she’d received on her way here, he was equally responsible for the outbreak. Just as many souls hung over his head. So, why didn’t she feel their oppressive weight destroying the attraction when it came to him?
The only possibility appalled her. Destiny. Fate. The meddling of the Archiver with her life. And his. A silent “No” fell from her lips. Her jaw dropped at the realization and she couldn’t tear her gaze from his muscular frame. Luke Lawson had wavy chestnut hair, just long enough to bury her hands in and sigh as its softness whispered over her skin. Chocolate-brown eyes that would melt her on the spot if he’d actually been looking at her. Broad shoulders. Full soft lips. And his hands. Heaven help her. Every inch of her body begged to be worshipped by those incredible hands.
This can’t be happening. She remembered her mother’s throaty laugh when she’d boldly declared her mother’s promise of a Marked Mate to be a joke. Alexa refused to believe a birthmark on her chest had the power to choose a man for her. It was a birthmark, pigmented flesh and nothing more. At least that was what Alexa had believed until an hour ago, until she sat crouched next to Luke’s desk watching him rub the exact same spot over his own heart.
Her mother had been happy to let the matter drop after a sly, “We’ll see, daughter.”
Luke Lawson? The perfect man for her? A gift given by fate in return for sacrificing her life to save others. A man genetically destined to be compatible with her DNA. A man who would sire the perfect daughter. A little girl who would be the next of her line to be a Timewalker. A man who would boil her blood and be the ideal companion for her, for the rest of her life?
And her man whistled, at eight o’clock in the morning.
Her man was responsible for the end of the world.
The calendar on Luke’s desk caught her eye. He was very organized, marking off each day, writing little notes to himself about his work. What she saw there reinforced her earlier conclusions. It wasn’t March. It was May, and the 5th had been marked off with a precise strike of blue pen.
Alexa sank onto her knees and hung her head, swallowing panic yet again. Shit. She should have had two months. She didn’t even have three more days. What the hell had gone wrong? How had the Archiver missed her entry date by two damn months?
Alexa took a deep breath and waited for the panic rising like a fiery puke ball to go back down into her gut where it belonged. She would not lose it. She still had a couple of days. She could do this. Lifting her head, she inspected the man in front of her. If she could convince him to help, she could still do this.
Luke crisscrossed his office like an enraged army ant rebuilding his fallen fortress. And he was all hers. If she could keep them both alive long enough to talk him into helping her save the world.

Author Bio

A #1 Amazon Bestseller, M.L. (Michele) Callahan is a science fiction and romance fanatic and full time writer whose earliest movie memories are of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and light sabers. (Still waiting on Santa to come through on that one.) She wrote her first short story at age eleven about five friends who fell into another dimension and had to save the Earth - all in ten, sloppy but action packed, wide-ruled notebook pages. Her mother inspired a love of reading and writing and Michele writes seven days a week. She writes sci-fi action adventure as ML Callahan, and romance as Michele Callahan.
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