EskieMama Reads Review: Novak Raven by T.S. Joyce

Novak Raven 
by T. S. Joyce


His entire life, Weston Novak has been followed by the long shadow of his raven shifter people. He’s kept his distance and settled into the Bloodrunner Crew, but his life has just taken a hard right turn. Not only does he have visions of the future now, but a soft-spoken raven shifter named Avery has just tumbled into his life to shake everything up. He knows she’s here for dark reasons, but he can’t help the bone-deep attraction he feels for her. Avery was born to betray him, and he can see what’s coming for him clear as day, so why can’t he leave the timid beauty alone? 

Avery Foley has been connected to the Novak Raven for as long as she can remember. She has lived far away from Weston in Raven’s Hollow, but has never stopped thinking about her childhood pen pal. To escape an unwanted betrothal, she’s lied to the raven council and run deep into the mountains of the Bloodrunner Dragon. She can’t ever meet the terrifying shifters who live here, but their mere existence is protecting her from an empty life. 

The Novak Raven doesn’t even know what he’s done for her, and now he’ll save her a second time. He has to because Weston knows better than anyone--you can’t change fate. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Review:                                5 Stars

Wow and a double wow, what a amazing story, not only I had a hard time waiting for the book, but I can honestly say T.S Joyce you outdid yourself.
Novak Raven Weston or Wes a young man troubled with visions that could bring him down, comes in touch with Avery from his long ago past, someone who he once loved and now hated as he was sure she had betrayed him.
Avery a raven who fell in love with Wes now had to contend with his hatred of her, but with patience and determination she manages to make sure he know's. Her own past and the discovery that her own people had betrayed her including her Parents, devastated her to the core.
Wes believe in her and his love for her start changed her and her raven, she becomes the strong woman she is, she fights for herself and her mate. Seeing old faces join the story was a plus, Beaston, Aviana and Rowan was a plus. Avery's encounter with Beaston is fantastic as she finally overcomes her fears of him and is now part of the Bloodrunners. A wonderful story that had me laughing and at times crying too, was a journey that I know I will take again and again as I love the books T.S Joyce writes and look forward to her next book.

Reviewed by Jara

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