EskieMama Reads Review: Love Lessons at Midnight by Shirl Henke

Love Lessons at Midnight
By Shirl Henke


No one knows the true identity of the mysterious madam who runs London's most notorious brothel, The House of Dreams. This is the place where a man's wildest dreams can come true, but even in his most secret fantasies, Robert St. John has not imagined the pleasure he will find or the danger he will court while seducing its mistress.

Review:                                5 Stars

Robert St. John and Lady Fantasia want a lovely story, set after the English defeated Napoleon, he seeks help in pleasing a woman and she choses to be the one to do so. Yet little by little they draw closer, him by revealing what has hurt him, and her afraid of doing so. Will they both overcome their fears and find that elusive thing called love. Read it, it's a good book, little by little it draws you in, until you have to finish reading to know the outcome.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!


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