Dipping toes into new venture. Find out what??

Good Morning Everyone, 

I hope you all are having a great day, I am writing you today to let you all in on a new venture in my life. I have been debating on putting my toes in the water for awhile with this venture, after my oldest son suggested it, after talking over with two important ladies in my life, I decided to take the risk, I either succeed or a fail,  I have this thing with failure, that is why I haven't taken this venture earlier.  

I bet you are all wondering what this venture is, well I have decided to drip my toes in the writing world. All my life I have had these stories in my head but afraid to put them on paper. I always thought the published /unpublished writers had a college degree, which I do not, all I have is a high school education with a diploma, yes I graduated, my vocabulary is basic not over the top.  I was always afraid to put my thoughts on paper especially romance. I have always read romance, when people asked me what I was reading and I told them, they would roll their eyes and say you read that garabage you need to read real books. You know what I loved that garbage it got me through some rough times and most of the time I could understand want the heroine was going through, maybe I had experienced it or was experience it. Where else could you go and get a new adventure, heck with those "garbage book"  I have gone to place I never would think I would go, experienced things I would never had, learned new things especially behind close doors with my husband if he only knew.

Each week I will be posting some of my writing, for you as my followers to be my critiques please I want honest comments do not be afraid to say the truth or give me advice.  I also need some suggestions on a pseudonym, I definitely will not be using my real name once again that failure word comes to mine, suggestions on title. 

Now for the blurb of my book this is subjected to change, defintely will.  

Micki Cook & Brody Stevenson were each others first loves reunited after Brody finds Micki on facebook after all these years. Micki a widow mother of 3 is shocked when she receives a friend request from her first love that ended many years ago. Brody a divorced firefighter father of 2 children.  Will their love reignite or will they burn out with all the hurt feelings they still harbor.

Now what you all have been waiting for Micki & Brody story:

“Oh my God, Oh my God” Micki kept yelling at the computer, just staring. Her 12 year old daughter Ricki came running into the room “Mom are you ok”. Ricki was starting to think her mother was totally losing it she just kept looking at the computer screen saying those 3 words over and over as in a trance. Finally laying her hand on her mother’s arm, “Mom?” in a soft questioning voice, finally getting her mother’s attention “Is everything ok?”

The last time she saw her mom like this was the day her & her two brothers came in from school that cold snowy winter’s day in late January five years ago. Her mother was sitting with her aunts, uncle and both sets of grandparents in a trance like she was now, & her uncle Mitch had informed her and her brothers EJ & Evan that their daddy wasn’t coming home.

Micki finally acknowledge her daughter, “ Um yea sweetie everything is fine.” her voice a little strain, her eyes a little glassy like she was crying.
Ricki being the pre-teen that she was just rolled her eyes, and replied “Right Mom, everything is fine, you were like a zombie sitting there looking at the screen, repeating yourself like you were a recording, you can barely speak & you look like you are about ready to cry, but everything is fine.”

Her mother turns back to the screen, when she finally sees her mother’s facebook inbox open gazes at the message she has open and reads the message.

Hey Micki, I saw you were friends with Dorie, curiosity got the best of me. I know after all these years & the way we left things, I can totally understand if you do not return my friend request or answer my message. Dang does that girl in your picture look like mini you! I just wanted to say hi & hope life has been treating you good. All my best Brody.
Ricki just stared at the message wondering who the heck this Brody was and why his message was having this much impact on her mother, who was the strongest woman she knew. Heck the only time she seen her mom like this was that day her dad died, and that was only for a few minutes after her uncle told her and her brothers their dad wasn’t coming home.Her mother had done a 360 and was there for them comforting them. Finally Ricki broke the silence “Mom who is this Brody dude & this Dorie chick?”

Micki whips her hand around, finally Ricki thought, her mother was back to herself giving her that mother stare only her mother could do when she was totally irritated at her or her brothers.

“For one thing young lady, it is not nice to read other people's messages without their permission and two that is not any of your business.”

“Um, yes it is Mom, especially when I run into the room to find you like I did, and heck I had to read it to find out why you had freaked about.” Ricki replied.

“I did not freak out, Erika Jane.

“Yes you did, Mother Dear, you sounded like a pre-recorded message in a zombie body.” Ricki said straight faced.

“Well excuse me for being human and not the super mom you and your brothers think I am. I just wasn’t expecting a message like that in my lifetime.” Micki explained.

Ricki once again rolled her eyes at her mom, Micki warned her “you roll those eyes at me one more time Erika, I will ground you until you are 30.”

“I will stop rolling my eyes at you if you tell me who the hell…”

“You better watch that mouth young lady” Micki warned Ricki once again.

“Sorry, Mom.. who the HECK is this Brody dude, is that better and don’t tell me it is nobody because even though I am only 12 ¾ I can tell he is SOMEBODY to you.”

Micki just glared at Ricki debating on what to tell her daughter, she didn’t even know what to tell herself, after all these years she hears from her first love, the one she gave her heart to and he ripped it apart and still had some of it today. What do you tell your 12 year old daughter, excuse her, her 12 ¾ year old daughter as Ricki kept informing her. The daughter who worshipped her daddy, thought her parents had the perfect marriage, oh if she only knew, but no she will never know cause she promised herself Ethan’s secret would go to the grave with him. And her children would never know the truth about her and Ethan’s marriage. After battling with her conscious Micki finally gave in and told Ricki the truth.

“Yes you are right, Brody was someone special to me many years ago.” she answered

“Like how special, not as special as daddy since you married him, did Daddy know Brody.” Ricki asked.

Micki was wrestling with her answer to Ricki, when EJ & Evan walked into the room when EJ asked “Who is Brody, your new boy toy.”

Micki grasped, Ricki gave EJ a look that could kill, Evan chuckled. Micki was flabbergasted at what her 10 ½ year old son had said, she thought oh dear Lord help me when he reaches his teens he may not live to see his 18th birthday or I will be in the looney bin. What had she done to deserve such smartass kid.

“Ethan James Cook where in sam hill did you hear something like that, I should take soap to your mouth, young man.” Micki exclaimed.

“But Mom I just ask you who this Brody stud was.” EJ blurted. Evan chuckled, elbowing EJ in the arm, “ EJ you better watch out Mom’s eye is twitching and bro I sure don’t you want to be sick & on the commode all night when you eat a bar of soap, like last time.” That got a smirk out of Micki and Ricki as they remembered the time EJ eat a box of exlax on a dare from one of his friends.

Boy did he go through a rolls of toilet paper that night. EJ yelled at his twin brother Evan, “You idiot that was chocolate stuff that gave me the runs not soap.”

Micki bellowed, “Ethan James Cook this is your last warning, stop using that language and don’t call you brother an idiot it isn’t nice. You still owe me an explanation where have you heard those words from.”
“Aw Mom, I was just saying the truth about Evan.” Micki glared at EJ. EJ backtracked what he said by looking at Evan saying with a smile. “ You are a smart idiot Ev.” Micki just shook her head.

Ricki was getting annoyed she still hadn’t received an answer from her mother about how special this Brody guy was to her and if her dad knew him her bonehead brother had distracted them from her mother answering her questions what good are brothers accept being a pain in her butt.

Ricki cleared her throat “ Hey EJ if you would stop your diarrhea of a mouth, Mom could answer my question before you rudely interrupted us.” she continued, “Mom how special was Brody to you.”

Micki glared at Ricki she should reprimand her for what she said to EJ, and interrupting her and EJ’s conversation but she did have a point they were interrupted first, but she was glad for that reprieve even though she couldn’t believe what came out of her young son’s mouth.

Micki looked at EJ “ You still owe me an answer young man!” But Ricki interrupted her by saying “And you owe me an answer, Mommy Dear.” Micki thought to herself what did I ever do to receive these smart aleck kids in my past life.

After a stare down between mother and daughter, Ricki demanded, “Well, Mother are you going to answer me this year or wait for the next decade.” Ricki stared at her mother. Micki really wanted to give her tongue lashing but thought better of it, as a mother you picked your battles and this was one she was going to recede.
“First daughter dear, I am your mother, do NOT speak to me like that again, I don’t remember ever talking to my mother like that.” Micki said sternly.

“Maybe I will ask Gram Jara if you did.” Ricki replied.

“RICKI, do you want your answer or do you want to stand here all night irritating the hell out of me.” Micki snarled.

Evan looked at his sister and warned her “ Um sis, you better back down mom’s eye is twitching & she said H E double hockey sticks.

Ricki backdowned apologized to her mother, “ Mom I’m sorry, I promise not another word”

Both EJ & Evan looked at each other and simultaneously said “ Yeah right, H E double hockey stick would freeze over first.”

Ricki glared at her brothers, Micki giggled, “Ok boys enough, and Ricki your answer is Brody was my first love and at the time I thought we would end up together for the rest of lives and I loved him with all my heart, but life got in the way.”

Ricki didn’t answer for few minutes & Micki was getting nervous it was so unusual for her daughter to be quiet for this long. She had an idea what Ricki was going to say, and she didn’t know how she was going to respond, if she asked it. She wasn’t wrong Ricki asked her exactly what she knew her daughter was going to say. “But you loved daddy more right, you stopped loving Brody when you and daddy got together right.”

Micki didn’t know how to answer that, well she did but she didn’t want to break her daughter’s image on her parents marriage. She loved her husband when she married him, but she still loved Brody, he would always have that part of her heart that he never gave back. She still loved and cared about her husband, he did give her three bundles of joy, sometimes she questioned that joy, like most mothers but she would never regret having them. They were her rock holding her down when she discovered Ethan’s secret a year before he died, kept her from doing the unthinkable, divorce or murder. If it wasn’t for those three adorable, sometimes bratty, smart aleck, lovable children she would have never kept Ethan’s secret, but out of the love for her children she did. She never wanted to tarnish their image or memory of their father, even though his image was tarnished to her.

Rickie spoke up after her mother never answered her question, “Mother you stopped loving Brody, right.” Micki couldn’t look at her daughter and have her see the answer on her face, she could feel the tears in the back of her eyes and she knew Ricki would see them. For the first time in her life she just could not answer her daughter.

Ok my future critiques give me you honest comments & suggestions, do not leave anything back.

Until next week
Happy Reading!!!!!


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