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Welcome to EskieMama Saturday Spotlight!!
Today we are spotlighting Cora Seton's new release 
A SEAL's Vow 
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Meet Cora's Seton's new SEAL of Chance Creek

Navy SEAL Clay Pickett needs a wife, fast, or he’ll lose the model sustainable community he and his friends came home to Chance Creek to build. He’s got just the woman for the job in mind: sexy, sensitive Nora Ridgeway. Too bad she’s not interested in rushing to the altar. 

When Nora leaves her job as a school teacher to open a Jane Austen Bed and Breakfast with her friends—and finally get a chance to write her novel—she’s relieved to escape the escalating threats of violence from an unknown student stalker, and more than a little interested in the Navy SEAL who’s after her heart. But when trouble starts stalking her at Chance Creek, Nora begins to wonder if she’s left her past behind after all. 
Can Clay and Nora find a way to be together when everything is trying to tear them apart?

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Q & A with Cora Seton about A SEAL's Vow

Tell us a little about you SEAL’s of Chance Creek series.

The SEALs of Chance Creek series combines a group of ex-Navy SEALs who are trying to start a sustainable community in Montana with a group of women who are trying to re-create a Jane Austen-style existence on the same ranch. Throw in a deadline for all the men to get married by, and you get a very interesting situation with a lot going on. This series is both serious and lighthearted, sexy and suspenseful. I’m having a great time writing it.

What inspired your SEAL's of Chance Creek series?
All the books I write are set in Chance Creek, Montana, a fictional small town. I wanted to write the SEALs of Chance Creek series because I’m always wrestling with what makes up a good life, and how that fits in with what I do and how I live now. Like most people, I want to make the choices that will leave this world a better place, but I know that’s going to take more than recycling my pop cans. At the same time, my whole environment is set up to get me to spend more money and buy more things. I don’t have a lot of time to weigh my options or think ahead about the choices I make--none of us do. So like everyone else, I fly through life trying to get everything done and feel guilty all the time about how I’m doing it.

This series gives me the chance to say, “What if?” What if I pared down my possessions to almost nothing, lived in a tiny house and worked a job that would improve my community? Or what if I threw off the trappings of modern life and turned back the clock to lead a much slower, arts and literature-centric life? And of course, since this is a Chance Creek series--what if I had to get married REALLY FAST?

Tell us little about the characters in this book.
In A SEAL’s Vow, Clay Pickett is a man who is ready to settle down and build a life with the woman he loves. When he meets Nora Ridgeway for the first time, he knows she’s the one. Unfortunately, Nora is much more jaded about love and men, and the one thing she knows is that she’d going to take a lot of time to get to know a man before she gets serious about him. Unfortunately, Clay’s got 40 days to marry, or everyone will get booted off the ranch.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
One of the hardest things to write was the scene in which Nora’s stalker catches up to her. It was probably one of the most violent scenes I’ve ever written and very emotional, as well. When I edit a book, I edit it over and over and over again, and re-reading that section so many times was difficult, too.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? My favorite chapter to write was Nora conking Clay in the head with the paperweight when he tried to kiss her on camera. I just knew that’s exactly what she’d do in that situation because she hated the idea of being filmed.

What are your future project(s)?
A SEAL’s Pledge is coming next this fall and I’m having so much fun writing it. It’s a lighter story so far, with characters who have instant chemistry but are also polar opposites.

Now for exciting excerpt from A SEAL's Vow

“When I set my mind on a goal, I give it my all,” he said lightly.
Nora glanced up at him and found him looking back down at her. She was finding it difficult to breathe again, her ribs hemmed in by the boning of her corset, but unlike down at the creek, this had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with the man who was holding her. “Have you set your mind on a goal?” Her throat was dry, the words hard to form.
His arms tightened around her. “Yeah. I have.”
A wild hope fluttered inside her chest that he’d decided to renew his attempts to be with her. Immediately she shut it down. Clay was off limits. He needed to stay that way.
“What do you think about that?” he asked when she remained silent, their two bodies moving rhythmically together in a way that didn’t satisfy her cravings at all. Nora wanted to be closer to Clay. She wanted to push aside the heavy lapels of his redcoat uniform, unbutton his white shirt and splay her hands over his chest. She wanted to kiss him. Taste him. But she only shrugged.
“You know what my goal is, don’t you?” he whispered in her ear. Nora shivered as his breath tickled her, and she inadvertently tightened her grip on his shoulders.
“I want to be with you,” he said. “Forever.”
Nora realized she was trembling. Caught between desire and common sense, it was hard to know how to proceed. Every time she came near Clay she lost her head, but it was far too soon to talk about forever.
If Nora was ever to think of marrying Clay, she needed time to get to know him—to fall in love with him…
Because whatever this was, this warm, encompassing excitement she felt whenever Clay was near, it couldn’t be love. It had to be infatuation, or lust, or…whatever you called it when you were alone too long, and someone finally paid attention to you. Love—true love—took time to grow.
Clay refused to give her time…or rather, he didn’t have it to give.
“Nora?” Clay said softly when she didn’t answer.
“I’d like to kiss you.”

The first book in the SEAL's of Chance Creek
Boone Rudman & Riley Eaton

Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, she enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, and have never met an old house she didn't want to rescue and renovate.
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