EskieMama Reads Review: Band of Bachelors Lucas by Sharon Hamilton

Band of Bachelors: Lucas
by Sharon Hamilton


Full length novel, over 250 pages with bonus material. 

Special Operator Lucas Shipley thought his troubles were past him, when he discovers they've only just begun. Recently separated from his wife of five years, he gets some unwelcomed news. He thought his living arrangement, with four other separated or divorced buddies from SEAL Team 3, was temporary. Now, he understands he has to move on with his life.

Marcy Gelland is one of the smartest, most successful realtors in San Diego County. She's hired by Lucas' soon-to-be ex-wife to help her liquidate their joint holdings and help orchestrate a speedy departure from Lucas' life. Based on what Marcy's been told, Lucas deserves any amount of pain she or her client can dish out to him.

But when they are left alone together in the remote Northern California woods, they ignite a personal bonfire that threatens to burn down the whole forest. Marcy is forced to see she has been misled.

Amidst the backdrop of hardened bachelor SEALs with their unsolicited, anti-long- term relationship advice, and a criminal gang operating nearby, Lucas must do what he's always done and never gotten proper credit for: be the hero that saves the day.

Review:                               5 Stars

So many books one can read, and on occasion one comes across a great book and a Fantastic Author. The book Seal Brotherhood Lucas: Band of Bachelors Book.
Wow I am totally awestruck, first of all I found in the book a character I can loath detest or hates, and it's the first time this has happened, Oh I know men are men and they are no Angels, but this one Character, this female, well I hope she, well I know somehow she will pay.
The hero, yes not a perfect man, flawed and yet warm loving and caring.
Sharon your book took me on a wonderful trip, there were times I did not know if I should cry or cheer. it was also nice to see some of your other characters back here, it was like being with a Family.
To anyone who love romance, military romance, read this book it's fantastic and if I could rate it higher then a 5 I would.

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!


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