EskieMama Reads Review: A Match Made in Hertiage View by Annie Stiles

A Match Made in Hertiage View
by Annie Stiles


Despite having been raised by a man-eating, social-climbing mother, Genevieve Garnier is a hopeless romantic. She has successfully parlayed her sentimental nature into a prestigious Manhattan wedding planning business, but cannot make it down the aisle herself. 

As another hectic wedding season winds down, Gen finds herself burned out and at a crossroads in life. She retreats to the charming Hudson Valley town of Heritage View to reinvent herself as girl-next-door “Jane,” complete with a charming cottage and apple pies baking in the oven. Gen is determined to simplify her life in Heritage View and keep her wedding business humming, without letting the two worlds collide. Then Michael Carlisle waltzes in and turns her plans upside down. 

Michael is smart and successful, with enough guarded-heart intensity and magnetism to curl any woman’s toes. He stays out of the social fray in Manhattan, so he doesn’t recognize Jane as socialite wedding planner Genevieve. It’s a good thing, because he hates pampered socialites and avoids them nearly as much as he avoids girl-next-door types. That leaves our heroine 0-for-2. To make matters worse, it turns out that Michael is dear friends with the Hunter family, “Jane’s” new best friends. He has relationship baggage of his own to battle, but Michael can’t seem to stay away from Jane. 

Will they repeat the mistakes of the past?

Review:                             5 stars

Love stories, there is never enough of them, but ones with a great plot and a great story line, not so many. Jane (Gen) and Michael, what a pair they made. Both did not have much luck with their parents, or more like their Mothers, both had a long journey to go through and things to overcome. Am not going to mention more in here to save from letting others know of the plot, The story as gentle and fun was riveting to read, page by page getting to know the characters and not just Jane and Michael but all the others who added more to the book and the story line. Loved and will recommend to my friends to read.

I received a free copy an exchanged of my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!


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